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Hacking the Productivity Problem

Everyone’s jumping off the hustle bus to get things done, and talking about working differently. Even the business coaches who definitely hustle are now playing it cool and talking about not hustling. Why? Because it’s the new thang. 

This new trend in the coaching-biz world is great; it means there’s less social pressure to overwork and create burnout. Round of applause for that! 

But, there’s one problem: 

Our culture has drilled into us since childhood that achievement and accomplishment = self-worth and awesomeness. That productivity is king and leads to coaching business success. 

So, when you sit down to work on your business, it’s pretty darn hard to ignore that ingrained way of being. 

Your mind wants to be hard on you. It wants to pressure you to ignore your inner guidance and just push forward through fatigue or mind-fog to get things done. It wants to judge you if you don’t get everything on your to-do list...

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Ten Ways to Slack Off…Secretly

Cue the Pink Panther music. 

Look left and right. Check the hallway. 

Peek carefully past the doorway and see if the coast is clear. 

Do it!

Escape. Make a dash to the bathroom. Close the door and hide, pretending you needed a restroom break. 

This is your moment. No boss, no kids, no spouse, no houseguests…

Whatever you need to escape from, you’ve done it. Take five to ten minutes to yourself and do anything that gives you a brief but delightful moment of joy. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to Stealth Slack. 

Stealth Slacking lets you release a little pressure when it feels like everything is just too much. When you really need a minute to feel free, Stealth Slacking will be a balm to your soul. You can slack off, regain your sanity, and reconnect with yourself. Stealth Slacking is an important part of the overall Slacker Magic way of being. 

Ten things I’ve found fun during Stealth Slacking...

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Tracking Deliciousness

by Endorsed Mind-Body CoachMara Wai

I love Summer. I loooong for it by Spring. Right before it arrives I fantasize about it, imagining all the fun and sun I will soak in.  I imagine luxuriating in quietude and peace, natural settings and beauty. I imagine kids playing, running for the ice cream truck, rainy days and movies. In my imagination it’s perfect, sweet, nostalgic, and timeless. And yet.  While it’s happening, it’s usually not how I imagine it.  I get caught up – in the planning and prepping, the getting to and from all the activities, one after the other. When the long-awaited planned and prepped thing is finally happening I get caught up in thinking about what needs to happen next and about how and when I can take a break and recover from the thing. It all feels so planned, so jammed in and busy.

Nope, not this Summer. This Summer, I vowed to slow it all down, to slow myself down and drink in the...

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