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Inner Wisdom or Inner Critic?

You’re sitting in your office, staring at a blank screen, and waiting for the muse to hit. You’re hoping for some brilliant blog copy, a fun social media post, or a stellar program idea to miraculously appear in your consciousness. 

On those days when the magic isn’t flowing, your mind is likely to start attacking you with the critical, pressure-filled, perfectionism voice. It brings out yucky old phrases like: 

“You’re not a good enough _______ (writer, coach, etc.)”

“Who are you to make a program or write a post about _______; you don’t know enough.”

“So-and-so already writes/coaches about this; your ideas aren’t good enough.”

“You don’t have a clear enough niche; no one is going to read this post.”

And on and on and on. 

It’s common in the coaching world to talk about limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and self-judgment. The only problem is a lot of the techniques we...

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4 Steps to Handle No-Fun Moments (also known as discomfort)

I was driving, grumbling at traffic, when I heard extreme screaming from the backseat. 

Being a mom, I took this pretty much in stride and only almost rear-ended the car in front of me instead of actually crashing. 

Luckily, nobody was being murdered; my daughter had just spilled a bottle of water on herself. Her shorts and the seat were soaked.

I thought things would be fine.  

They were not fine.

This was Defcon-245, red-alert, serious emergency time. WET SHORTS. Worst thing ever. Lots of crying.

I get it; wet shorts suck. Especially if you have to wear them in your fun parkour class for an hour. 

However, I also know that life is going to dish out some serious discomfort for my girl over the next many years. There’s no getting around it. 

So, I gave her a choice. 1. Go to parkour class and have fun, but with wet shorts. 2. No fun parkour class, but we go home and get dry shorts. 

Then I told her I really thought she could handle the wet...

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Slacker Magic

In writing this post, I’m pretty sure I’m letting everyone in on a secret. Though I seem somewhat conventional on the outside, I’m really not. I’ve been called responsible and a goody-two-shoes, and I’ll own a little of that. However, my heart is most rebellious. 


Once, when I was ten, I painted the legs of our back deck pink. Needless to say, my dad wasn’t that thrilled. In my defense, I didn’t set out to do anything wrong. I was simply carried away by the beauty of the pink paint, and I’d run out of surfaces upon which to explore using it. 


Though I’m no longer ten, I’ve retained much of that creative, rebellious spirit. When my heart longs to explore something, I follow it. 


I’m not really a fan of most rules. Especially cultural rules that constrain the creative spirit. I take heed of rules that create safety, but the rest? Well. Rules were made to be broken, right?



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When the self-critic attacks…

Oh, fellow empathic souls! These are painful times for our hearts.

There is so much going on in our world lately. When it comes to racism, I know I still have a ton to learn. My focus for the last few years has been to figure out what I can do in myself, my community, my work, and my family to, albeit very imperfectly, advocate for and listen to those without white privilege.

The work is slow-going sometimes and real, deep, progress takes time. I’ve made mistakes and I know I’ll continue to mess up every step of the way. True change is very messy.

I notice that my mind has a lot of stories about how I should be doing more, faster, better at this work. I hate when personal crises slow me down.

And, sure, that’s always true. There’s always more to do. More to learn. More to face and become aware of.

And, I also know that anything I do that involves discomfort or fear requires lots of self-compassion. Self-compassion makes me show up and do better....

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Do you have Smithsonian Syndrome?

Smithsonian Syndrome can strike at any moment. It’s not necessarily chronic, but can leave the sufferer dazed and frozen, unable to create with confidence for stretches of time. 

What is Smithsonian Syndrome? 

It’s a common form of self-pressure that takes hold and attacks the sufferer’s mind and body swiftly and suddenly. 

When it strikes, the sufferer is under the impression they must create a finished product worthy of the Smithsonian.

Symptoms include:

Physical tension

Anger towards one’s self


Thoughts about how an end product isn’t good enough

The pressure to make something par excellence

Lack of enjoyment

If you find yourself experiencing Smithsonian Syndrome frequently, there’s really only one effective treatment: Slacker Magic. 

