Discovering My Own Spiritual Support System

When I was in chronic, debilitating pain in my twenties, I looked to science for healing until I discovered that I had spiritual allies who could make everything faster and easier.

Don’t get me wrong; nervous system science, mind-body science, and psychological healing were all really important in my return to health.

And, at the same time, it was a book by Dr. Herbert Benson that shifted my healing trajectory and changed my entire way of being.

He mentioned that having a spiritual connection was a big component of healing, and that really caught my attention.

Just a few months prior, I had found a local woman who was doing breathwork sessions. I was referred to her by my physical therapist, who thought I could use a de-stressing technique or two. 😉

At first, we just did breathwork and focused on releasing stress, feeling emotions that were trapped in my psyche and body, and letting my nervous system release fight or flight.

I was SO amazed by the feeling of dropping out of fight or flight. It felt like a delicious, warm cinnamon-apple autumn tea was flowing into me, warming my stomach and making me feel cozy and safe.

I had no idea I’d been living in this fight-or-flight response for so many years.

I was totally hooked on this feeling, so I loved my session with the breathwork teacher.

And then, she started talking about these things called guides. She would reference them during our session, ask them questions, and tell me messages from them.

I was a little worried that this was taking a strange turn. I had never really thought about these guides and angels who were spiritual support for me, and I was definitely most skeptical.

Something - a small percentage of my mind - decided to throw caution to the wind and not resist this new idea. I let her tell me all about the guides. I listened to the messages. I felt a new kind of healing calm deep in my soul as we worked together.

So, when I picked up that book by Dr. Benson, I understood what he was saying. Something clicked for me, and I dove one hundred percent into this new concept of spiritual support.

I went to the local bookstore where there was a lot of “woo” to be had and bought several books on these amazing guides. I studied up on my higher self. I read book after book after book.

I started paying attention to what my inner wisdom was telling me throughout the day. I started talking to my guides myself.

I didn’t talk to anyone about this; I just went along this spiritual path, compelled by the support and the shifts in my well-being.

In the end, it was just a few short months before I was finally pain-free.

This felt like a miracle. After Western medicine had come up short with no real answers, I had felt doomed to a life of pain.

Now, here I was, not only out of pain, but feeling guided in this new way. I had inner wisdom and my guides and angels to navigate every decision, every turn in the road, every challenge I faced.

My healing path went like this:

  • Discovering mind-body science
  • Regulating my nervous system
  • Understanding the idea of self-pressure and its role in illness
  • Learning about stress-based illness (aka TMS/MBS)
  • Learning to truly feel my emotions instead of suppress them
  • Learning to take charge of my mind and not let it focus on negative projections about my health
  • Discovering energy healing
  • Connecting to my own higher self and it’s inner wisdom
  • Connecting to my guides and angels
  • Noticing synchronicities, miracles, and magic
  • Living in the flow of guidance all the time

I wasn’t just healing my body on this journey. I was healing into my spiritual support system and the life-long relationship I would have with this aspect of my world.

I so loved this new spiritual path that I actually forgot about healing the pain syndrome, even though I was still in pain. I was so focused on learning these new ways of connecting to spirit that one month I finally noticed the pain was gone - and I couldn’t even remember when it had left.

Now, this is the way I live. I consult the spiritual team every day. I don’t make a move without asking inner wisdom. It’s the path to peace, every time I get nervous, afraid, or worried. It’s the path to miracles every time I want to manifest new growth in my world.

I use this work with my clients in their healing processes, in their businesses, and in their worlds. We work together in this magical realm.

Putting the mind-body science together with the magical, miraculous spiritual support system is what I do with the members of my group program. I show them how to regulate their nervous systems, use the mind-body healing tools that release tension and self-pressure, understand the flow of energy, read energy, and connect to their spiritual support team. And, of course, they can do all of this for their own world and for their clients.

We spend our time together dialing in the mind-body science for you and your clients so that you have all of the logical mind-body healing tools, and then we bring in the woo and spiritual aspects of healing, growth, and alignment.

This program is for coaches who want to add a mind-body-spirit aspect to their work, or for therapists, yoga teachers, and other professionals who would like to shift into coaching or add coaching to their business. You can use the mind-body-spirit tools I’ll teach you for any struggle your clients are facing, not just healing physical syndromes.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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