How to Create Your Unique Business Framework

The biggest mistake heart-centered coaches make when developing a program in their business is focusing too much on all the methods they’ve learned from other people and not giving themselves credit for their own experiential and intuitive knowledge.

This experiential and intuitive knowledge should be the core of what you teach in your program.

The practices and processes you do with your clients that come from your experience and your intuition can be presented as a framework that is unique to you and your work.

This is what will get you on the fast path to growing your business to the level at which you can make a living coaching, because you’re essentially creating your body of work. Your unique stamp on what you are teaching is exactly what draws people to you, and it needs to be the focus of your program.

If you’re not sure what your processes are and how to create your unique framework within your program, take a look at what you’ve done with three to five clients over the last few months. Write down what you did with each client and how you took them from the initial session to where they wanted to go.

You’ll see that there are similar processes you did with each client, outside of methods you’ve learned from other coaches, that are unique to your work. You’ll also start to notice that you have a philosophy and soapboxes within your work - things you really want to share with your clients.

This is all the raw material for your unique framework. The framework itself should be the three-five phases or processes you take clients through to get them from start to finish in your program. It may end up having a name (one of mind is called the SLACK Process) that helps everyone remember what they’re learning, depending on what feels right to you.

All the methods you’ve learned and training you’ve had is fantastic, and it’s really important to trust your natural genius and develop your own voice as a coach. Your unique way of seeing things, your unique creative ideas, your unique solutions - those are what make your coaching stand out and show potential clients that you’re the perfect coach for them.

Encouraging you to trust your own intuitive work and helping you see and develop out your framework is probably my favorite things to do with coaches, and a big part of what I do with you in the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator program.

My intuitive gift, which I call the Celtic Seer, comes into play and I help you see your unique voice within your calling (niche), help you articulate your message, and then help you develop and test your program. You’ll leave with confidence in your work, clarity around what you offer, who you help, and how you work, and testimonials to use in your content.

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