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Why I’ve Changed My Name

uncategorized Jul 23, 2020

I’ve been waiting for my new last name to appear for several months. I knew inner wisdom and magic would deliver it, but I was getting antsy and wanted to force it to appear. But, like so many creative things, it simply would not be forced. 

The idea of a new last name came to me when the divorce mediator asked if I would be returning to my maiden name. I’d been working through the divorce process for several months, which entailed feeling lots of emotions, facing fears, and starting my new life after twenty years of marriage. 

Suddenly I knew that I wouldn’t be returning to my maiden name. I could feel something bubbling up inside; it felt strangely like joy, which I hadn’t felt in a while. 

I would find a new last name, and it would represent my alignment with my spirit. It would be the name I bestowed upon myself after years and years of curiously discovering who I am. It would be a reclamation of myself. A way to use my voice and be true to myself. 

Since I’m always coaching and teaching others how to use mind-body-spirit tools that allow inner wisdom to guide the way, it would be pretty ridiculous to not listen to inner wisdom for this giant transition. 

Inner wisdom told me to wait. (Like it often does!)

I waited. 

I waited some more. 

Every time I tried to look at new last names, it felt forced. I had to stop. The name would find me.

Then, one day, I was walking by my bookshelf and felt a strong urge to stop. A book was calling to me; a spiritual text about the Isle of Avalon. I grabbed the book, sat on the floor, and opened it.

Immediately, a paragraph down the page pulled my attention. It was about a priestess; a guardian of the mysteries of Avalon and associated with the Great Mother spirit. She was a Great Queen in Irish mythology and one of the fairy folk. In Welsch, her name means “mother.”


There it was. My new last name. 

I know I’ve hit an inner wisdom certainty when I feel deep resonance in my body. That name resonated from my head to my toes and made my heart sing. I’m an Irish Seer, and I use my Irish Seer skills as a coach and energy healer with my students and clients. This name represents me, my work, and who I am to the core. 

So, I’m excited to announce this name change!

From now on, I am officially named Abigail Susan Morgan.


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