Why Business Building Programs are Failing You

If you want to attract a high-quality audience of followers - a large enough email list and social following of people who actually want to purchase a program from you - you can’t just use any old system from a traditional business coach, no matter how much hype there is around it.

You need a system that allows you the freedom to personalize it to who you are and how you work in order for it to be realistic for you and actually build your following.

The reason for this is that cookie-cutter systems advertised as the only approach that will work, using promises like “if you just do these steps, you’ll make six figures,” aren’t designed to be tweaked and changed to fit your style of working. They are cookie-cutter in the sense that they’re rigidly designed to be followed exactly, and if you leave out one part, you won’t see results.

Almost always, that one part you’re eventually compelled to leave out, because you hate doing it or it feels inauthentic, is the part that breaks the system so that it no longer brings in leads.

When you’re taking too many actions that you hate, just because they are a part of a system, you feel exhausted, annoyed, scared, and upset. Running a business shouldn’t feel this out of alignment!

Pretty soon you have to quit doing the things that feel awful because your spirit won’t let you continue doing them.

That’s why a cookie-cutter marketing system is a nightmare for a heart-centered coach. It’s too restrictive and doesn’t allow you to be guided by your inner wisdom. Without your inner wisdom guiding you, you’ll make business decisions that aren’t aligned with who you are and how you work. When you make decisions that aren’t aligned, you start to feel stressed and often overworked or burned out.

You could take the time to access your inner wisdom and tweak the cookie-cutter system, but that’s also a lot of work, time, and effort. You also don’t know if it’s worth it - will adjusting the system to include your inner wisdom guidance pay off and actually bring in leads? Maybe.

However, because you’re working with a rigid system and trying to work around it, your inner wisdom has less room to give you guidance. It’s working with its hands tied behind its back.

The better option is to skip the systems that are rigid and use one that’s built to be flexible and allow you to flow with your inner wisdom guidance. A good fluid system will have large, concrete business-building practices you can implement for your business that are tried-and-true business sense, practical, powerful, effective, and efficient. It will then leave you space within those main practices to flow with your inner wisdom guidance and be unique.

A good fluid system will help you know what to do to build your audience and grow your business without making you feel restricted. It won’t require you to do specific, detailed processes that don't allow you freedom.

For example, in my program, I teach my clients how to make a signature program based around their unique coaching material so that they can become known for their work and streamline all of their content for social media so that it all leads potential clients to their program.

When I’ve taken business programs that taught me to make a signature program, there were often rules and specific things I was “supposed” to do. One coach said I should never run group programs for my signature program and everything should be delivered 1-1. Then, when this didn’t work for me, her whole system fell apart and I couldn’t use it. The pieces were only meant to fit together if I did 1-1 work.

Another program I took said I should never be working 1-1 with people for my signature program and only do groups. (AGH!) And, the only way I should be getting clients into the group is through Facebook advertising and a direct message selling process. When I wanted to include some 1-1 in my program so that it was a hybrid and use more organic lead generation, the system broke and no longer worked for me.

We are all unique, so we can’t ignore our inner wisdom and our unique needs and desires as a business owner. A good fluid system allows you to find out what your needs are, address them, and then implement your marketing with those needs addressed. It allows you to still get the benefit of the system while letting inner wisdom guide you to take actions that feel right to you.

Working with you to help you access your inner wisdom and also giving you a fluid but effective business building system is what I do in the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator group program.

You will get the effective and important business practices you need to make sure you’re able to pull in a high quality audience of potential customers, and you’ll also get the freedom to do it your way. I’ll even help you figure out what your way is every step of the process.

You won’t have to feel worried that you’re not going to get results because you’re going “off plan” and trusting your own guidance. Instead, you’ll feel confident that your guidance is helping you move toward your goals, and you’ll also know which messages are inner wisdom and which are fear-based guidance that will steer you in the wrong direction.

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