The Attitude Adjustment We All Need Today

I shared a post on social media recently about shifting our attitudes as adults and focusing on the vision of what we really want.

This was perhaps the most responded-to post I’ve ever made!

Everyone was like, “I NEEDED this.”

Oopise! Have we accidentally been having bad attitudes? 😂 Imagining our businesses not working? Worrying about the economy? Telling ourselves we suck? Etc.?

Totally! It happens. It’s easy to fall into when the news is like WHUT? And everyone around you is glooming and dooming and we did have a worldwide pandemic.


What we want to create IS possible, and all we have to do is focus on it.

Ignore the *&^%$ out of the reality around you.

For real. 😂

Here’s one of my favorite tricks: When I’m talking to someone and they say something gloom and doomy, I just mentally say, “DELETE.”

If I say something gloom and doomy to myself, I just say, “DELETE.”

The universe is cool with “DELETE.” It gets ya. It knows we’re human and we have our moments.

When I was growing up, my dad had a famous lecture he would give me and my brother when we had a bad attitude. (For me, it was when I didn’t believe I could do it. For my brother, it was when he was putting in no effort. 😂)

It went like this: “Get your head out of your ass.”

It was said with a slight (or a lot) of exasperation and also humor. It was super annoying, of course. But, weirdly effective.

My daughter is juuuuuust about to the age where I can start employing this lecture, and I’m so excited, LOL. 💃

I’ve had to give it to myself a few times over the years. The key is to say it with love and compassion and laughter. But mean it.

So, anyway, there’s your attitude adjustment advice for the day. YOU CAN DO IT, whatever it is you want to do. Believe it. If you don’t believe it, work on believing it. Say it. Imagine it. Envision it.

I believe in you.

Helping you to change your attitude and gain confidence is exactly what I do in my group program. You’ll LOVE the community aspect because you’ll be able to escape from nasty hustle-style messages and hang out with supportive non-hustlers. 😉

You can learn more about this program and others here.



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