Skeptical About Mind-Body Stuff?

inner wisdom Mar 16, 2023

Many years ago, Nikki was interested in my Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training & Certification Program, but when we spoke on the phone, she told me she was really skeptical about all this mind-body stuff. I’ve heard that from other people, too - can mind-body work really relieve pain? Does it really actually change my stress levels? Is it really so effective?

And, to be honest, I’ve always struggled on phone calls like these. Not because the mind-body work can’t help with these issues, but because I get it. It sounds a little too good to be true that mind-body work can be so healing and powerful. It’s hard for me to find the words and examples to really explain the power of mind-body work.

The reality is, the change that clients experience is so far-reaching and global that literally everything in their lives improves as a result of having the mind-body-spirit processes I share with them in their self-care toolbox.

Is that me tooting my own horn? No. It’s just the power of mind-body work, and I’ve synthesized years of research and my own intuitive discoveries into a system so that you don’t have to!

The most common comment I get from my certified coaches is, “I can’t imagine going through x, x, z in my life right now without the mind-body tools. I’m SO GLAD I have them.” Because the truth is, when you start changing how your nervous system responds to stress and you have the empowered stance of guidance from your inner wisdom for any situation, it’s a game-changer.

We don’t become bulletproof, but we do become masters of our inner world in a way that aligns the outer world around us. Relationships improve. Careers improve. Our parenting improves. Our health improves. Our creativity flows again. Our energy levels go up. We feel connected to our inner wisdom all day, every day.

I told Nikki that day that I understood her skepticism, and it made sense. Then I shared as much as I could about why I thought she’d love learning the Mind-Body Magic Method, and guess what? She took my training, fell in love with mind-body work, and is now my right-hand man in my training program!

If you’d like to have a global shift in your life and bring these powerful mind-body practices into your daily experience, now is the perfect time! You can join the next training group and make your year a mind-body magical one.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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