Why Niching Doesn’t Have to Feel Restrictive

If you’ve ever worried about narrowing down your niche because it feels so restrictive and rigid for your heart-centered nature, the exciting news is that your niche is actually just your calling!

Your calling - that deep, spiritual pull to support others - has brought you here to this coaching world and it’s absolutely showing you the path to your best and most successful business.

Which is cool, because it means you don’t have to separate your heart-centered way of being from thriving in your business. You don’t have to do tactics or marketing strategies that feel misaligned in order to make lots of money. Making lots of money and being aligned with your spiritual nature are not mutually exclusive things!

Actually, the more aligned you are within your calling, the more money you’ll make, simply because of the energetic alignment that creates. It’s so powerful to feel deeply inspired to support your clients in a way that lights you up.

When I do niche work with my clients, we aren’t looking to use our logical brains and marketing strategy mindset to narrow down the niche and make it effective.

Instead, we’re looking to drill down to the heart of what it is you really love to do and how it really helps people. And, how to talk to them so that they can understand that you have what will help them right at your fingertips.

Niching is a spiritual practice!

It should make you feel goosebumps and tingles and a deep inner knowing that you’re on track.

Once your niche feels magical and spiritually aligned, which comes from asking yourself what you love most about helping others, then you’re able to start investigating what makes people want the help that you offer.

For example, I have a client whose niche is really supporting people through trauma healing as a trauma therapist in a way that makes it feel lighter and more fun than most trauma therapy.

But, the reason her clients show up is they’re noticing glitches in their relationships. They’re making parenting choices they don’t like. They’re falling into relationships where they’re not respected.

So, in order to help her clients understand that she can truly serve them, we have to include that surface problem in her messaging whenever we talk about what she does.

This is what many coaches get confused about and then feel stressed about when they are trying to articulate their niche. They feel stuck and trapped in the rigidity of being a “relationship coach” when they really want to be doing the juicy work of inner transformation.

The trick here is to realize that the pain point your clients are experiencing is simply the doorway through which they enter your business. It’s not the heart of what you do.

I used to work with clients around pelvic pain, and of course, they wanted pelvic pain relief! That’s why they were showing up. However, I wasn’t excited about giving them pain relief. I was excited about giving them inner transformation. And, in fact, that’s what we did in our sessions.

We dug into their self-pressure tendencies, their limiting beliefs, how they were suppressing emotions, and how they could learn to access their inner wisdom. All of which brought them pain relief.

Even when I write about this to you, I feel slightly bored talking about pain relief and then very excited to talk about things like inner wisdom. You’ll likely notice the same thing. The doorway through which your clients access you is mildly interesting at best, and the inner work lights you up!

That’s how it’s supposed to be! Your clients are here for transformation, and they have to start where they are - in some form of discomfort - and then move through an inner growth process with you. It’s their job to be attracted to you for the surface solution and it’s your job to give them the deeper solution that then translates to the surface solution.

Of course, we don’t totally ignore this deeper inner work in our messaging. We talk about it openly in our sales pages, emails, and social media posts. That way, our clients know that they’ll be embarking on a journey with us.

What we definitely don’t do, though, is only talk about the deeper stuff in our messaging. We have to include the surface problem in order for our messaging to make sense to our clients.

If you’re not sure what the surface problem is that draws people to you - ask them. Ask your clients. Ask potential clients. Ask on social media. That’s how you’ll get clarity. A pattern will emerge!

And, of course, if you want help with seeing that pattern and knowing exactly how to articulate your niche message in every piece of content you share, that’s exactly what we focus on in my group program. That way, you won’t have to spend hours figuring this out alone! You’ll have my fast, efficient Celtic Seer process to get you niched and on your way with clear, powerful messaging that you can be sure is on target and attractive to your potential clients.

We’ll also make sure you have a signature program that aligns with your niche so that your potential clients can understand that this is exactly how to get their problem solved! This is so important, because offering 1-1 packages doesn’t always show them you can help, and sometimes even a program you may have already created needs a little tweak or two to make sure it’s clearly articulated.

I’ll also show you how to get out of hustle mode and definitely ditch the things that don’t feel aligned with your heart-centered self when it comes to your business and marketing. We’ll get you into manifesting mode and out of hard work mode so that you can have more time for fun in your personal life and enjoy all the things you love to do.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


How to Dial in Your Spiritually Aligned Niche to Attract More Clients

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