Make Marketing Feel Fun and Easy Instead of Icky

Sometimes heart-centered coaches tell me that they hate marketing because it’s not the fun part of having their own business - coaching is the fun part. However, there’s a way you can shift your marketing into an activity that feels exciting and fun, too, and actually serves you and improves your coaching.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a misaligned, salesy, icky practice that you undertake only so that you can do your calling.

Instead, it can be an integral part of you doing your calling and feel like a spiritual component of your work, just like your coaching does.

Plus, it has the added benefits of making it possible for you to coach more, serve more people, and also make more money!

Marketing doesn't have to involve activities that feel smarmy or icky to you. For example, if you, like me, are constantly getting cold DM’s from people who promise you’ll make some exact income from their appointment setters, you’re likely as turned off as I am by cold DM’s.

The good news is, if you hate those, you don’t have to do them. If you actually feel aligned doing them and have a way that works for you, then you can totally send cold DM’s. It’s all about what feels right or doesn’t feel right to each unique coach.

Marketing is actually just you connecting with people who might be your perfect clients, and since you already love those people, it’s a very spiritual activity. You simply get to talk about what you love with people you love!

Throw the word marketing out, if you need to, and just think about connecting with people you adore.

For example, I started a free Facebook Group a few years ago so that I could connect with my favorite humans - heart centered coaches and people who are excited about the mind-body connection and getting out of the hustle mindset.

Sharing things with these lovely humans feels incredibly fun! (You might even be reading this very post in the free group right now!)

I love hearing what they say about what I share. I love asking them questions. I love finding out what they want support around. I love reading what they post as well.

Because I’m writing or talking via video to these lovely humans, some of whom are already my clients and some who are not yet, but feel fun to me, just like my clients do, I feel like I’m coaching when I “market” in my group.

It doesn’t feel like I’m marketing at all. It just feels like I’m having a great time talking to people.

I get excited to tell people about my group, for this very reason. I always feel like I’m coaching when I share into the group, so I naturally want people to join it.

Basically, marketing ends up being just sharing helpful information with people you adore - which feels just like coaching - and letting people know that they can get the help they need if they work with you (which feels exciting!).

In the end, the only thing left to stress about when you’re marketing is what to share and where to share it. That’s easily solved. You simply decide what you enjoy doing. Do you love writing? Do you enjoy videos? What feels fun?

Find the platforms that align the most with you, and then spend time expressing what problem you help people solve and what solution you provide. This is where you get to coach people through your marketing!

Here’s the secret: everyone worries that they can’t have the outcome that they want. They have fears, limiting beliefs, and past experiences that make them feel like they won’t get to where they want.

Your job as a coach is to coach them in your marketing so that they feel inspired and full of hope.

Once they believe that they can have the outcome they want, they’ll be excited to work with you so that you can show them exactly how to get it.

This means that all of your marketing content is basically just a never-ending list of the confusions and concerns people have about your coaching topic/niche. You’ll never, ever run out of ideas, because if you’re interacting with people, they will end up telling you these concerns.

They’ll write replies to your posts, they’ll send you emails, they’ll share in free classes you give, they’ll tell you when they inquire about your programs, and your current clients will talk to you. Through all of these forms of communication, you’ll hear what people are worried about when it comes to the problem you help them solve.

And, here’s the cool part, as you talk to people and find out these fears, you’ll get better and better ideas for how to help them!

Your marketing literally feeds your coaching and your coaching feeds your marketing. The two are symbiotic. Now you don’t have to sell your soul marketing just to get to do what you love. Instead, your soul will be quite happy all the time.

I always look forward to sitting down at my desk, looking at my list of fears my lovely humans have about their businesses, and expressing content that will help them feel better about those fears, overcome them, and get excited to have the outcome they want!

This very piece of content you’re reading right now is helping you with the fear you might have about how icky marketing has to feel in order to have a thriving business and get all the fun clients you want registering in your programs. It’s so exciting to me to show you how this fear is unfounded and how we can make this so much better for you!

You get to have fun with your people before and after they register to work with you. That actually has the side benefit of making you less attached to people registering for your programs, which allows you to manifest with more ease. When you truly feel like you’re coaching all the time, you get into a vibe that’s just constant joy. This is a powerful vibe that shows up in your marketing and makes people feel connected to you rather than pressured into a sale.

Sifting through any fears you might have around marketing and getting you into alignment with what feels great to you is part of what I do with my clients in my group and 1-1 programs. First, we’ll make sure your niche is totally aligned and easy for you to see so that you can quickly start discovering what fears your clients have about the outcome you provide.

Then, we’ll make sure your signature program is designed to give you lots of free time, deliver your material for your clients in a way that feels fun and exciting, and your messaging is clear enough to attract people to your program. We’ll get your manifesting into high gear with my Slacker Magic System for working in a way that allows you to stop the hustle and attract more clients.

If you want, you can also dig into my somatic, mind-body healing practices in my group program and use them to work through any fears you have about being seen, sharing your voice, expressing your work, charging the prices you want to charge, and more. I’ll coach you through all of that in the program. The mind-body practices will help you to create more space for you and still run a business that you adore. You can then turn around and share them with your clients!

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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