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Why Putting Things Off is Often a Genius Move

I have to tell you my favorite thing about Slacker Magic.

Sometimes, if I wait to do something that just feels too hard/heavy right now, serious magic happens. 

I’ve berated myself so many times for being behind on a task (even as I push it to the next day, over and over again). 

I’ve judged myself for not being on top of things. I push myself to “just get it done,” but can’t seem to override the sluggish, slothlike energy in my body. 

It gets put off. It gets put off again. 

Then, suddenly, without me doing a thing, the need for the task simply vanishes. 

Someone does it for me.

It becomes moot because circumstances changed.

Something happens and it just works out in a completely different way. 

An event gets canceled and I no longer need to complete the task. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. My inner wisdom knew all along. She weighed me down until my limbs felt leaden when I approached the task. She turned my attention to something else. She nudged me to avoid it because she knew I would be wasting my time. 

Sure, sometimes, you also might find that a task still needs to be done even after you’ve avoided it. Usually, though, this is the same type of magic. The waiting was necessary; often to give you more information and insight before you took action. 

Want help tuning in to this kind of inner wisdom genius? 

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Happy slacking!


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