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4 Steps to Handle No-Fun Moments (also known as discomfort)

I was driving, grumbling at traffic, when I heard extreme screaming from the backseat. 

Being a mom, I took this pretty much in stride and only almost rear-ended the car in front of me instead of actually crashing. 

Luckily, nobody was being murdered; my daughter had just spilled a bottle of water on herself. Her shorts and the seat were soaked.

I thought things would be fine.  

They were not fine.

This was Defcon-245, red-alert, serious emergency time. WET SHORTS. Worst thing ever. Lots of crying.

I get it; wet shorts suck. Especially if you have to wear them in your fun parkour class for an hour. 

However, I also know that life is going to dish out some serious discomfort for my girl over the next many years. There’s no getting around it. 

So, I gave her a choice. 1. Go to parkour class and have fun, but with wet shorts. 2. No fun parkour class, but we go home and get dry shorts. 

Then I told her I really thought she could handle the wet...

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Why I Didn’t Organize My Office

For months on end, my office looked like it had been attacked by a vivacious crew of toddlers bent on playing with every item in the room. 

Papers blanketed my desk, keyboard, and floor. Books had toppled from neat stacks into piles of flotsam on the carpeted shores by the doorway. 

I had lived happily in this creative mess for several months. 

Then, one day, it was time. I felt the urge in my whole body. 

My office wanted to be organized. My year needed to be mapped out on the calendar. 

It was the right moment to create a fresh start. 

Never mind that the traditional time of year for that had flown by months ago. This was the right moment for my body, mind, and spirit. 

This is a peek into the mysterious ways of Slacker Magic. Trust that whatever isn’t happening now isn’t meant to be happening now. Your moment will come. Your body and spirit will guide the way.

Right now, there are still closets on my to-do list;...

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How to transition like a two-year-old and transform your life

Before I became a parent, I imagined doing things like feeding my child or tucking her in at night. I could envision putting a yummy dinner on the table, enjoying time together, and then easily moving on to a nice bath and snuggle. 

I really had no idea that such a simple thing as switching from mealtime to bathtime could include three meltdowns and take oh, say, four hours. 

As a new parent, I learned that every day is filled with transitions from one activity to the next and that kids do transitions differently than we do. Things I didn’t even think were a big deal turned out to be enormous transitions for my girl.  

I discovered numerous fabulous parenting tools to help her move through transitions. I read several amazing parenting books. I learned about her needs and how to help her deal with fear. And transitions still took time. 

Quite accidentally, I also learned about myself. (Isn’t this exactly how parenting works?)

I realized...

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30 Days of Sacred Dreaming

A few weeks ago, I planned something incredibly restorative for myself for the month of October. I’m calling it Sacred Dreaming.

Then I thought; why do this by myself? I know many like-minded souls who are fascinated by mind-body magic, want to connect to their intuition and divine guidance even more, and might want to join me.

So….you’re invited! Curious? Check out the video below!


Sacred Dreaming does not involve a major commitment on your part. You can choose how much you do/don’t do along with me. Sacred Dreaming is something I wanted to do for myself and my business as I transition my focus to be even more deeply connected to my own soul-guidance. But, I LOVE connecting to fellow souls interested in the mind-body connection, and I realized Sacred Dreaming may be something that could help you, too!

30 Days of Sacred Dreaming kicks off...

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Becoming Transparent, Authentic and Open

by Endorsed Mind-Body CoachMara Wai

From the very beginning, our learning and development is a dynamic process that unfolds naturally as we interact with our world. We learn from our parents or primary caregivers and from others in our environment. We learn what the norms are from what others do and don’t do.  We begin as tiny little sponges, soaking it all in, every nuance, every feeling, every thought, every experience that comes through our sensory encounters.

Our bodyminds help us to remember all the rights and wrongs, dos and don’ts, and they support us to interact and adapt in our environments as efficiently as possible. We form habits so that our doing/not-doing becomes more automatic and effortless, so that we can focus our attention and energy where it is most important. Albeit simplified, this is essentially how we come to be who we are. It is a developmental process that is borne out of our unique life situations.

When unexpected and/or...

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Shedding the Should

By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Elaine Jeffy

As we enter a new calendar year we often spend time reflecting on the old year and setting goals for the new one.  The voice in our heads is frequently judgmental and critical making it especially important for us to recognize that thoughts and beliefs focusing on self-judgment and self-improvement do NOT lead to self-motivation!

How often do we hear, say or think a version of the following?

What should I do?

How should I behave?

What should I say?

How should I feel?

Or……..I shouldn’t have done that, said that, felt that, etc.etc.etc. ad nauseum.

I believe that this focus on the should and should nots can strongly impact our quality of life and our ability to heal.

Often the should and should nots are very subtle, hovering almost below our conscious awareness.  The inner critic is frequently reminding us to play it safe and...

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The Homeopath and the Healer

By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Gail Kenny

It was the late 1980s, I was 28 years old, and I already had an eight year history with chronic pelvic pain.  My symptoms included persistent pain in my lower right abdomen, chronic vaginal soreness, and urinary urgency.  I was seeing an MD who was a specialist in Candidiasis.  She had been treating me for over a year with the drugs Nystatin, Tylenol and Codeine, and a diet.  I wasn’t getting any better.  I had been treated for endometriosis several years prior and I thought the pain was coming from my right ovary.  The pain got worse when I was on my period or ovulating.

One day I asked my doctor if I could have my right ovary removed in order to stop the pain.  

Her response was to refer me to a homeopathic physician and to a healer.   The homeopath gave me some weird treatments like drinking vinegar.  The healer waved his hands over me and told me my pain had to do...

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