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Ten Ways to Slack Off…Secretly

Cue the Pink Panther music. 

Look left and right. Check the hallway. 

Peek carefully past the doorway and see if the coast is clear. 

Do it!

Escape. Make a dash to the bathroom. Close the door and hide, pretending you needed a restroom break. 

This is your moment. No boss, no kids, no spouse, no houseguests…

Whatever you need to escape from, you’ve done it. Take five to ten minutes to yourself and do anything that gives you a brief but delightful moment of joy. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to Stealth Slack. 

Stealth Slacking lets you release a little pressure when it feels like everything is just too much. When you really need a minute to feel free, Stealth Slacking will be a balm to your soul. You can slack off, regain your sanity, and reconnect with yourself. Stealth Slacking is an important part of the overall Slacker Magic way of being. 

Ten things I’ve found fun during Stealth Slacking episodes:

  1. Reading a novel. (I keep one handy in my bathroom just for Stealth Slacking.)
  2. Watching a few moments of Netflix. (This is why headphones were invented…for Stealth Slacking.)
  3. Breathe. 
  4. Sit on the floor and close my eyes for a full five minutes.
  5. Shop. 
  6. Write down ideas I’ve had throughout the day.
  7. Text something funny to a friend. 
  8. Vent to a friend. 
  9. Look at cute puppy videos.
  10. Listen to music. 

Happy Slacking!


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