You’ll need to learn how to take the pressure off yourself, stat. 

Luckily, I can teach you how to do that. 

Join me for the Slacker Magic Course to relieve...

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How to Become More Magical

If you want more magic in your life, you’ll need to do one thing.

It might not seem like the powerful, magic-maker that it is at first. It’s something that’s easy to overlook. It’s easy to say, “Oh, yeah, that seems like a really great idea,” and then completely forget to do it. 


Because it’s not something we’re usually taught to do, and it can mean changing your way of being toward yourself in radical ways. 

The one thing you need to do to create more magic in your life is to practice self-kindness. This will make more magic happen than any special techniques or methods ever can. 

Self-kindness is the foundation for all magic.

It’s the source of your power. It’s the key ingredient to creating well-being, energy, synchronicities, and anything else you deem magical. 

Try this simple way to add more self-kindness to your day:

  1. Notice when you feel stressed, tense, or anxious.


  2. Stop...
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How I Learned to Rebel

In college, my biology class was right after lunch. It’s fair to say that biology was not my passion. I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. 

I was somewhat of a rule-follower, so I was nervous to skip class. I have an innate and deep fear of getting in trouble. 

Yet…snoozeville. Boring. Boooooring. 

So I did it. 

One afternoon, I took a delicious, delightful nap instead of attending class. 

(It may have happened a few more times after that, technically speaking.) 

Little rebellions like this are energizing. (Especially if you’re often very hard on yourself.) They’re small moments when we pay homage to the needs of our bodies, souls, and hearts. 

Though they may seem scary, moments of rebellion often hold the key to new ideas, inspiration, and entire paths we simply wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. 

Little rebellions are often borne of inner wisdom, guiding us toward something bigger.


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You Now Have Permission to Slack Off

As a mind-body coach with years of experience in helping people improve their well-being, I state the following: 

I hereby give you full permission to slack off. 

You are allowed to slack. 

You are allowed to rest.

You are allowed to slack and rest even if you aren’t tired!

You are allowed to goof off.

You are allowed to do nothing. 

You are allowed to play. 

You do NOT have to “get everything done” before you go slack, rest, goof-off, do nothing, or play. 

Want help giving yourself permission to do all of the above? 

Join me for my upcoming mini-course: 7 Days of Slacker Magic!

For seven days, I’ll inspire you and support you around dropping self-pressure and cutting yourself some slack. Details and registration here!

The mini-course doesn’t cost a thing. Save your spot!

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7 Days of Slacker Magic

The night before I started second grade, I freaked out. I was certain I wasn’t ready. My mom came into my room, snuggled me, and tried to convince me that I was, indeed, prepared for second grade. 

I was worried that I didn’t know everything I was going to learn yet, and I’d be behind. 

Patiently, my mom explained that actually, the point of going to second grade was that I wasn’t supposed to know second grade stuff yet. I was going to learn it while I was in the second grade. Therefore, I was not behind. 

It’s probably safe to say I’ve been pressuring myself for my entire life. 

That’s why helping clients drop self-pressure is a big passion for me!

I know what it’s like to live with that constant heaviness; the internal pressure cooker working away day in and day out. 

I have also found a way to stop constantly pressuring myself and achieve results through self-kindness and compassion. I know culture...

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What to do when the pursuit of wellness backfires

The wellness industry is a booming industry. There are countless ways you can improve your health. You can use “natural” alternative healing techniques. You can read books. You can try a variety of dietary approaches. 

While the pursuit of wellness seems harmless, there’s one catch: 


If your pursuit of wellness is built on a foundation of subtle pressure to change, improve, or be better, you might be adding unnecessary stress to your mind-body system.

This is counter-productive to your pursuit of wellness. 

Are you pressuring yourself to be fitter than you are?

Are you pressuring yourself to eat healthily all the time? 

Are you pressuring yourself to do stress-reducing activities like meditation?

That pressure creates stress. It forces you to think about failures. It makes you focus on what you need to do to instead of celebrating what you have already done. 

Culture teaches us to push ourselves toward success and...

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