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You’re Not a Widget Factory, and Why That Matters

As heart-centered coaches, we don’t sell widgets. We’re creating something new - each of us - that’s life-changing for our clients.

You’re out there doing amazing new work, creating processes and practices that haven’t existed before, and you’re on the forefront of the change our planet is going through. You’re helping elevate consciousness!

All of that requires a different kind of marketing system than what’s been done for years. We can’t sell our work as if we’re selling widgets.

Our work is so connected to who we are that it’s not always easy to put it out there. It’s like stripping naked and handing people your beating heart (or at least it feels like it!).

We’ve created a system for building your business and marketing your work that takes all of this into account. It’s a supportive process for your spirit as well as your mind, because Ellie and I know what it’s like to put our naked...

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How to Boost Your Confidence as a Heart-Centered Coach

As a heart-centered coach, your work is tender, like a freshly written novel or work of art. The work we do as coaches is creative, straight from our hearts, and connected to our spirit.

That’s why it feels so scary to put our work into the world sometimes! We’re working in our calling, which is a naked, vulnerable place where crickets, criticism, or judgment can slice deep.

Even if we put our work out there and the worst thing that happens is our own self-judgment, it’s super painful!

This is the downside of being heart-centered, lol! We feel things deeply. Our hearts are big, full of compassion, and they also feel so dang tender.

It’s vital that you have your own back when you start to put your work out there. You’ll want to absolutely refuse to judge yourself or imagine what others might be thinking, because if you start criticizing yourself, it’s going to feel terrible to show up on social media or write to your email list.

If you have your...

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How to Create Your Unique Business Framework

The biggest mistake heart-centered coaches make when developing a program in their business is focusing too much on all the methods they’ve learned from other people and not giving themselves credit for their own experiential and intuitive knowledge.

This experiential and intuitive knowledge should be the core of what you teach in your program.

The practices and processes you do with your clients that come from your experience and your intuition can be presented as a framework that is unique to you and your work.

This is what will get you on the fast path to growing your business to the level at which you can make a living coaching, because you’re essentially creating your body of work. Your unique stamp on what you are teaching is exactly what draws people to you, and it needs to be the focus of your program.

If you’re not sure what your processes are and how to create your unique framework within your program, take a look at what you’ve done with three to...

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Why Business Building Programs are Failing You

If you want to attract a high-quality audience of followers - a large enough email list and social following of people who actually want to purchase a program from you - you can’t just use any old system from a traditional business coach, no matter how much hype there is around it.

You need a system that allows you the freedom to personalize it to who you are and how you work in order for it to be realistic for you and actually build your following.

The reason for this is that cookie-cutter systems advertised as the only approach that will work, using promises like “if you just do these steps, you’ll make six figures,” aren’t designed to be tweaked and changed to fit your style of working. They are cookie-cutter in the sense that they’re rigidly designed to be followed exactly, and if you leave out one part, you won’t see results.

Almost always, that one part you’re eventually compelled to leave out, because you hate doing it or it...

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A Common Issue that Blocks Client Attraction and Income

The number one issue that blocks client attraction and therefore income is that nasty little voice in your head telling you scary, pressure-filled things like how much you should be working, why you aren’t good enough, what you should be doing instead of what you are doing, and a myriad of other creatively rude things.

The key to shifting into a client-attraction vibration is to stop trusting that voice and start accessing the guidance of your inner wisdom instead.

In order to do that, you’ll need to release fear so that it doesn’t overtake you and turn into constant financial anxiety, which is what drives that self-pressure voice to run the show. When we’re scared, we believe that self-pressure voice and we can’t hear our inner wisdom, which makes running a business feel exhausting, stressful, and hard. We lose inspiration and excitement. Now our client-attracting energy isn’t working, because we’re broadcasting a stressed-out vibration.


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Help for Pelvic Pain & Other Stress-Induced Illnesses

If you’ve found me through the mysterious interwebs because I do pelvic pain/TMS coaching and wondered where the heck you could get some of that, here is the answer to that question! 

