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Self Discovery and Healing

Starting the self-discovery journey

Most of us start the self-discovery journey that is mind-body healing because we’re in pain.  Maybe we’re struggling with vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or pelvic floor dysfunction.  Maybe we have chronic back pain.  Maybe we’ve been dealing with depression or anxiety.  We come to self-discovery through the back door of suffering, but before we know it, self-discovery in itself becomes the focus.

I’ve seen it time and time again with clients.  After a while, we don’t even talk about physical symptoms during sessions.  We’re too busy with the self-discovery process.  It takes us to new, healthier, happier places.  The more we learn about ourselves, the more we discover how beautiful, complex, and fascinating we are.

Of course, I may be biased, since I love self-discovery (both in my own life and clients’ lives).  I love it so much...

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay – The Power of Being Real

Coached By a Brilliant Coach

I got coached last weekend by a brilliant coach.  (Master Coach Bev Barnes.)  It’s funny – I forget how amazing coaching is sometimes, and then am reminded when I experience it.  There is nothing like it, really, because it’s a place where you get to be exactly as you are, still be loved, and yet find your authentic self beneath the thoughts that are pulling you off-center.

The thought that was pulling me out of alignment with my authentic self was an oldie but goody.  Meaning I’ve had this belief as long as I can remember, and when I believe it, it wreaks havoc.  The thought is, “It’s not okay to not be okay.”  (It’s a little confusing – my mind likes complicated limiting beliefs.)  As in, it’s not okay to have weaknesses, turbulent emotions, mess-ups, days in my life when I just don’t feel happy, etc.  It’s that old perfection standard...

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Act on Your Values, Not Your Thoughts

This week’s blog post is a guest post by Ann Burrish, one of Abigail’s Mind-Body Coach trainees.        


Focus on Action

We mind/body folks know what slippery characters our thoughts can be. If we repeatedly experience the same self-defeating thoughts and feelings as we seek healing for physical pain, anxiety, weight, or other mind/body disconnect, a way to change our beliefs and emotions that is sometimes overlooked is to step aside from them for a moment and focus on action. We are not denying or suppressing their existence; we are kindly and gently saying to them and ourselves, “Yes…and…”, providing evidence to disprove these beliefs and the opportunity to experience different feelings by doing. Action can also provide evidence to support a new thought that you want to believe but don’t quite believe yet.

The scientific and philosophical grounding for this strategy comes from several...

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Accessing Emotions – The Most Important Skill

Figuring out how to feel an emotion (the absolute #1 skill for your mind-body healing journey) is not as easy as it sounds.  Most of us suppress and repress emotions without having any idea we’re doing so, and our bodies suffer as a result.  We might think we’re feeling emotions, but often what we’re feeling is actually our own resistance to feeling an emotion (which can feel like anxiety and fear).

When you just feel an emotion as nature intended, it is not overwhelming.  It might feel uncomfortable, but it passes from your body, usually within about 20 minutes.  To get started, you’ll need to pay attention to your body, which holds all the keys to emotional wisdom.

It’s easy to spot emotional suppression.  It shows up as physical tension somewhere in your body.  If you are hoping and trying to access emotions but don’t know where to start, here’s a formula for you:

1)   Scan your body, starting with...

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Interview with Mind-Body Doctor – Dr. Howard Schubiner

This week I am talking with Dr. Howard Schubiner


This week I am excited to provide a new mind-body resource for you!  Click the link below to listen to my interview with Dr. Howard Schubiner, creator of Dr. Schubiner and I speak at length in this 50 minute recording about mind-body healing, addressing pelvic pain issues of all kinds.  I think you’ll find the information extremely helpful, especially if you’re still wondering how mind-body healing works and how to implement it into your own life.

Click the link below to listen, or right click (control click for mac users) and select “save link as” to download the file.

Interview with Dr. Howard Schubiner

Dr. Schubiner Credentials 

Howard Schubiner, MD is board-certified in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and internal medicine.  He was a full Professor at Wayne State University for 18 years and now works at Providence Hospital in Southfield,...

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The Emotional Impact of Vulvodynia

What Are The Emotional Impact of Vulvodynia?

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with vulvodynia or you’ve been dealing with it for a while (and even two days with vulvodynia can seem like a very LONG while), you are now a member of the club.  It’s that exclusive membership you never asked for, never dreamed you’d get, and though you never pay the dues, you just can’t escape.  You are dealing with a secret pain in a secret place and it has stolen your sex life, your comfort, and your ability to think about anything besides your vagina and or vulva.  Prior to this experience, you never once uttered the word vulva, had never heard of vulvar pain, and probably didn’t even really talk about your vagina all that much.   

 Your vulva is on fire

It’s such an awkward situation.  You are in agony, you are suffering, and you have to pretend like nothing is wrong.  Your vulva is on...

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