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Manifest an abundance of clients, money, and well-being with the Slacker Magic System so you can make a living as a coach without the hustle

Manifest Well-Being for You and Your Clients

with Abigail


I have a great program for coaches who want to support clients holistically to help them release chronic struggles like stress-induced physical pain, anxiety, and limiting beliefs that won't release and seem to come right back in the next session, and feel that they’re not always getting to the root of clients’ problems. They want to use a spiritual approach, not a goal-setting or accountability approach as a coach, and they want it be grounded in science at the same time. 

They feel called to work beyond mindset with both themselves and their clients as a life coach, and incorporate an intuitive, somatic, mind-body-spirit focus and energy healing approach into their work so that they can address more of their clients’ needs, support them on deeper levels, and help clients solve their health, anxiety, stress, and other problems more efficiently and effectively.

 We work together for one year on teaching you the following four approaches for getting client results (as well as how to use them together as a system):

  1. The mind-body science approach. You’ll learn all the science-based somatic, mind-body coaching tools in my Mind-Body Magic Method. You’ll be able to help clients regulate their nervous systems, handle anxiety or strong emotions, release chronic pain/TMS (if you want to focus on that), and work with their physiology to create new, regulated and holistic ways of functioning within their nervous system and brain so that it’s far easier for them to access their inner wisdom and feel a new baseline of calm and peace in general. 
  2. The intuitive energetic approach. You’ll learn how to read clients’ energy and show them how to shift the energetic flow in their own bodies so that they can release tension, pain, or anxiety with even more ease. You’ll also learn how to access your angels or guides and get their support with your coaching. You’ll begin to see what your intuitive spiritual gifts are and how they apply to your coaching. 
  3. The stress-induced illness healing approach. You’ll learn the root causes of stress-based illnesses (also called TMS or MBS), how to heal insidious self-pressure that keeps clients stuck, and you’ll get my specific toolset for releasing these syndromes that goes beyond the basic TMS protocols to speed up the healing process and includes connection to inner wisdom. 
  4. The divine feminine manifesting approach. You’ll learn how to coach with a system that allows you to be in your intuitive flow but still gives you structure and effective tools that get results for your clients. You’ll release your own self-pressure and access divine feminine wisdom. 

You get my complete Mind-Body Magic Method for coaching clients via videos and PDF explanations, live zoom calls with me, access to the training Facebook Group, Practicums to get feedback on your coaching from a Master Coach, a 1:1 coaching session from one of my mind-body coaches for personal development, and an optional, inexpensive certification process in case you want to be certified and/or master certified in the Mind-Body Magic Method. You'll also get an intro to the Slacker Magic System. 

(The program series is also open to non-coaches who want to train from the ground up as a life coach with a mind-body focus.)

This program combines the Level 1 Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program (6 months) and the Level 2 Mind-Body Magic Master Life Coach Training Program (6 months) into a year-long program so that you walk away with everything you need to be a master certified life coach.

You'll be focusing on using all of the somatic processes on yourself before you work with clients, so this program is also deeply healing for you as the coach, too.  

In order to qualify for this program, you must…

  1. Either already be a coach OR be interested in becoming a coach with a mind-body focus (any and all backgrounds welcome, such as therapists, yoga instructors, teachers, physical therapists, TMS patients, and more). 
  2. Feel passionate about coaching from a mind-body perspective and have an interest in the mind-body connection.
  3. Be interested in energy healing and helping clients with mind-body tools and energetic tools. 

The price for this offer is $16K (currently discounted to $11K), which is far lower than other comparable high-end, in-depth coach training programs since it actually includes two training programs in one. You also get my coaching toolbox and proven coaching system that will help you and your clients create, manifest, and allow permanent shifts in perspective, physiological well-being, and spiritual connection.

Not to mention you get the ability to market yourself as a coach with mind-body expertise, allowing you to have the clarity and focus in the mind-body field that attracts clients who want that kind of help. 

If you're interested in this offer, just shoot me a DM (or email if you prefer) and we'll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you.

To make our chat more efficient, you can include the following when you DM me

  1. Whether or not you’re already a coach.
  2. What makes you interested in the mind-body connection and working with it as a coach.
  3. What your own life experience with mind-body healing is, if any. 

This program also includes access to my Heart Centered Coach Accelerator business building program (details below). 

 This Level 1 & 2 program is the first in a series of training programs, so you can always follow up this program with the other optional levels later on if you choose. See below for details. (I'm sharing them so you can see the bigger picture of the program series and what's available.)

Click Here for More Details About This Program

Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training & Certification Program: Levels 1 & 2

Send Abigail an email or DM with any questions and to see if the program is a good fit. 

 Pay in Full: $11,000 

Payment Plan: $920 monthly for 12 months 

(Includes the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator program described below.) 

For Further Details About the Program, Click Here

Manifest Your Business

with Abigail and Ellie


The Heart Centered Coach Accelerator Group Program is for heart-centered coaches who feel a deep calling to coach and would love to manifest the number of regular client sign-ups that would allow them to expand and scale up their business without using old-school hustling tactics or working constantly. They would rather feel like magic is happening for their business and know how to actively use their inner wisdom and magical manifesting for their business.

