Hacking the Productivity Problem

Everyone’s jumping off the hustle bus to get things done, and talking about working differently. Even the business coaches who definitely hustle are now playing it cool and talking about not hustling. Why? Because it’s the new thang. 

This new trend in the coaching-biz world is great; it means there’s less social pressure to overwork and create burnout. Round of applause for that! 

But, there’s one problem: 

Our culture has drilled into us since childhood that achievement and accomplishment = self-worth and awesomeness. That productivity is king and leads to coaching business success. 

So, when you sit down to work on your business, it’s pretty darn hard to ignore that ingrained way of being. 

Your mind wants to be hard on you. It wants to pressure you to ignore your inner guidance and just push forward through fatigue or mind-fog to get things done. It wants to judge you if you don’t get everything on your to-do list accomplished, stat!

That’s why it’s time to become a slacker. 

Actually, a slacker magician.

What’s that? A person who uses strategic slacking to outsmart the inner critic and successfully get things done while actually honoring their body and inner guidance.

This prevents a host of ills - literally.

Slacker magicians get to feel in the flow, release stress, feel inspired, and not accidentally end up with burnout or stress-induced illness. That’s because they have actual slacking strategies and a plan to outsmart the productivity pressure from their minds…….

Here’s your slacker magician tip for today:

Schedule Sloth Breaks

  1. Take a look at your calendar. Find one to two times in your schedule today where you can stop and be a sloth. (2-5 minutes is plenty.)
  2. Be a sloth during those breaks; do not attempt to get things done! Just chill. No trying to better yourself with meditation or think about all the things on your to-do list and solve them. Just - BE. (You might fall into daydreaming, which is actually quite restorative and wonderful!)
  3. Notice how that shifts your entire feeling state around whatever you’re trying to accomplish for your business (or home life). Does it get easier? Did you get new ideas? Did you realize you’re actually really tired and decided to rest? (Bonus points if so!)

*Pro slacker tip: Find a way to remind yourself to take sloth breaks. Your brain will quickly forget to do them because it discounts the value of doing nothing. (And yet, doing nothing actually increases your productivity and coaching business success!) I personally am considering purchasing a sloth mug to set on my desk as my new fave reminder. 

To hang out with me and my fellow slacker magicians, join the free Mind-Body Magic Facebook Group here! (Get insider peeks at how I strategically slack everything from parenting to running my biz.)


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