How to De-Ick Marketing and Turn it into a Spiritual Connection with Your Favorite People

marketing slacker magic Oct 17, 2023

If marketing hasn’t always felt super fun to you because it’s not always aligned with your heart-centered nature, the fix for that is to align your marketing with what you love to do.

Forget whatever you’ve been told that doesn’t feel right to you. We’re all unique, and we get to present our work to the world in ways that feel completely aligned for us as individuals.

For example, back in the day, the advice I heard was to do a fair amount of free coaching and free consults to help people learn about my business.

I did this for a few years before I realized I really didn’t like it at all. It didn’t feel right and it took a lot of time.

Instead, I wanted to write to my potential clients and share insights with them about what was possible. Our clients are often struggling because they don’t know that they can have the outcome they really want in a way that works for them. They think they have to do it in the ways that people have told them they have to do it (whatever it is), and that doesn’t work for them.

They want you to inspire them with a different way - your way - so that they can have the dream they want without the thing they hate. (Like you want a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed and nauseous from all the business tasks that feel misaligned.)

I started writing to my favorite clients (back then it was via blogging) to inspire them, and voila, they started signing up without any free coaching or consults.

For me, teaching and writing are fun. I love inspiring people through free classes and my content that I write.

I don’t think of my marketing as trying to sell someone something. FAR from it.

I think of it as reaching out and connecting with humans I adore.

For me, there’s nothing more fun than connecting with a heart-centered coach. When I do sales calls in my business, I honestly don’t care if people sign up for coaching. I love it when they do, of course, because then I get to play together with them.

But, even if they don’t, I got to meet another heart-centered human and talk with them!

When I write to my favorite humans (that’s YOU!), I often hear back from them, which is so exciting and fun. The best part is knowing I’ve said something inspiring or helpful. It’s literally the best feeling in the world!

To me, my marketing is all about inspiring people; then, if I get to coach and help someone as a client, too, it’s just icing on the cake.

Can you make money with this kind of marketing focus? Shouldn’t I be focusing on getting clients?

Yes, you can make money this way. It works really well, because you’re aligned with your calling. You’re doing what you love, all the time. There’s no difference between coaching clients and marketing to clients - both feel equally good.

That’s energetically magnetic!

Sure, I love thinking about how many fun new people will sign up for my programs, but I’m not focusing on getting clients into my programs when I market. I’m focusing on inspiring people.

I’ve often wondered if I would keep doing what I’m doing if I won the lottery or some such windfall and no longer needed to make an income. The reality is, I can’t imagine NOT coaching or writing content that inspires people. It truly is a calling.

Marketing is just a spiritual contract with you and the people who are meant to learn from you and work with you. You’re reaching out to them on the muggle airwaves along with the magical ones so that they definitely have a chance of hearing your message.

All you have to do to make marketing feel amazing (yes, even social media!) is think about how much you adore your clients and how much fun it is to connect with them. Then, decide how you most like to inspire them. Is it video? Is it writing? Is it audio? How do you like to communicate?

You may have to work a few limiting beliefs here and there, but if you focus primarily on inspiring the people you love, your marketing will never feel icky or hard again.

How do you inspire people?

You figure out the struggle they’re having that you have a unique solution for, and then you talk about why they really can have the outcome they want.

Every marketing missive is that simple.

In my group program, I give you my easy-peasy formula for never-ending ideas for inspiring your potential clients. Inspired people register for your coaching! Forget all that garbage about reminding them they’re struggling and all the scary reasons they should register now. (ICK.)

Instead, you’ll truly have a lifetime’s worth of ideas for reaching your potential clients through content that makes them excited and inspired to work with you - so that you can enjoy working in your calling and they can enjoy your support. I’ll also make it easy on you by doing the heavy lifting when it comes to figuring out exactly how to articulate the struggle they’re having and the solution you offer.

Plus, you’ll learn my Slacker Magic System for working in a way that gets you out of pushing, hustling, and stressing and into manifesting, ease, and flow. With all the mind-body healing techniques that you’ll learn, you’ll be able to truly shift out of stress-based illness, feel better in general, reduce chronic illness flares, and have more energy and bandwidth for the work you love.

You can learn more about this program and others here.



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