Why These Manifesting Tools Won't Work for Healing

mind-body healing Mar 02, 2023

To help someone manifest healing through mind-body coaching, you can’t just use traditional manifesting practices with them. Instead, you have to know exactly how to work with the mind loops they are stuck in because those are keeping them from manifesting health.

Health mind-loops are the worst because they always contain the thought, “I’ll never heal.” This thought comes up because, after a certain amount of time in chronic pain, a person starts to lose hope. This is only natural!

This belief becomes solid and it causes a person to spiral downward into a panicked and hopeless place emotionally. If you’re a coach, you might not know what to do when your client lands here, because this is a very strong emotional energy.

With a mind-loop like that in place for your client, there’s only one way out. The only path forward is to take them into their emotions, but not their emotions about physical pain.

When my most recent client was in this place, I guided her toward the feelings she had about her relationships, work, past events, parenting, etc. We turned the focus toward any and all life issues and away from the physical pain.

This is because the mind is super amazing at distracting us from feeling our emotions about difficult parts of our lives, and one of its tricks is to obsess about physical pain. This is a very convincing mental tactic that our minds use on us!

Interestingly, I’ve found this to be true of any obsessive thought loop a client is stuck in. If they’re freaking out about money, for example, it’s the same process.

Showing you how to work with mind-body issues like this is a huge part of my Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program. You’ll learn completely different coaching tools that aren’t in traditional life coach training programs because when we’re coaching with a mind-body focus, we need ways to create shifts in the body AND the mind, not just the mind. We also need the body to help us work with the mind, and vice versa.

We work together for a year so that you can get both levels of my training (this program includes my master-level training in the second half of the year) and my complete method for coaching with a mind-body focus.

You’ll also get my complete process for coaching someone through chronic pain caused by stress (TMS), if you’d like to focus on that kind of work.

You’ll get a combination of mind-body science, spiritual tools, manifesting tools, and healing tools so that you can take everything you’ve learned and apply it to any coaching niche you choose.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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