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Why You Should Break More Rules

The sun shone, illuminating the pink stripe I’d just painted on my little bedroom shelf. It was a perfect summer day, so I’d brought the shelf into the yard to give it a coat of pink paint. The thick, easy swipe of the brush satisfied a deep creative craving in my soul. 

Being ten years old, I thought a pink shelf was exactly the right fit for my bedroom. I picked up a roller, rolled it through the paint and gave each shelf a nice, thick coat. I turned to reload, but something caught my eye. 

The deck post was just behind me, and it was chipped and worn at the bottom. It called for a touch-up. 

Lost in the creativity of the moment, I rolled the roller up the post, enthusiastically painting it pink. 

Admittedly, later, I realized that probably wasn’t the best idea. My dad, it seemed, felt that pink was not the right color for the deck post. We shared different creative visions. 

I didn’t get into a ton of trouble as a kid, but I did often follow my inner call to play and explore. Sometimes that led to situations, but as an adult, I’m glad I had those experiences. 

I can still remember the feeling of joy I felt as I watched the pink paint roll up the deck post. It was exhilarating!

That is the exact same feeling I follow now, as an adult. It’s a main feature of Slacker Magic; the art of strategically slacking based on inner wisdom guidance.

The reality is, if you’re going to embark on the adventure that is using Slacker Magic in your life, you’re going to break some rules.

Of course, you don’t want to do things that are unsafe or cause harm. That’s a given. However, you may need to step outside of culture’s “rules” for succeeding in order to live in the flow. 

Slacker Magic is all about letting your inner wisdom guide you because inner wisdom takes us further on our creative path than any logic or rules ever can. 

Sometimes, there will be a rule or two that you simply have to ignore. You’ll cut corners, ditch dogmas, and escape thinking inside the box. Magic will happen. 

You’ll develop trust in your inner wisdom and the guidance it gives you.

I may look like an adult on the outside, but I live by my inner ten-year-old’s genius. She knows when it’s right to go for it. She knows when it’s a moment to savor, a rule to ignore, a day to eat dessert before dinner. She helps me access my adult inner wisdom. When I connect with her, I’m a kid again. Kids trust their inner wisdom with ease.

Some rules are just passed down, without investigation, from generation to generation. Often, those are the best rules to break. 

Maybe today is the day you tap into your inner rule-breaker and surprise yourself. What delicious freedom can you discover today? 

Go for it, I say. Paint that deck pink.


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