You’re Not a Widget Factory, and Why That Matters

marketing Jan 30, 2023

As heart-centered coaches, we don’t sell widgets. We’re creating something new - each of us - that’s life-changing for our clients.

You’re out there doing amazing new work, creating processes and practices that haven’t existed before, and you’re on the forefront of the change our planet is going through. You’re helping elevate consciousness!

All of that requires a different kind of marketing system than what’s been done for years. We can’t sell our work as if we’re selling widgets.

Our work is so connected to who we are that it’s not always easy to put it out there. It’s like stripping naked and handing people your beating heart (or at least it feels like it!).

We’ve created a system for building your business and marketing your work that takes all of this into account. It’s a supportive process for your spirit as well as your mind, because Ellie and I know what it’s like to put our naked hearts out there, too!

You need ways to recover your equilibrium after sharing content about your soul’s work.

You need ways to work that allow you to retreat into your own inner world and process life while still making income in your business.

You need ways to approach your creative work that don’t force you into a 9-5 existence with no freedom, because your personal freedom is the key to your creative work! (That’s when all the ideas flow.)

Join us in the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator program to get an entirely different way of working in your business and marketing your business - a way that’s energetically aligned, ups your manifesting game, and gives your inner wisdom the lead when it comes to every decision.

We’ll support you in building a business that allows you to make a living as a coach and a business that feels like a total delight to your soul - an oasis you get to revel in every day.

What do you want to manifest in 2023? Here are all the ways you can work with me to manifest an abundance of clients and money for your business or mind-body healing for yourself & clients. Send me a DM to discuss which might be the right fit for you!


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