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Is it Magic or Just Your Mind-Body Connection?

My favorite present came from my aunt when I was nine. It was a magic wand.

She sewed a big purple star, decorated it with sparkly sequins, attached it to a metal stick, and added a purple ribbon. 

I made a lot of magic with that thing. 

When I was a kid, the world was alive with the potential of magic.

That’s why Harry Potter was a sensation: we love magic. We know, even as adults, in some part of our being, that magic is real. 

We can feel it in our bones. It’s exciting. And a little scary. (Can I really make magic happen? What if I suck at it?)

We read about the Law of Attraction and mind-body connection and feel a mix of doubt and hope. Or, we dive in and go for it, but wonder if we’ll ever really master it. 

We want the freaking magic! (Because, seriously! There has to be a better way than grinding through the slog! And, there is.)

To me, magic is not fluffy unicorns floating over sparkly rainbows. (Though I admit unicorns are pretty cool.)...

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Why Putting Things Off is Often a Genius Move

I have to tell you my favorite thing about Slacker Magic.

Sometimes, if I wait to do something that just feels too hard/heavy right now, serious magic happens. 

I’ve berated myself so many times for being behind on a task (even as I push it to the next day, over and over again). 

I’ve judged myself for not being on top of things. I push myself to “just get it done,” but can’t seem to override the sluggish, slothlike energy in my body. 

It gets put off. It gets put off again. 

Then, suddenly, without me doing a thing, the need for the task simply vanishes. 

Someone does it for me.

It becomes moot because circumstances changed.

Something happens and it just works out in a completely different way. 

An event gets canceled and I no longer need to complete the task. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. My inner wisdom knew all along. She weighed me down until my limbs felt leaden when I approached the...

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How to Make a Magical and Easy Vision Board

In 2008, I made a kick-ass vision board. It had all the fancy trimmings; beautiful pictures cut from magazines, crafty decorative doo-dads, intentions and positive words, and even a check written to myself for the monthly amount I wanted to make as my new coaching business grew.

I spent a lot of time on that vision board. I planned it out in advance, spending several weeks creating all the different pieces and then finally putting it all together. It was a ton of fun to create.

Over the next five years, that vision board served me well. The dreams it depicted came to pass.

Eventually, it was time to make a new one. Yet, I procrastinated. I didn’t get out the magazines, beautiful paper, or crafting glue.

I asked myself why I wasn’t motivated to make a new vision board. No answer came. Meanwhile, I was busy handling the things that had come true from the 2008 board. Namely, an extremely thriving coaching business that I loved, and a cute, sweet baby...

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What is Your Soul Song?

Every little piece of every little part of you

Your daily expression of your soul song is based on your overall soul song – that fascinating collection of unique and individual elements that make up who you are. Your soul song is not just your personality or the way you think – it’s a blend of every little piece of every little part of you. Your inner longings, dreams, loves, and visions. Your creative force. Your life force energy. Your joys and even sorrows. Everything shapes your soul song, and you’re continually pulling in new elements of yourself to express it even more fully.

 I’m guessing it’s a lifelong project to live, express, and encompass your soul song to its fullest. There’s a process of gathering up new realizations and insights that show you more about your soul. There’s a process of letting go of old beliefs and perceptions that keep you from realizing various parts of your soul song. It’s a bit like a...

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