The Reason It's Not Manifesting (and it's not what you think)

We all know that if you want to manifest something, you start by deciding what you want and setting an intention; but, what if what you want isn’t what you think you want? This subconscious issue is often the reason what you want isn’t manifesting.

For example, when I was really struggling with a health issue postpartum, I thought I wanted to heal naturally. (I have an enormous fear of doctors due to past run-ins that were quite stressful.)

I set my intentions, I focused on what I wanted, and I tried so hard to manifest that outcome.

Except, oops.

What I was saying I wanted wasn’t really aligned with what I actually wanted.

I spent a year spinning in circles, feeling awful, and not manifesting the natural healing I so desperately thought I wanted.

Finally, I used my own mind-body coaching practices to figure out what was going wrong in my manifesting practice. I can usually totally trust my mind-body manifesting skills, so I was puzzled.

With a bit of investigation and tapping into my inner wisdom, I realized what I truly wanted was simply to heal. I wanted my life back. I wanted to feel free in my body and be able to do things I loved without restriction or pain.

The block in my manifesting practice was obvious; I was trying to manifest the wrong thing.

My past trauma wanted me to heal naturally.

My inner wisdom wanted me to heal.

As soon as I shifted this intention and focus, I went barreling down the healing path. I had to face numerous doctors, MRIs, appointments, and all the scary things I’d been avoiding.

Of course, I didn’t want to do all that scary stuff, so of course I was subconsciously blocking it.

In the end, I had to face the biggest monster of all - a huge, difficult surgery. I was freaking terrified of it, and yet inner wisdom was clear. DO IT, she said.

As we all know, manifesting is a co-creative process. You have to take inspired action. Even when it’s terrifyingly inspired.

Now, I’m sitting here, years later, writing this to you without pain. I have my freedom back. I can do the things I love. I healed.

The biggest glitch we face in our manifesting practices is aligning with what we REALLY want, even if it means looking at all sorts of hard stuff or taking terrifying inspired action.

It’s not always unicorns and rainbows when you’re manifesting, which is why I’m so inspired to show you how to work through my mind-body manifesting process with anything that isn’t quite showing up for you right now.

The mind-body practices help you to see where you’re misaligned with what you want AND help you work through the emotions that come up when it doesn’t feel easy to do what inner wisdom is telling you to do.

Learn about these manifesting practices and more in my Mind-Body Life Coach Training program. You can learn more about this program and others here.


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