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Why Slacking Off Helps You Get Things Done

I really hate doing laundry. 

For whatever reason, it’s my least favorite chore. I dread sorting the clothes into piles. I loathe moving things from the washer to the dryer over and over again. 

Folding? Forget it. 

I end up leaving baskets of clean laundry sitting around until I’ve worn everything in them and the clothes are right back in the washer. 

My kid has told me on many occasions that she’s out of underwear.

You could say I’m a laundry delinquent. 

You would think since I’m already a laundry loser, that slacking off more around laundry would be a bad idea. You would think that I’m already so slothlike that introducing Slacker Magic at this point would result in a total laundry meltdown. (Slacker Magic is the art of strategic slacking guided by inner wisdom.)

However, the more I slack off in general and allow myself the space to rest, play, and restore my spirit, the more my laundry gets done. 

Not even kidding!

Because I’m rested and in the flow with my creative, magical spirit, I am drawn to doing my laundry throughout the week. I never do it when it feels hard. I only do it when I have the bizarre urge to fold clothes. 

With no pressure. No force. No pushing. 

I don’t even mind laundry in those random moments when I’m called to fold. 

The rest of the time? I can’t even. I can’t make myself do laundry at all. 

This is the cool part of Slacker Magic. The more you explore it, the more you end up finding joy in the strangest places and things get easier. 

Are you ready to make things easier? Are you excited to get this magic going in your life? 

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