Improve Your Messaging to Get More Clients

If you feel like you’ve done a lot of work to figure out your niche and are putting out consistent messaging but not seeing the client sign-ups you want, it’s time to go back and tighten your niche and how you articulate it.

Figuring out how to talk about your work in a way that attracts clients is the core to all marketing success, and most entrepreneurs think they have it sorted out but actually still need to tighten their messaging.

This is because the core message that you share with the world needs a few specific elements in order to effectively attract clients and get them excited to register for your program. These are sometimes tricky to see for yourself, because you’re used to doing your work and you already know all about it.

You’ll need to pretend that you’re a total newbie to your own work in order to get the messaging language you need that will speak to prospective clients. The easiest way to do that is to actually talk to people who are interested in solving the problem you solve in your coaching.

Most of us collect testimonials and use them on our sales pages, but we forget to collect the words our clients use and use those on our sales pages. Using the words people are saying to themselves about the issue you work with is the biggest key to your success.

Here’s an example:

If you help clients overcome parenting struggles and you’re talking about “raising teens that thrive,” that’s a lovely message. Except, raising teens that thrive is just the first layer of what parents want. They actually want more.

When you talk to them, you may find out that they actually want to have teens in their house that are willing to talk to them about deeper issues. They may want teens who are able to decide what they truly want for their soul rather than following the crowd. They may want teens who are in tune with their own intuitive inner voice for decision making.

They could want any number of things! And, which parents do you want to be talking to? Is it the parents who want their teens to get straight A’s in college? Is it the parents who want their kids to follow any vocation they love? Is it the parents who have kids facing a specific challenge?

This level of detail is something we are bound to overlook unless we sit down and talk to those potential clients themselves and find out.

So, it’s not that you have to go back to the drawing board on all of your work to figure out your niche; it’s more like you just need to turn the screw a few turns tighter to get more detailed and clear in what you’re expressing so that it matches the words your clients are thinking in their heads before they sign up with you.

I used to write about solving chronic pain with mind-body healing tools. However, people don’t want pain relief. They want what pain relief gives them.

The freedom to go on vacation again. A sense of having their normal life back. The ability to do the things they couldn’t do while in pain. (I used to list these out specifically.)

Writing messaging that draws in your clients (whether you present it in written format or video format) can feel so frustrating and hard - like you’ve done all this work trying to figure this out and it’s still not working.

That’s because it’s truly a skill that has to be learned. It’s much more complex than it seems, and at the same time, once you understand it, you’ll be able to do it forever with ease. It’s like learning a sport or an instrument.

Once you know what your potential client is struggling with in this deeper way that I’ve described, then you’ll need to find out one other thing: what do they think is preventing them from having the outcome they desire?

This list of beliefs that your clients are holding before they sign up with you is the key to all of your messaging.

Great messaging inspires hope! It helps your clients know that it truly is possible to have the outcome they want! It lets them know there’s a way, and that their beliefs are not true.

For example, if you’ve struggled with your messaging and felt confused about your niche after working so hard on it, you might believe things like, “I’ll never be able to have the success I want.” Or, “I’m not good at marketing.”

You might not realize that it’s simply a matter of learning this deeper layer of messaging work that you haven’t been taught how to do. You might not realize that this messaging work is quite doable - it’s a process.

Then you end up beating yourself up instead of trusting that it’s just a matter of learning this new skill and implementing it.

Or, maybe you don’t even know that the reason you’re not seeing those client results is you need to tweak your messaging. You’re just feeling lost. Uncertain. Worried.

Then, you might feel bummed, like you’ve worked on your niche and messaging before - it can’t be the problem. But - you find out that there’s this deeper layer to that work and you get the new insight that you’re close - you just need this tweak.

All of these discoveries make you feel hope! They give you a sense of possibility again. They take the scary thing and make it feel possible.

That’s the kind of messaging that gets all of us excited about working with a coach.

When I was restricted from Facebook advertising due to the ridiculousness of Facebook’s processes, I started to think that I couldn’t advertise anymore. Then I saw an ad about YouTube advertising and why it was more effective than Facebook advertising. This gave me hope! You bet I signed up to explore that!

Digging into the deeper layers of your niche, or even finding out exactly what it is if you’re still feeling confused about it, is a big part of what I do with coaches both in my 1-1 VIP program and my group program. Because I’m not inside your business, it’s easy to put myself in your clients’ shoes and start seeing how you can articulate what you help them with in a way that truly attracts clients

I use my intuitive Celtic Seer gift to see the money making path forward for your niche and business, making sure that the niche you clarify with me is actually going to work. If it needs tweaking, we do so! Every coach is unique, so it’s important to tune into this Seer part of me and trust those intuitive hits so that we can make the best possible money-making plan for you as an individual.

The magical part of this is that as soon as the clarity comes in, most of my clients start to get inquiries about their coaching before they’ve even taken any actual steps to change their marketing! This alignment is so strong, and the vibration of clarity and hope feels so exciting and wonderful to coaches that they are immediately in manifesting mode!

Then we work together to design and build (or revamp) your signature program so that it’s something you can deliver without burning yourself out and can scale up for years to come.

You can have Celtic Seer support in figuring out how to articulate what you do. I’ll actually write your clarifying, detailed niche statement for you when we work together so that you have that base of language to use for all of your marketing messaging forevermore. You’ll also get my formula for writing content that brings hope and inspires your clients to sign up for your program.

You can learn more about these programs and others here.


How to Dial in Your Spiritually Aligned Niche to Attract More Clients

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