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Specializes In: Bag Of Rocks Syndrome, Letting Go, Stress And Self-Pressure Relief, And Stepping Out Of The Mold So You Can Find And Embrace Your Individual Awesomeness.

Specializes In: Healing Chronic Anxiety + Stress + Over-Worry. Embracing Radical Self-Love As A Path To Healing Everything

Specializes In: Making Peace With Food And Your Body

Specializes In: Gentle Yoga, Breath Awareness, Mindful Meditation, Chakra Healing, Relaxation Techniques And Kindness

Specializes in: Awakening from chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety and other stress-related symptoms. Recovering your wellbeing and spirit

Master Mind-Body Coach Specializes In: Conquering Fear, Anxiety And Self-Esteem Or Adult Children Of Dysfunction

Specializes In: Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Relief; Wellness Balancing

Master Mind-Body Coach
Specializes In: Transformation; Wellness; Stress Relief; Inner Wisdom; and Self-Trust

Specializes In: Promoting Health, Vitality, And Connection To Self. Helping Clients Who Feel Stuck, Stressed, Or In Pain Release What’s No Longer Serving Them.

Master Mind-Body Coach
Specializes In: Somatic Healing & Clarity Coaching In Relationships, Career And Health

Specializes In: Pain Relief – Chronic Back And Neck & Fibromyalgia, Stress And Anxiety Relief

Specializes In: Pain Relief 

Master Mind-Body Coach Specializes In: Supporting Clients To Transform Consciousness And Energy For Healing, Growth And Self-Transformation.

Specializes In: Pain Relief For Chronic Pelvic And Vaginal Pain

Specializes In: Relationships – Self-Compassion – Trust Balancing The Masculine And Feminine Energies Within.

Specializes In: Releasing Perfectionism And Self-Pressure

Specializes In: Hearing And Trusting Inner Wisdom And Higher Self. Midlife Transitions

Specializes In: Symptom Relief And Ending Good Girl Syndrome

Specializes In: Hearing And Trusting Inner Wisdom And Higher Self. Midlife Transitions

Specializes In: Mind-Body Coaching with Energy Healing/ Women with ADHD or ADHD tendencies/ Writers Desiring Increased Inner Wisdom, Flow and Commitment/ Women who want Compassionate Support for Next Steps Magical Action/ and Moms of ADHD/Dyslexic Kids.

Specializes In: Helping Exhausted Women Shift To More Ease, Energy And Engagement

Specializes In: Health And Symptom Relief

Specializes In: Redirecting Care And Energy Into Oneself; Particularly For The Person Who Puts Their Own Needs Last. Transforming Illness And Adversity Into Empowerment.

Specializes In: Healing Food And Body Image Struggles

Specializes In: Spiritual Life Coaching, Physical And Emotional Pain Relief, Law Of Attraction And Manifesting Principles, Self-Love, Relationships, And Anxiety Relief

Specializes In: helping overwhelmed, ambitious, and exhausted women find balance, ease, and joy in their lives. I work best with the women who rarely ask for help.

Specializes In: Weight Loss

Specializes In: Mind-Body Coaching & Functional Nutrition For Chronic Pain And Illness

Specializes In: Trusting Inner Wisdom

Specializes In: Physical and emotional pain relief — helping you tune into and understand the unique language of your body and emotions, to use as your primary guide toward wholeness and wellbeing

Master Mind-Body Coach Specializes In: Chronic Pain And Health Issues Life Transitions And Grief And Loss

Specializes In: Relief For Stress, Physical Pain And “The Perfectionist” Mindset, Parenting

Specializes In: Helping You Live Pain Free. I Help You Move Forward; Find And Release The Interference Within Mind And Body That Keeps You Stuck From Living The Life You Want Now.

Specializes In: Wellness And Owning The Crone Years

Specializes In: Children, Adolescents, And Adults With Anxiety And/Or Chronic Pain

Specializes In: Healing Chronic Health Issues And Relationships

Specializes In: Stress Management And Wisdom Sessions For In-Demand High Achieving Women

Specializes In: Guiding Clients To Achieve Personal Balance That Relieves Anxiety And Physical Pain So That Dreams Can Be Empowered Into Action

Specializes In: Stress, Anxiety And Pain Relief. Life Transitions And Learning To Hear Your Inner Wisdom.

Specializes In: Pain Relief In Sinusitis Or Using Any Form Of Chronic Pain Or Blocked Flow In The Body Or In Life As A Magical Roadmap Out Of Self-Pressure And Into Authentic And Delicious Living.

Specializes In: Embodied Creativity

Specializes In: Weight Loss And Wellness

Specializes In: Mind body connection, law of attraction and manifesting, writing coaching

Specializes In: Finding flow as an entrepreneur and/or parent and navigating finances

Specializes In: Mind-body parenting, connecting with and living by your inner wisdom, & believing in You! 

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