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Why I’ve Changed My Name

Jul 22, 2020

I’ve been waiting for my new last name to appear for several months. I knew inner wisdom and magic would deliver it, but I was getting antsy and wanted to force it to appear. But, like so many creative things, it simply would not be forced. 

The idea of a new last name came to me when...

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How to Find Calm in Two Minutes

May 22, 2019

It’s four-thirty in the afternoon, and I’m attempting to get groceries. This attempt is an utter failure, because my daughter is having a very well-timed meltdown. She has climbed with agile speed into the grocery-filled section of the cart and is standing there, body tensed and face...

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Let It Hurt

Mar 21, 2018

By Endorsed Mind-Body Coach Elaine Jeffy

The disturbing events of the last year have created a wave of gripping visual images that float in and out of my conscious awareness:

Me, at the age of 11, marching for civil rights and singing “We Shall Overcome.”  Me, as a...

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