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Want no-cost help with stress and fear as you navigate the current global challenges?

Do you want mental and emotional support as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the shutdowns, and the economic shifts?

My being and my business are feeling the call to serve at this time.

The mind-body tools I use with my clients are made for crises, and I am here to help you wade through the emotions, the fears, and the stress so that you can find bits of respite in the chaos.

Join me on Friday, March 20 for a free online videoconference event I’m calling The Sacred Spirit Circle.

During The Sacred Spirit Circle event, I’ll share mind-body tools for tough times, take you into a healing and relaxing guided meditation, and also coach and support as many people as possible.

This is a safe, sacred space to feel emotions, be heard, allow things to flow, and connect with others in a kind, warm atmosphere. 

Bring your fears, stresses, and concerns and we’ll tackle them with the big guns; mind-body tools that really help your body release tension and energy healing tools that completely shift your state of being and help release fear.

I know it can all feel big, overwhelming, and scary right now. Everyone has their own unique situations to deal with and at the same time, we are all sharing this experience, too.

If we can come together in a sacred space to create a shift from stress to kindness (for ourselves and others) we will generate a powerful, connected, community of support for each other.

I coach clients who are struggling with all sorts of things, through the worst of times. This is exactly what my work is for and I support others daily through tough situations. Now, I’m offering this to you and your friends to be of service in the best way that I can as we all face the changes happening that are out of our control. 

Invite your friends, come join me, and experience calm, healing energy as I coach, guide you through a meditation, and share throughout the call. Your body and your being will have the opportunity to rest into peace while we’re gathered together. 

Watch for the continued upcoming Sacred Spirit Circle schedule and get your event join-in details here. 

No registration is necessary! Join in and invite your friends to do so as well!

Get the event details here. 


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