How to Boost Your Confidence as a Heart-Centered Coach

As a heart-centered coach, your work is tender, like a freshly written novel or work of art. The work we do as coaches is creative, straight from our hearts, and connected to our spirit.

That’s why it feels so scary to put our work into the world sometimes! We’re working in our calling, which is a naked, vulnerable place where crickets, criticism, or judgment can slice deep.

Even if we put our work out there and the worst thing that happens is our own self-judgment, it’s super painful!

This is the downside of being heart-centered, lol! We feel things deeply. Our hearts are big, full of compassion, and they also feel so dang tender.

It’s vital that you have your own back when you start to put your work out there. You’ll want to absolutely refuse to judge yourself or imagine what others might be thinking, because if you start criticizing yourself, it’s going to feel terrible to show up on social media or write to your email list.

If you have your own back and are consistently shoring up your confidence with self-kindness and self-appreciation, you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

I like to keep a journal of reasons I’m lovable and my work is valuable. This constant reminder of my own innate goodness amidst all the imperfections of being human gives me a sense of safety in my own body and being.

I also like to acknowledge that it’s a tender moment for me anytime I put something new out there, and I take the time to send love and kindness to my heart and my naked emotions.

Many years ago, after blogging for six years, I wrote a random blog post about my favorite curling iron. (I have a wee obsession with hair implements and LOVE curling my hair.) Someone commented on the blog, “This article is the only good thing about this website.”

In the realm of internet trolls, that’s pretty mild. But it still stung for a minute, before I remembered to lift myself up with kindness. Obviously, that person wasn’t in need of the support and coaching tools I’d shared in my six years of blogging, but that didn’t mean that what I wrote wasn’t useful and good - even if only for me!

When we shore ourselves up with self-kindness, it’s easier to notice and hear when others are reflecting our own goodness back to us. I’ve saved hundreds of emails and notecards sent to me from people who appreciate my work. I highly recommend doing this so that you can take time every now and then to really sit and notice the positive impact you’re having over time.

Helping you shift into self-kindness is a huge part of the work I do in the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator, and on top of that, I’ve designed a community space in that program where you get to feel supported and lifted up as you do this tender creative work.

While you design your program, you’ll be able to get kind encouragement from others in the group - not just myself. And, I maintain clear policies about what kind of feedback is and isn’t allowed so that you won’t suddenly hear feedback you’re not ready to ingest, or feedback that isn’t appropriate. (There’s nothing worse than feedback that comes too soon around a creative project! Oh, our tender hearts!)

The focus of the community is to help you remember to celebrate every little win, feel encouraged, feel safe as you create your signature program, and help you feel uplifted as you share it out into the world. You can even practice sharing inside the group, where it’s safe and cozy.

I also encourage others in the group to actually share the beta launch of your program out into the world to literally help you reach more people. Then I do the same, sharing your work to my audience.

The more we work together as heart-centered humans to lift each other up, the more we all succeed.

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