Help with making a living as a coach from a mind-body perspective and mind-body healing tips for your well-being.

A Quick Fix for Getting More Coaching Clients

Feb 23, 2023

If you have a passion for coaching and your business isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong or need to work harder. It’s usually just a bit of a disconnect between what you love to do and how you’re presenting it, and...

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You’re Not a Widget Factory, and Why That Matters

Jan 30, 2023

As heart-centered coaches, we don’t sell widgets. We’re creating something new - each of us - that’s life-changing for our clients.

You’re out there doing amazing new work, creating processes and practices that haven’t existed before, and you’re on the...

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How to Dial in Your Spiritually Aligned Niche to Attract More Clients

Make $5K plus months as a coach without sacrificing your health, joy, or spiritual well-being to get there. 

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