It Isn't Easy Having a Sensitive Body (and Here's What Society Doesn't Get)

I was just talking to another person this week about the correlation between Shaman Sickness (also called TMS) and the call to be a coach, healer, or lightworker, and it really struck me how little our culture supports humans in this predicament. The main question is, how do we fulfill our calling without running our bodies into the ground?

(Shaman Sickness is basically having the type of body that would have been selected for the Shaman path by the elder shamans. The sign is lots of childhood illnesses and adulthood mystery illnesses.)

Most of us who are dealing with this have had the intuitive sense all of our lives that we need to treat our bodies with special care in one way or another. One small move in the wrong direction and all the wheels come off, so to speak.

This is true in the sense that our bodies ARE functioning like living, breathing GPS units to make sure that we stay on track for our calling.

This is both amazing and unbelievably irritating.

It makes it nearly impossible to function the way culture teaches us to, which is largely to hustle our buns off all the time and achieve goal after goal after goal. Yet, we do it. We are even good at it!

It’s just that then we pay the enormous price of losing our well-being in one way or another.

Tack on the effects of trauma in our lives and now it’s even trickier.

I guess what irritates me the most is that “the norm” around us creates this enormous amount of pressure externally to do things the way everyone else is. This exacerbates our natural tendency to pressure ourselves internally, too, to function at high levels.

This is the perfect recipe for disaster and illness for someone with Shaman Sickness, or a body that is uber-sensitive to energy, stress, and pressure, and generally has some sort of unique chronic syndrome of some kind.

Shaman Sickness, if you haven’t heard of it, is called that because in cultures where shamans are the healers, the shamans undergo years of illness and physical struggles. This is how the elder shamans spot the younger shamans and know that it’s their calling, too.

And while I get that I would not be the coach or compassionate witness that I am without all of my physical suffering, it’s a tough road with very little to no support.

I’m realizing more and more that as much as I talk about the practical stuff for our coaching businesses, my calling is really to serve the shamans with shaman sickness so that they can:

  • Not run their bodies into the ground on TOP of having Shaman Sickness.
  • Actually have tools for living in a shaman body and feel as good as possible.
  • Do their calling successfully (without hustling) and manifest money while doing so.

It’s weird and lonely to shaman it alone in a shaman body that’s frequently losing all its wheels.

It’s sort of like we were all issued funky cars without a service plan. So we just drive around with smoke billowing out from under the hood and wheels rolling off into the ditch, but we dang well drive anyway. We are passionate about working in our calling.

We’re also ridiculously responsible and hard-working, so we just drive until the car isn’t driveable.

If you’re a coach, healer, lightworker, or other type of modern-day shaman, I am here to help, and I really want to support you so you don’t have to feel alone or stressed about this journey through life with a shaman body.

I have two processes I’ve created:

One is a somatic, mind-body healing practice to help you feel better in your shaman body and also maintain it once it’s feeling better. (This is like the manual you never got for how to maintain your car!) It’s called the Mind-Body Magic Method.

The other is a system for working in your business that takes out the hustle and puts your manifesting on autopilot so that you can work in this new, relaxed way instead of the old hustle style that’s running you into the ground. It’s called the Slacker Magic System.

I’ve realized over time how important it is for coaches and healers to have both processes, so when you take my group program, you learn both so I can fully support you in this shaman-body situation.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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