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It Isn't Easy Having a Sensitive Body (and Here's What Society Doesn't Get)

Nov 28, 2023

I was just talking to another person this week about the correlation between Shaman Sickness (also called TMS) and the call to be a coach, healer, or lightworker, and it really struck me how little our culture supports humans in this predicament. The main question is, how do we fulfill our...

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Sick of Shaman Sickness? Here's What To Do

Feb 06, 2023

Have you heard of Shaman Sickness?

If so, you’re probably super freaking annoyed by it, because you have it, lol. Me too. Solidarity!

However, there is hope for those of us with Shaman Sickness! When I first read about it, the gist of it was that if you’re meant to be a healer/shaman...

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