Mind-Body Work for Your Personal Healing Journey, Scaling Your Business without Burnout, and Empowering Your Clients 

Restore your mind, body, and spirit while you scale your business and serve your dream clients 

Mind Body & Business Magic

with Abigail & Team

Mind Body & Business Magic is a six-month group coaching program for manifesting well-being and magical business growth without running yourself ragged.

In this program, you'll learn how to grow your business in a more spiritually aligned, mind-body, and manifesting way. You'll get all the practical business support as well, such as how to clearly articulate the problem you solve and outcome you create for clients and designing a signature program that gives you time freedom and the income you desire.

I'll teach you my Slacker Magic System, which I've used to create and maintain a six-figure coaching business for the last twelve years without running myself into the ground. 

You'll also learn my complete Mind-Body Magic Method for healing to empower clients with mind-body healing tools for their healing journey, and these tools can be added to any therapeutic practice such as coaching, therapy, physical therapy, and more.  (The program is also perfect for people who want to transition into life coaching with a mind-body focus with or without any prior coach training.)

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I’m Abigail Morgan, founder of the Mind Body & Business Magic program. 


I know what it’s like to want to manifest making a living as a coach working in your calling but find yourself confused about what exactly you should say in your messaging, how to actually create a program and develop a high-quality audience, and what exact steps to take to manifest your ideal clients and income. 

I also know what it’s like to deal with a sensitive body that reacts to stress and doesn’t let you hustle at all (at least not anymore) without repercussions. 

That’s why I’ve developed the programs I did; to help you truly manifest the business you want that lets you have true time freedom and manifest with ease and flow, and to help you use mind-body tools to improve your well-being or work with clients using a mind-body focus. 

If you’re passionate about mind-body connection work, spiritual and energetic alignment, manifesting, healing, and coaching in your calling, I’m so excited to work with you!

I use a blend of mind-body coaching, energy work, practical coaching, manifesting techniques, (all of those are my own systems and methods), and my intuitive Celtic Seer vision to help you in your business.