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Why You Don’t Want the Easy Life

I used to dream of owning my own business and being a coach. I could just see it; I’d have the easy life. I’d have a relaxed, easy schedule, everything would be light and enjoyable, and I’d be the best boss I’d ever had.

So, imagine my surprise when I opened my practice and promptly created a giant business goal that felt, um…kind of hard.

I’ve repeated that situation every year since. Yes, I’m a good boss. But do I make things easy for myself? Not one bit. I create challenge after challenge for myself. I’m constantly pushing my edge.

Am I trying to torture myself?

Not at all. Actually, I’m having extreme amounts of fun.

To explain why this practice of challenging myself and pushing my edge creates so much joy and delight, I have to share the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi with you. He wrote the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, which is an interesting read for any entrepreneur.

When I first read his book in...

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How to Find Calm in Two Minutes

It’s four-thirty in the afternoon, and I’m attempting to get groceries. This attempt is an utter failure, because my daughter is having a very well-timed meltdown. She has climbed with agile speed into the grocery-filled section of the cart and is standing there, body tensed and face red, yelling and crying as I try to navigate a speedy exit route. I am trying to find calm so I can strategize. She refuses to sit down.

I can feel my whole body tense up as I grip the handle and try to firmly (but kindly) encourage my child to sit down in the cart. My mind is racing, accumulating self-critical thoughts faster than I can mentally bat them away. I am one-hundred percent freaking out inside and trying not to show it.

Before I know it, I’ve become angry mommy and I’m no longer able to handle the situation with the calm, loving energy I’d prefer to use.

Though we know, cognitively, that self-criticism and panic don’t help moments like these, it can...

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How mind-body-spirit tools always help me heal

Mind-body-spirit tools gave me my life back in my early twenties. I’d suffered from two pelvic syndromes for years; interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia.

After I discovered mind-body healing, I was finally able to live without these syndromes. (Happy dance!)

Mind-body-spirit tools gave me my life back last year, too. 

Even though I was facing a huge and difficult health crisis (as described in this blog post here), I consider myself lucky.

I had years of using my own mind-body-spirit tools under my belt, so I was able to face big decisions with clarity.


Because I had access to my inner wisdom, which meant I knew how to feel my emotions and stay connected to myself rather than suppress and disconnect. Inner wisdom told me when I needed to find new doctors and seek different help.

I knew how to navigate and advocate. I could trust my own wisdom.

Dealing with a really rough case of pelvic organ prolapse was hard and scary. However,...

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It’s time to tell my story

Three years ago, everything fell apart.

It wasn’t cancer. It wasn’t a broken limb. It was not a clearly labeled disease.

It was complicated and confusing.

I was afraid it was the end of living a life I loved.

It was the end, actually. It was the end of that life I loved.

I want to tell you the story of my new life. To be honest, it’s not an easy story to tell.

It’s time to tell it, because I know other people face similar things and have to rebuild and recreate their lives, too. I know it can be terribly lonely and scary.

I’m in a place, now, where I can help and support others who are rebuilding or creating in their lives but feel alone – maybe even embarrassed – about vulnerabilities or limitations.

I know what that’s like, and I have both tools and empathy that were born from experience.

Here’s the story:

I had a thriving coaching practice. I was training mind-body coaches, I was coaching 1-1...

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3 Steps to Less Self-Pressure

It’s Monday night, and my daughter has been sick for seven days. The fever, cough, and sore throat have left her exhausted and grumpy. (And let’s face it; I’m grumpy, too.)

In an attempt to tame the cough, I slather on some Vicks and get her snuggled in bed. Of course, not tooooo much Vicks, because I’ve recently read yet another terrifying parenting article on the internet, this time about how Vicks can be deadly if swallowed.

The next morning, somehow, the Vicks has migrated to her hair. I decide not to worry about it, because she can definitely rock the greasy Vicks ‘do for one school day. It’ll be fine. (Though I secretly cannot wait to get her in the tub and pour at least a gallon of shampoo on her head.) The question is, how did a little Vicks turn into this amazingly thorough coating for every hair on her head?

Tuesday night arrives, and bathtime inches closer. My hands are itching to scrub that cute little head.

