I Felt Shamed, and This is Why We Coach With Care

If you want to work with clients using mind-body connection tools around healing and accessing inner wisdom, you do need a solid understanding of how the nervous system functions. However, even more important than using any specific coaching tools, is the ability to attune to your client.

Attuning to a client comes naturally to many of us, which is what makes us great coaches. And, it’s also so important to consciously take steps to attune with your client, because our clients have been through so much.

When I was dealing with my health crises (one in my twenties and one in my forties), I was navigating the medical system and trying to find help. More times than I can count, I was met with doctors who were cold, rude, and completely unaware of how to create safety.

I was there for healing, and I was getting shamed, judged, and harmed. One doctor told me that I was wasting her time because she had clients who were incontinent and my bladder struggles weren’t real. (They were, just FYI, and it took two years to get a diagnosis after that.)

Another doctor actually caused bleeding when she did an exam, and it took me months to recover. She also diagnosed me with something I didn’t even have. When I went to get a second opinion, that doctor confirmed the misdiagnosis but told me I was only feeling bad because I had a “fixation” with the area in pain.

I went to a third doctor who also said I had a fixation with that area and that I was fine.

It took visits to ten different gynecologists and flying to another state entirely to finally get a clear diagnosis (this was the crisis in my forties) of prolapsing pelvic organs. (Nevermind that this was what I had told all ten previous doctors that I had.) I finally got the surgery and help I needed in order to have a life again, but it took every last ounce of my energy and mental fortitude to get there.

I’ve found my experiences are far from rare and too often the norm. This is why, when I train coaches, the biggest focus is on creating a safe haven for our clients to share and learn the mind-body healing practices they seek.

They need the kindest, most careful coaching available. They need someone who will smile kindly during a session, validate emotions they are feeling, and often simply listen to what they need to share.

Attentive, compassionate listening, without agenda, without searching for the next coaching tool, without any plan, is one of the most powerful mind-body coaching practices there is.

When we do this, we can begin to heal experiences from our clients’ past simply by providing a new, safe experience in which they get to be heard and seen with kindness.

Helping you know how to work with clients who have been through a lot is the main focus of my Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program.

We work together for a year so that you can get both levels of my training (this program includes my master-level training in the second half of the year) and my complete method for coaching with a mind-body focus.

You’ll get clear steps for how to create a safe coaching environment for someone who has been through a lot in their healing journey and coaching tools that are trauma sensitive. You’ll also get my complete process for coaching someone through chronic pain caused by stress (TMS), if you’d like to focus on that kind of work.

You’ll get a combination of mind-body science, spiritual tools, manifesting tools, and healing tools so that you can take everything you’ve learned and apply it to any coaching niche you choose. You can learn more about this program and others here.


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