How I Manifested the Impossible

Eleven years ago, I did something wild. I had a baby.

It seems like a normal thing to do, but for me it was wild because I’d spent many years in pelvic pain in my teens and twenties, living with excruciating symptoms. Even though I had been out of pain for over ten years by the time I got pregnant, it was still scary to even consider birthing a wee one in the very area of my body that had suffered so much in the past.

After she was born, the worst did happen. I experienced new pain, and more pain. First, I had to have surgery to repair an anal fissure from the birth process. Now - let me share that I’ve birthed a baby with no drugs and had a kidney stone. Neither of those experiences even touched the pain of the hideous anal fissure.

Second, I suffered from ligament tears and a broken tailbone from the birthing process. I couldn’t sit without searing pain in all parts of my rear end for eighteen months after giving birth.

At that point, I FINALLY healed from the surgery and the tears (mostly) and could do normal things again.

For two years.

Then, disaster struck.

First, my pelvic organs prolapsed due to ligament tears during the birth process that I hadn’t known were there. This affected my eliminatory processes, making them incredibly uncomfortable, and nothing helped. I was in pain 24/7.

Then, another anal fissure happened.

At this point, I felt an amount of despair that I cannot even describe.

It took me another two years to climb out of this hole. First, I had to search and search and search for the right help. Then, I had to have pelvic repair surgery, which took a year to recover from, and procedures to help the fissure, which also took a year to recover from.

At this point, my pelvic muscles were just in a constant spasm due to the amount of medical trauma and injury my poor pelvis had undergone. The pain was a one-hundred out of ten.

I’m sharing all of this so that you can understand the next part of the story.

A couple of years ago, I wrote on my Slacker Magic Vision board that I wanted to be able to take walks again, go swimming again, and feel athletic again. At this time, it seemed like this wasn’t doable. Every time I tried to take a walk, my pelvic muscles would spasm, go into a full-on charlie horse, and I’d be incapacitated.

But - I’d made it through the prolapse surgery, things were working better in general in my body, I’d healed the second fissure, and I’d made major life changes all around. I decided to shoot for the stars and ask the universe for what I really wanted.

So, I wrote it on the vision board and let it go.

I’m writing this to you now having just come back from a four-mile walk.

I’ve been swimming regularly the past few months.

I’m strength training again.

I can shop, stand up for hours, and do normal things, all without pain.

I manifested it! The seemingly impossible!

And, it came in ways I could never have imagined. It was the weirdest, wildest healing journey.

I’ve manifested perfect homes, a cabin in the woods, a six-figure business, and a loving relationship, and still - this is my most magnificent manifestation yet.

So, I got inspired to help anyone who wants my mind-body healing help and manifesting support for their personal healing journey in the simplest, fastest way possible. What seems unbelievable really can happen.

When you do a 1-1 VIP with me, it means no videos to watch, no content to learn, and no classes to attend. It’s just you and me. I teach you the mind-body healing tools you need, personally, to target your specific healing process. I’ll use my intuitive Celtic Seer gift to see what needs to happen to move you forward, and I’ll use energy work to help it happen.

We can manifest the vitality and the well-being you want, as well as the ease and flow you’re excited to have in your work. You’ll be working less, feeling better, and up-leveling your abundance as you go.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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