How to Power-Up Your Mindset Work

As coaches, if we work with mindset without taking into account how our client’s actual brain is functioning, we’re not going to be able to help them make powerful mental shifts as easily.

Mindset is only part of the issue when it comes to stress, anxiety, negative thought loops, and more. This is one of the biggest problems in the coaching industry. You’ll hear from thought-leaders in the coaching business that we just need to change our thinking in order to change our emotional experience.

Except, then we are running the risk of making our clients feel like they can’t attain the desired goals when they can’t quite get their mind to cooperate with a new belief or a positive mindset.

Yes, what we think CAN affect our emotions. However, so can how our brain is functioning. And why not make it much, much easier for a client to shift their mindset if we have the tools?

I used to feel totally stuck in the hopeless thoughts that were consuming me around my health struggle, back when I was running from doctor to doctor, looking for help. I was in my twenties, and I’d been overachieving my whole life.

I couldn’t find a positive mindset if it smacked me on the nose. I was stuck.

When I learned how to shift the way my brain was functioning, however, I started to be able to open my mind to new perspectives and possibilities. I was shifting my mind out of the type of functioning we use in daily life, which is more of a laser-sharp, hunter-like focus. This focus doesn’t allow for many perspectives other than the one right in front of us.

I learned how to focus with my whole brain, shifting it from a beta brain-wave state to a more alpha brain-wave state. I found three different ways to do this so that I could continually drop out of the laser-sharp focus, which was keeping me stuck in those fearful mind-loops.

By rotating these three techniques, I was able to release the loops, shift out of panic, and come to a new way of seeing my well-being that allowed for healing.

The mind is powerful, but we can’t harness its healing power when it’s stuck. Beta brain waves don’t allow us to see new perspectives and possibilities. They don’t relax us into manifesting health. But alpha brain waves do!

That’s why it’s so powerful to have tools in your coaching toolbox that shift brain function before you try to shift beliefs and mindset issues.

Teaching you these tools is a big part of what I do in the Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training Program. You’ll learn exactly how to help you and your clients get into that alpha (and theta) brain-wave state, allowing you and your clients to shift mindset issues and manifest more easily.

When your clients can get into new perspectives with ease, they will feel so much better mentally and emotionally. You’ll have clients referring you to their friends left and right!

In this year-long training program, you’ll learn my entire Mind-Body Magic Method so that your clients can get the deeper physiological practices for their brain and nervous system that make it much easier to make shifts and improvements in their mental and physical well-being.

You’ll also get my Master Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training program in the second half of the year so that you can learn my advanced techniques like reading client energy and deepening your intuitive skillsets.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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