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I have an exciting program for heart-centered coaches and healers who want to use manifesting and magic to attract more clients and scale up their business without using old-school hustling tactics or running themselves into the ground. In fact, they have an interest in the mind-body connection and want to work in a way that feels great to their nervous system and is in flow with divine feminine and masculine energy. They want their business to feel spiritually aligned and energizing, give them plenty of free time, and still make bank.

We work together for twelve weeks on the following things:

➡️ Ending all confusion about who you work with, what problem you solve for your clients, and your unique way of solving that problem so that you can clearly articulate your niche and your superpower both to yourself and your clients in your messaging. This is the clarity that makes people understand you’re the only coach for them right now and inspires them to pay you thousands for your work. 

I’ll use my Celtic Seer intuitive gift to examine your past client experiences and create a clear vision of your money-making path and tell you what your superpower is in a nutshell. You’ll have my core message template and content plan so you can turn this new clarity into actual magnetic messaging that compels people to sign up to work with you. 

My team and I will use energy healing work to identify any mindset-related roadblocks to your owning your true calling and help you drastically uplevel your mindset to become a money magnet and an abundance attractor! 😀

➡️ Designing the perfect signature program for your business (or updating a program you already have) so that the content aligns with what we identified as your unique work in this world. 

I’ll be able to identify your unique process that uses your superpower for you and show you how to lay it out in a neat modality/framework so your clients will not only get the results you know they can get, but will rave about your work and refer friends to you all the time. The delivery of your unique process will align with how (and how much) you want to work, and I’ll show you out-of-the-box ways to run your program so that it feels 100% amazing to you. My team and I will also use energy healing work to help you heal any fears or worries about your program. You'll work on getting the first few clients into your program as the final step. 

➡️ Creating a content plan for how to talk about your work and how you help people, including what kinds of content to put on social media - and how to use social media as an effective tool without it taking over your life. You’ll get my process for generating endless content ideas and imbuing all your content with a powerful, attractive energy. Depending on how much you’d like to accomplish in the program, you can also get your first few beta clients in the door. 

➡️ Approaching your business from a powerful manifesting mindset and daily manifesting practice that I’ve used to create well over $250K years regularly in my business. I’ll also show you how to approach your daily business work in a totally new way that includes mind-body connection processes to stay aligned with ease, flow, and your inner wisdom. 

This means you’ll actually feel more energized, not less, and your business will nourish your spirit. You’ll be set up to attract abundance automatically whenever you work on your business and you’ll put your manifesting on autopilot. 

You’ll also learn how to work without old hustle habits and in a new way that allows your body to have maximum well-being (and can also help you maintain a business while handling a chronic syndrome). You’ll get things done even more efficiently and quickly, but you won’t feel overloaded or tempted to fall back into self-pressure while doing so. Your business will truly feel spiritually aligned and divinely inspired all the time. 

In this program, you get my Slacker Magic Manifesting System (which includes everything detailed above) for manifesting clients and income, 8 Zoom calls with me and my team/month for access to all the support you need with your strategy and my Celtic Seer intuitive guidance, access to short training videos that take you through all the Slacker Magic Manifesting System Steps, and a Facebook Group where you have weekly “homework” that makes it impossible NOT to manifest results in your business!

You will get templates for every step of the process, all my exact divine energetic alignment techniques for manifesting, and a sacred, peaceful space where you can come together with others to learn, share and grow your business in harmony with divine principles and guidance. You’ll be attracting more clients and income within a community that values spiritual well-being alongside business success. 

You’ll also get my Mind-Body Magic Method for Healing, which you can use to increase your own well-being, gain more energy, and help your nervous system regulate daily while you work on your business. You can become certified in the method as well in this program, which doubles as a mind-body coach training so that you can use these tools with your clients or even add a mind-body focus to your business. 

The price for this offer is currently only $7,500, which is a total steal when you consider the niche clarity, messaging, and program design you receive that will set your business up permanently for attracting high-quality leads who are actually ready to enroll. (Plus, it's ALSO a coach training and up level to mind-body coaching if you choose!) Participants often hit their goal of $5K plus months even before they finish launching their program due to the manifesting practices. (You’ll also be able to use the Slacker Magic Manifesting System over and over again to evolve and grow your business for years to come.)

This program serves seasoned coaches who are wildly excited to uplevel their business without running their bodies into the ground, or coaches who have felt frustrated at the lack of niche clarity over the years and really want to see their business attract the type and numbers of clients they truly desire. It also serves coaches who are newer to the business but highly motivated to reach their abundance goals as quickly as possible. 

To apply, reach out via DM or email and I'll be in touch!

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I’m Abigail Morgan, founder of the Slacker Magic Manifesting System. 


I have a weird intuitive gift; I can see your niche, calling, and money-making path very clearly after talking with you for a bit. I call this part of me the Celtic Seer because of my spiritual path and how this gift came to be.

I can help you articulate your calling to your audience in a way that inspires clients to register, namely because they can see that you have YOUR gift, that one-of-a-kind thing you do that no one else does. Suddenly, you become the only option for them. They want IN! 💃

Sometimes coaches work on this for years and still struggle to articulate it. That’s because it’s kind of hard to see our own gifts and niches sometimes. We’re too close to it! You DO have a powerful superpower! 

I'm a business coach for heart-centered coaches who want to grow their businesses with magic and manifesting instead of hustle!

I know what it’s like to want to manifest making a living as a coach working in your calling but find yourself confused about what exactly you should say in your messaging, what the heck your niche actually is, how to create a program and develop a high-quality audience, and what exact steps to take to manifest your ideal clients and income. 

I also know what it’s like to deal with a sensitive body that reacts to stress and doesn’t let you hustle at all (at least not anymore) without repercussions. (I call this a Magical Body!)

That’s why I’ve developed this program; to help you truly manifest the business you want that lets you have true time freedom and manifest with divine ease and flow, and to help you use mind-body tools to improve your well-being. 

If you’re passionate about mind-body connection work, spiritual and energetic alignment, manifesting, healing, and coaching in your calling, I’m so excited to work with you!

I use a blend of mind-body coaching, energy work, practical coaching, manifesting techniques, (all of those are my own systems and methods), and my intuitive Celtic Seer vision to help you in your business. 


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