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Hacking the Productivity Problem

Jun 10, 2021

Everyone’s jumping off the hustle bus to get things done, and talking about working differently. Even the business coaches who definitely hustle are now playing it cool and talking about not hustling. Why? Because it’s the new thang. 

This new trend in the coaching-biz world is...

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Ten Ways to Slack Off…Secretly

Jul 24, 2019

Cue the Pink Panther music. 

Look left and right. Check the hallway. 

Peek carefully past the doorway and see if the coast is clear. 

Do it!

Escape. Make a dash to the bathroom. Close the door and hide, pretending you needed a restroom break. 

This is your moment. No...

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Tracking Deliciousness

Aug 10, 2018

by Endorsed Mind-Body CoachMara Wai

I love Summer. I loooong for it by Spring. Right before it arrives I fantasize about it, imagining all the fun and sun I will soak in.  I imagine luxuriating in quietude and peace, natural settings and beauty. I imagine kids playing, running...

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