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Use mind-body tools to reduce self-pressure, thrive in your body, and play in your business.

Mind-Body Magic for Your Body and Your Business

Are you naturally hard on yourself about pretty much everything? Yeah, me too!

Culture teaches us to live this way. It's an old, patriarchal way of being that totally distorts healthy masculine energy. 

From a young age, we learn to use self-pressure and push ourselves at all costs to get things right and achieve success.

The self-judgment, the stress, the self-doubt; it’s exhausting. 

Our bodies let us know we're out of balance with ongoing stress, physical symptoms, overwhelm, and fear.

Being hard on ourselves and bowing down to endless tasks and pressures hurts our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Reclaim your Well-Being with Mind-Body Magic

You shouldn’t have to constantly hustle and push yourself.  There's a different way to create success, and it doesn't cause burnout.

I call it Mind-Body Magic.

You can have a thriving business, a successful career, a great family life...without killing yourself in the process. Mind-Body Magic allows you to access the power of feminine energy.

I’ll show you how to create with practical magic instead of constant effort. You'll feel better in your body (good-bye stress-induced health issues!), and you'll get even better results in your business (hello to having time for YOU!).


You deserve the freedom to rest and play.

Get mind-body magic in your life when you learn my mind-body tools:

  • Release tension and stress so you can feel better and overcome stress-related health issues such as TMS/Mind-Body Syndrome
  • Access your inner wisdom so it can guide you both to well-being and running a business that you love - with time to rest and play
  • Surprise yourself with how you can end burnout and accomplish more when you lose the self-pressure
  • Balance your masculine and feminine way of working to feel healthy, strong, and aligned with your spirit

Learn How to Apply Mind-Body Magic for Your Body & Your Business

Living the Mind-Body Magic way is totally counter-culture! That's why I've created a supportive community, called the Mind-Body Magic Community, to surround you with a new mind-body magic culture as you learn mind-body-spirit tools.

With the community at your back, you'll be able to:

  • Use less effort
  • Have a lot more fun
  • Get much better results
  • Enjoy well-being, freedom, and magic

Start with the FREE 7 Days of Slacker Magic Mini-Course

Slacker Magic, the most important mind-body tool, is the art of strategic slacking guided by inner wisdom. In this program, you'll learn how to apply strategic slacking so that you can accomplish more without using self-pressure.


Join the Mind-Body Magic Community

The Mind-Body Magic Community is where you can learn my two foundational Mind-Body Magic tools for well-being AND get ongoing group coaching and magic from me. These are the tools I use most for my own well-being and with my clients!


Take the Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

If you want ALL the Mind-Body Magic Tools, this rich and robust training is for you. You get the mind-body deep-dive and the entire Anamsong MethodTM, which is my complete set of Mind-Body Magic Tools and concepts, for you and your clients.


The Ultimate Mind-Body Magic Experience: Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

Deep-dive into Mind-Body Magic and become a Mind-Body Magic Coach

Become a Mind-Body Magic Coach who helps both herself and others create well-being and so much more. You’ll learn the complete Anamsong Method™, my system of mind-body-spirit tools infused with Slacker Magic. You can use the tools for you, become a mind-body coach or learn how to apply the tools to your clients in your current coaching practice or career.

Help your clients have:

  • enhanced well-being
  • flowing creativity
  • improved mindset
  • emotional well-being
  • trust in inner wisdom

You’ll also get tons of support from me and my team of Mind-Body Magicians! (Aka amazing Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coaches.)

Learn More

"My ingrained habit of pushing myself into exhaustion is so insidious and sneaky, it’s often really hard to notice it until I’m exhausted, irritable or simply feeling “not right.” Abigail’s mind-body approach is so simple, fun and counter-intuitive. It has helped me on so many occasions to connect with a just-right prescription for feeling more alive, creative and inspired. And, it’s hilarious and makes me laugh!"

Mara Wai
Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

"Abigail is a Masterful Coach, Creator, Teacher & Mentor. She’s incredibly kind and ridiculously brilliant. She gently teases out what you were blind to and generously shares her original methods and techniques to help you connect to your soul’s knowing. I’ve had the pleasure of coteaching and co-facilitating joint retreats with Abigail several times. She’s a gifted teacher, an inspiring guide and a born creator with an uncanny knack of always getting you aligned with what your soul is nudging you towards."

Bev Barnes
Master Coach and Founder of Soul’s Calling Academy

"Abigail is truly amazing! Working with her has improved every aspect of my life. She brings a beautiful blend of hard science, practical tools, and intuitive magic that created a safe container as I learned to look inward and trust myself for healing and navigating my life. I am happier, healthier, more resilient and so much more sure of myself than I’ve ever been."

Rebecca Meinschein
Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Meet your Mind-Body Magic Mentor
Abigail Morgan


In my twenties, I was often anxious, stressed to the max, unwell, exhausted, and yes, succeeding and accomplishing. But, um…does that sound like any fun?

I developed the mind-body tools in the Mind-Body Magic approach for my own well-being. I was tired of being in pain and struggling with what's called TMS or Mind-Body Syndrome. The tools not only helped me feel better; they also helped me create a thriving mind-body coaching business. 

I've helped hundreds of clients find wellness through mind-body-spirit healing. The mind-body-spirit tools in my Anamsong Method™ have helped my clients through all kinds of difficult struggles. The mind-body-spirit tools are designed to help you create more flow, joy, well-being, and magic in your life.

I’ve also trained over a hundred mind-body coaches in my Anamsong Method™ who now help others create well-being all over the world.

Mind-Body Magic is the path to thriving and creating again. Mind-Body Magicians still get things done (aka create all sorts of amazingness); we just use way more magic and a lot less effort.

Diversity and Anti-Racism in Mind-Body Magic Coaching

The mind-body-magic tools have been used by a diverse group of clients in all walks of life, all over the world, for pain in the body, emotional struggles, and difficult situations. My goal is always to make the Mind-Body Magic community feel safe and inclusive for anyone who wants to learn these tools.

I’m passionate about the intersection of ableism, racism, and size discrimination and the cultural roots of white supremacy and patriarchy that feed into our belief system that pushing ourselves past our body’s wisdom is necessary.

I am resolved that my anti-racism commitment be reflected in my personal life and business policies, programs, and practices as I continue to learn more. I resolve to continue learning and listening.
– Abigail

Reclaim Your

With the FREE 7-days of Slacker Magic Mini-Course and access to my free Mind-Body Magic Group. 

You'll also receive special offers and email updates, via my newsletter.

Reclaim Your

with the 7 Days of Slacker Magic Mini-Course


Reclaim Your Well-Being

With the FREE 7-days of Slacker Magic Mini-Course and access to my free Mind-Body Magic Group. 

You'll also receive special offers and email updates, via my newsletter.