Why This Isn't Working for You or Your Clients

If you’re a coach and you’ve ever played whack-a-mole with your clients, you’ll be excited to know there’s a powerful way to work with clients so that the issue they brought to the session last week doesn’t boomerang back into this week’s session. When you bring the body into the equation, you solve the problem of not going deep enough into the client’s issues to truly shift them permanently.

The thing is, we just can’t separate the mind and body, no matter how much our culture has tried to do so.

When we try to work with mindset tools alone, it’s sometimes tricky to completely shift an issue or a limiting belief with a client. Our minds are completely tied to the emotional energy we feel in our bodies and our nervous systems.

Sometimes, an issue is set on repeat for a client because their nervous system, not their conscious mind, is consistently telling them to watch out for danger in that area of their life.

We can get totally snowed by our own nervous systems because when they take over, they hijack our conscious mind almost completely. This is what we refer to as “being triggered,” but we often fail to realize that this is a physiological issue, not a psychological issue.

This is our nervous system being hard-wired to go on alert, often for reasons we have no conscious awareness of, which makes it super tricky.

This is a GREAT system to have in place when we’re experiencing danger and high stress because it allows us to function based on instinct, which is a heck of a lot quicker than our conscious mind.

Just the other day, my partner and I were driving down Interstate 25 when a police car came screaming up behind us in the left lane. We were in the middle lane, and my partner started to blink to scoot over into the right lane, but he suddenly froze. Instinct took over, and he didn’t switch lanes. Two seconds later, a car came flying past us in the right lane, ahead of the police cars.

We didn’t know we were suddenly in the middle of an ongoing high-speed police chase until it was already over! Our conscious minds couldn’t possibly understand fast enough for us to know what to do. But, instinct could! It prevented us from a likely fatal collision.

This powerful, instinctual nervous system is always running in the background. Without the tools to understand and work with this system, we’re stuck trying to shift something that simply cannot be shifted through the conscious, thinking mind. It would be like trying to consciously avoid a car collision - not possible.

That’s why some client issues just don’t get solved with mindset or cognitive tools. They can’t be solved that way, and the body must be a part of the process in order for permanent shifts to take place. We have to know how to talk to the nervous system in nervous system language, not words, to let it know that it can release that instinctive response and allow for a new path to open up in front of us.

We also have to know how to help our clients feel the strong emotions connected to those nervous system triggers without feeling overwhelmed and shut down by them. Those are some big feelings! This is why we lose our sh*t and then feel guilty later - those big ol’ emotions are powerful, and they override the conscious mind. Without tools to handle them safely, we’re likely to feel stuck in the emotional response or numb out.

I can show you exactly how to coach in a way that takes the nervous system, the body, the emotions, and the mind into account so that you and your clients can get lasting relief from chronic issues. My Mind-Body Magic Method does just that and you can learn it in my Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training and Certification Program.


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