We work together for three months on the following things:

  1. Ending all confusion about who you work with, what problem you solve for your clients, and your unique way of solving that problem so that you can clearly articulate your niche both to yourself and your clients in your messaging. I’ll use my Celtic Seer intuitive gift to examine your past client experiences that were most exciting for you. I’ll be able to see what your niche is for you and I’ll also articulate it for you in a written niche statement that will serve as the basis for all your content.
  2. My team and I will use energy healing work to identify any mindset-related roadblocks to your owning your true calling and help you discover how your Human Design connects to your calling. 
  3. Designing the perfect signature program for your business (or updating a program you already have) so that the content aligns with what we identified as your unique work in this world and includes your unique process, and the delivery aligns with how (and how much) you want to work. I’ll also use energy healing work to help you heal any fears or worries about your program. 
  4. Creating a plan for how to talk about your work and how you help people, including what kinds of content to put on social media - and how to use social media as an effective tool without it taking over your life.
  5. Supporting you as you run a test version of your program that allows you to gather testimonials, experience, client feedback, and confidence in your work and your program, while still charging money (usually discounted 50% or more from what you eventually want to charge). I’ll teach you how to do the test, answer questions as you do it, and even promote your program in my free Facebook group to help you get clients for it. This testing process will keep you in integrity because you’ll be building a program that you know works.
  6. Outlining your opt-in offers while you’re  testing your program. Using my templates will help you get these ready so that you can start to grow your audience with more people who would be interested in purchasing your program.
  7. Learning how to approach your daily business work in a totally new, magical way that includes mind-body connection processes to stay aligned with ease, flow, and your inner wisdom. You’ll be set up to attract abundance automatically whenever you work on your business and you’ll put your manifesting on autopilot. 
  8. Working without old hustle habits and instead using energetic alignment and mind-body practices that allow your body to have maximum well-being (and can also help you maintain a business while handling a chronic syndrome). You’ll get things done even more efficiently and quickly, but you won’t feel overloaded or tempted to fall back into self-pressure while doing so. 

In this program you get my Slacker Magic System (which includes everything detailed above) for manifesting clients and income, 6 monthly zoom calls with me and my team, access to videos that take you through all the steps, and a Facebook Group where everyone is supporting your progress emotionally and literally (other participants can help by sharing your beta launch announcement with their audience).

You will get templates for every step of the process, all my exact energetic alignment techniques for manifesting, and direct feedback from me and my team on everything you submit throughout the program from your niche to your program outline to your beta launch announcements.

The price for this offer is normally $5K, (currently discounted to $3K during February 2023) which is a total steal when you consider the niche clarity, messaging, and program design you receive that will set your business up permanently for attracting high-quality leads who are actually ready to enroll. Participants often hit their goal of $5K plus months even before they finish launching their program due to the manifesting practices. 

If you’re interested in this offer, just shoot me a DM or email me and we'll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you. 

To make our chat more efficient, you can include the following when you message me:

  1. What your current coaching focus is with your clients.
  2. How long you've been in business and/or how much experience you have with clients.
  3. How you believe our program will help you to reach your financial goals.

Or, if you're short on time, just send a quick heart emoji and I'll know you want to chat about the program!

I can’t wait to hear from you! 

(We also have a 1-1 VIP version of this program that includes 1-1 zoom sessions with both of us and Voxer support as well as the entire group program listed above.)

The Heart Centered Coach Accelerator 1:1 VIP Program

Currently on a waitlist. Send Abigail an email or DM with any questions and to see if the program is a good fit and to be added to the waitlist. 

 The Heart Centered Coach Accelerator Group Program

Send Abigail an email or DM with any questions and to see if the program is a good fit. 

The Master Mind-Body Energy Healing Training Program: Level 3

This six-month training teaches you my complete Mind-Body Magic Energy Healing Process for you and your clients. This intuitively guided energy work process was developed over ten years to help clients with physical pain, emotional struggles, mind-body-spirit alignment, and more. You’ll learn energy healing processes in this training rather than coaching methods, which means these processes directly influence your clients’ energy systems and create results in their physical and emotional bodies. You’ll open up to new levels of consciousness in your life and work as you explore working in the quantum field. 

This program is only available to graduates of the Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program Levels 1 and 2. 

The Master Mind-Body Energy Healing Apprenticeship Program: Levels 4-6

This year-long (or more) apprenticeship takes you into a fieldwork process where you’ll be applying everything you’ve learned in the Levels 1-3 programs and applying it with clients while being mentored and coached to achieve your highest level of mastery. You’ll deeply investigate your natural intuitive talents and energy healing style so that you can masterfully own your skills and gifts by the end of the program. Abigail will guide you through energy and spiritual practices that take you deeper into the quantum and fifth dimension consciousness and awareness you’re excited to explore.

This program is only available to graduates of the Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program Levels 1-3. 

Graduates of Levels 2-6 are eligible at any time post Level 2 certification to teach, mentor, and coach within the programs as part of my staff. 

I’m Abigail Morgan, founder of the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator and Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program Series. 


I know what it’s like to want to manifest making a living as a coach working in your calling but find yourself confused about what exactly you should say in your messaging, how to actually create a program and develop a high-quality audience, and what exact steps to take to manifest your ideal clients and income. 

I also know what it’s like to deal with a sensitive body that reacts to stress and doesn’t let you hustle at all (at least not anymore) without repercussions. 

That’s why I’ve developed the above programs; to help you truly manifest the business you want that lets you have true time freedom and manifest with ease and flow, and to help you use mind-body tools to improve your well-being or work with clients using a mind-body focus. 

If you’re passionate about mind-body connection work, spiritual and energetic alignment, manifesting, healing, and coaching in your calling, I’m so excited to work with you in one of my programs!

I use a blend of mind-body coaching, energy work, practical coaching, manifesting techniques, (all of those are my own systems and methods), and my intuitive Celtic Seer vision to help you in your business. 

I’ve invited Ellie to work side-by-side with me in our VIP program and to teach with me once a month in the group program because she’s a fellow energy worker with very specific skills that can help remove the glitches holding you back from taking action steps you need to take and manifesting in your business.