I have been cooking up a little mind-body healing program for anyone with pelvic pain syndromes or other chronic, stress-induced illnesses. It’s READY!

Nowadays, I mostly train life coaches in my Mind-Body Magic Method and mentor coaches. But, I have noticed the requests for help with pelvic and other pain syndromes, so now you can get support from me right away with this new program!


Mind-Body Healing for Stress-Induced Pelvic Pain Syndromes

Learn four simple healing techniques that relieve pain, help you access your inner wisdom, and reconnect you to your spirit so you can decode the spiritual growth messages your body is trying to tell you

This is the program for you if you…

  • Suffer from chronic pelvic pain syndromes like vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis,...
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Is it Magic or Just Your Mind-Body Connection?

My favorite present came from my aunt when I was nine. It was a magic wand.

She sewed a big purple star, decorated it with sparkly sequins, attached it to a metal stick, and added a purple ribbon. 

I made a lot of magic with that thing. 

When I was a kid, the world was alive with the potential of magic.

That’s why Harry Potter was a sensation: we love magic. We know, even as adults, in some part of our being, that magic is real. 

We can feel it in our bones. It’s exciting. And a little scary. (Can I really make magic happen? What if I suck at it?)

We read about the Law of Attraction and mind-body connection and feel a mix of doubt and hope. Or, we dive in and go for it, but wonder if we’ll ever really master it. 

We want the freaking magic! (Because, seriously! There has to be a better way than grinding through the slog! And, there is.)

To me, magic is not fluffy unicorns floating over sparkly rainbows. (Though I admit unicorns are pretty cool.)...

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Hacking the Productivity Problem

Everyone’s jumping off the hustle bus to get things done, and talking about working differently. Even the business coaches who definitely hustle are now playing it cool and talking about not hustling. Why? Because it’s the new thang. 

This new trend in the coaching-biz world is great; it means there’s less social pressure to overwork and create burnout. Round of applause for that! 

But, there’s one problem: 

Our culture has drilled into us since childhood that achievement and accomplishment = self-worth and awesomeness. That productivity is king and leads to coaching business success. 

So, when you sit down to work on your business, it’s pretty darn hard to ignore that ingrained way of being. 

Your mind wants to be hard on you. It wants to pressure you to ignore your inner guidance and just push forward through fatigue or mind-fog to get things done. It wants to judge you if you don’t get everything on your to-do list...

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Inner Wisdom or Inner Critic?

You’re sitting in your office, staring at a blank screen, and waiting for the muse to hit. You’re hoping for some brilliant blog copy, a fun social media post, or a stellar program idea to miraculously appear in your consciousness. 

On those days when the magic isn’t flowing, your mind is likely to start attacking you with the critical, pressure-filled, perfectionism voice. It brings out yucky old phrases like: 

“You’re not a good enough _______ (writer, coach, etc.)”

“Who are you to make a program or write a post about _______; you don’t know enough.”

“So-and-so already writes/coaches about this; your ideas aren’t good enough.”

“You don’t have a clear enough niche; no one is going to read this post.”

And on and on and on. 

It’s common in the coaching world to talk about limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and self-judgment. The only problem is a lot of the techniques we...

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Wasting Time Works

I was talking to my Mind-Body Magic Community Members about social media this week, and something important came up: wasting time. Specifically, wasting time creating and writing social media content. 

Many of the coaches in the community weren’t a fan of wasting time writing social media content (defined as writing content that “didn’t work”).

I’ve also seen this idea that we’re “wasting time” in several of the bazillion ads I get in my feed about running a coaching business.

This is a typical scarcity tactic: It’s designed to make you feel a little yucky about everything you just did for your business so that you’ll buy the thing so-and-so is selling to make your business better. 

In the coaching and entrepreneur world, we call this a bro marketing tactic. In other words, it makes you feel not-so-great so that you’ll want to buy something to fix the issue. 

It makes me feel a little barfy just...

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