Then, it hits. A...

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Valentine’s Day self-love gifts to give yourself!

On Valentine’s Day, romantic love is everywhere. However, let’s also give self-love a little attention, since it’s equally important in our lives. Of course, gifts come to mind; traditional ones like chocolate, flowers, and treating one’s self to something special.

I certainly am not one to turn down any of those things, from my partner or myself, but I want to go a little deeper.

What would some great self-love gift ideas be?

Here are mine, and I’d love to know what yours are in the comments.

  1. Give yourself the gift of less perfectionism. Release self-pressure.
  2. Take more time to rest. For real.
  3. Ask for help when you need it. Unashamedly.
  4. Find/make more time for fun and play. Enjoy delight.
  5. Sometimes, simply do nothing. Without self-judgment.
  6. Congratulate yourself for something you usually judge yourself around. Celebrate you.

What if you gave yourself one of those gifts (or all six!) for a day?

Who’s in?

Want some help taking action on...

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Transition Time! (And find a pain relief coach here!)

For the past ten years, I have worked with women and men struggling with pelvic pain. They wanted to apply mind-body healing tools to create health, and I’ve coached hundreds of people through that process. However, I also created a Mind-Body Magic Coach Training to train coaches so they, too, could help people through the healing process. So many people are looking for support in their healing journey. Finally, I have a large team of coaches to help them.

I want to introduce you to all the incredible mind-body coaches you can access for your healing journey, be it pelvic or otherwise.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list. They can help with pelvic pain, TMS, mind-body syndrome, and general well-being.

As a coach, teacher, and creative entrepreneur, my heart is calling me to shift away from the physical healing work I’ve done for so many years. Behind each healing story is the life transformation that helped it happen. When our lives...

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Mind-Body Magic Interview

Mind-Body Coach Training

In 2010, Mind-Body Coach Training was born. Since then, I’ve trained nearly a hundred coaches in the Anamsong Method™, a system of mind-body tools to help people reconnect with inner wisdom and recover their natural energy, creativity, and magic.

Uma Sanghvi,one of my Endorsed Mind-Body Coaches, completed the training in 2016 and is doing incredibly helpful work for people who want to overcome anxiety and reclaim joy. In this interview with Uma, you’ll hear about the evolution of my own healing journey, the spiritual and magical aspects of mind-body magic, and simple ways to bring new awareness to your own mind-body healing journey. I hope you enjoy!

Watch the Interview Here

Speaking of mind-body coaching, the 2019 Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is opening for registration in March. Got questions? Send away!

Learn more about Uma Sanghvi here.

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How to Make a Magical and Easy Vision Board

In 2008, I made a kick-ass vision board. It had all the fancy trimmings; beautiful pictures cut from magazines, crafty decorative doo-dads, intentions and positive words, and even a check written to myself for the monthly amount I wanted to make as my new coaching business grew.

I spent a lot of time on that vision board. I planned it out in advance, spending several weeks creating all the different pieces and then finally putting it all together. It was a ton of fun to create.

Over the next five years, that vision board served me well. The dreams it depicted came to pass.

Eventually, it was time to make a new one. Yet, I procrastinated. I didn’t get out the magazines, beautiful paper, or crafting glue.

I asked myself why I wasn’t motivated to make a new vision board. No answer came. Meanwhile, I was busy handling the things that had come true from the 2008 board. Namely, an extremely thriving coaching business that I loved, and a cute, sweet baby...

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30 Days of Sacred Dreaming

A few weeks ago, I planned something incredibly restorative for myself for the month of October. I’m calling it Sacred Dreaming.

Then I thought; why do this by myself? I know many like-minded souls who are fascinated by mind-body magic, want to connect to their intuition and divine guidance even more, and might want to join me.

So….you’re invited! Curious? Check out the video below!


Sacred Dreaming does not involve a major commitment on your part. You can choose how much you do/don’t do along with me. Sacred Dreaming is something I wanted to do for myself and my business as I transition my focus to be even more deeply connected to my own soul-guidance. But, I LOVE connecting to fellow souls interested in the mind-body connection, and I realized Sacred Dreaming may be something that could help you, too!

30 Days of Sacred Dreaming kicks off...

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