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How I Learned to Rebel

In college, my biology class was right after lunch. It’s fair to say that biology was not my passion. I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. 

I was somewhat of a rule-follower, so I was nervous to skip class. I have an innate and deep fear of getting in trouble. 

Yet…snoozeville. Boring. Boooooring. 

So I did it. 

One afternoon, I took a delicious, delightful nap instead of attending class. 

(It may have happened a few more times after that, technically speaking.) 

Little rebellions like this are energizing. (Especially if you’re often very hard on yourself.) They’re small moments when we pay homage to the needs of our bodies, souls, and hearts. 

Though they may seem scary, moments of rebellion often hold the key to new ideas, inspiration, and entire paths we simply wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. 

Little rebellions are often borne of inner wisdom, guiding us toward something bigger.


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Why Slacking Off Helps You Get Things Done

I really hate doing laundry. 

For whatever reason, it’s my least favorite chore. I dread sorting the clothes into piles. I loathe moving things from the washer to the dryer over and over again. 

Folding? Forget it. 

I end up leaving baskets of clean laundry sitting around until I’ve worn everything in them and the clothes are right back in the washer. 

My kid has told me on many occasions that she’s out of underwear.

You could say I’m a laundry delinquent. 

You would think since I’m already a laundry loser, that slacking off more around laundry would be a bad idea. You would think that I’m already so slothlike that introducing Slacker Magic at this point would result in a total laundry meltdown. (Slacker Magic is the art of strategic slacking guided by inner wisdom.)

However, the more I slack off in general and allow myself the space to rest, play, and restore my spirit, the more my laundry gets done. 

Not even...

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Why Putting Things Off is Often a Genius Move

I have to tell you my favorite thing about Slacker Magic.

Sometimes, if I wait to do something that just feels too hard/heavy right now, serious magic happens. 

I’ve berated myself so many times for being behind on a task (even as I push it to the next day, over and over again). 

I’ve judged myself for not being on top of things. I push myself to “just get it done,” but can’t seem to override the sluggish, slothlike energy in my body. 

It gets put off. It gets put off again. 

Then, suddenly, without me doing a thing, the need for the task simply vanishes. 

Someone does it for me.

It becomes moot because circumstances changed.

Something happens and it just works out in a completely different way. 

An event gets canceled and I no longer need to complete the task. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. My inner wisdom knew all along. She weighed me down until my limbs felt leaden when I approached the...

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You Now Have Permission to Slack Off

As a mind-body coach with years of experience in helping people improve their well-being, I state the following: 

I hereby give you full permission to slack off. 

You are allowed to slack. 

You are allowed to rest.

You are allowed to slack and rest even if you aren’t tired!

You are allowed to goof off.

You are allowed to do nothing. 

You are allowed to play. 

You do NOT have to “get everything done” before you go slack, rest, goof-off, do nothing, or play. 

Want help giving yourself permission to do all of the above? 

Join me for my upcoming mini-course: 7 Days of Slacker Magic!

For seven days, I’ll inspire you and support you around dropping self-pressure and cutting yourself some slack. Details and registration here!

The mini-course doesn’t cost a thing. Save your spot!

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7 Days of Slacker Magic

The night before I started second grade, I freaked out. I was certain I wasn’t ready. My mom came into my room, snuggled me, and tried to convince me that I was, indeed, prepared for second grade. 

I was worried that I didn’t know everything I was going to learn yet, and I’d be behind. 

Patiently, my mom explained that actually, the point of going to second grade was that I wasn’t supposed to know second grade stuff yet. I was going to learn it while I was in the second grade. Therefore, I was not behind. 

It’s probably safe to say I’ve been pressuring myself for my entire life. 

That’s why helping clients drop self-pressure is a big passion for me!

I know what it’s like to live with that constant heaviness; the internal pressure cooker working away day in and day out. 

I have also found a way to stop constantly pressuring myself and achieve results through self-kindness and compassion. I know culture...

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How to transition like a two-year-old and transform your life

Before I became a parent, I imagined doing things like feeding my child or tucking her in at night. I could envision putting a yummy dinner on the table, enjoying time together, and then easily moving on to a nice bath and snuggle. 

I really had no idea that such a simple thing as switching from mealtime to bathtime could include three meltdowns and take oh, say, four hours. 

As a new parent, I learned that every day is filled with transitions from one activity to the next and that kids do transitions differently than we do. Things I didn’t even think were a big deal turned out to be enormous transitions for my girl.  

I discovered numerous fabulous parenting tools to help her move through transitions. I read several amazing parenting books. I learned about her needs and how to help her deal with fear. And transitions still took time. 

Quite accidentally, I also learned about myself. (Isn’t this exactly how parenting works?)

I realized...

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Why slothing is your new wellness practice

I’ve discovered that Slacker Magic comes with its own vocabulary. 

Need some rest? Haven’t spent enough time restoring your body and spirit lately? 

If so, it’s time for some slothing

Notice you’re pressuring yourself too much and trying to make something turn out “just right?” And now you’re exhausted and don’t even want to do whatever it is anymore? 

It might be better to go ahead and slackerize that project. 

Here are the official definitions:



  1. Resting your body in a delightful manner, guilt-free.
  2. Slowing down your pace to match what actually works for your body. 



  1. To take a project or plan and remove perfectionist elements, stripping it down to something doable and possibly even fun.

If you’re overwhelmed, tired, or not feeling great, maybe it’s time to shift into Slacker Magic mode and start applying these new words...

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What to do when the pursuit of wellness backfires

The wellness industry is a booming industry. There are countless ways you can improve your health. You can use “natural” alternative healing techniques. You can read books. You can try a variety of dietary approaches. 

While the pursuit of wellness seems harmless, there’s one catch: 


If your pursuit of wellness is built on a foundation of subtle pressure to change, improve, or be better, you might be adding unnecessary stress to your mind-body system.

This is counter-productive to your pursuit of wellness. 

Are you pressuring yourself to be fitter than you are?

Are you pressuring yourself to eat healthily all the time? 

Are you pressuring yourself to do stress-reducing activities like meditation?

That pressure creates stress. It forces you to think about failures. It makes you focus on what you need to do to instead of celebrating what you have already done. 

Culture teaches us to push ourselves toward success and...

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Ten Ways to Slack Off…Secretly

Cue the Pink Panther music. 

Look left and right. Check the hallway. 

Peek carefully past the doorway and see if the coast is clear. 

Do it!

Escape. Make a dash to the bathroom. Close the door and hide, pretending you needed a restroom break. 

This is your moment. No boss, no kids, no spouse, no houseguests…

Whatever you need to escape from, you’ve done it. Take five to ten minutes to yourself and do anything that gives you a brief but delightful moment of joy. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to Stealth Slack. 

Stealth Slacking lets you release a little pressure when it feels like everything is just too much. When you really need a minute to feel free, Stealth Slacking will be a balm to your soul. You can slack off, regain your sanity, and reconnect with yourself. Stealth Slacking is an important part of the overall Slacker Magic way of being. 

Ten things I’ve found fun during Stealth Slacking...

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Why You Should Break More Rules

The sun shone, illuminating the pink stripe I’d just painted on my little bedroom shelf. It was a perfect summer day, so I’d brought the shelf into the yard to give it a coat of pink paint. The thick, easy swipe of the brush satisfied a deep creative craving in my soul. 

Being ten years old, I thought a pink shelf was exactly the right fit for my bedroom. I picked up a roller, rolled it through the paint and gave each shelf a nice, thick coat. I turned to reload, but something caught my eye. 

The deck post was just behind me, and it was chipped and worn at the bottom. It called for a touch-up. 

Lost in the creativity of the moment, I rolled the roller up the post, enthusiastically painting it pink. 

Admittedly, later, I realized that probably wasn’t the best idea. My dad, it seemed, felt that pink was not the right color for the deck post. We shared different creative visions. 

I didn’t get into a ton of trouble as a kid, but I did...

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