Make Manifesting Easier with Mind-Body Practices

The hardest part of manifesting is that darn allowing and letting go, right? We have to somehow let go of the strong desire for a particular outcome in order to allow it to come to us, and yet that often feels flipping impossible to do.

I have two killer practices for this that can make it so much easier to let go of attachment to outcome and really get your allowing vibe on.

My favorite thing about bringing mind-body practices into manifesting is that it makes manifesting a lot easier. Our minds can get tripped up around the harder parts of manifesting, and the great news is that our bodies can help us get out of the confusion!

So, when you’re trying to allow and let go, your body is your biggest ally.

I’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks and I love using their practices for manifesting, AND I’ve struggled sometimes with using their work without adding in my own
mind-body practices.

When I’m stuck in a place of longing for an outcome, there’s always a reason that’s deeper than what my mind can see. Somewhere in my body, there’s an emotional response happening that makes me feel like the specific outcome is the only way, the only answer, the THING I NEED.

That’s a touch graspy, lol.

The times I’ve manifested with the most ease were times when I didn’t have that emotional response in my body. One time I manifested a cabin in the forest so fast that I actually panicked - I wasn’t ready to deal with the reality of owning it!

After my divorce, I didn’t want a serious relationship. I wanted to date for fun and just rediscover my inner feminine goddess. Naturally, I went on literally three dates, and ta-da! A man fell for me and pursued me with a great deal of persistence. Eventually, I had to acknowledge that I had manifested a serious relationship, lol! I adore him and we’re still together three years later.

The question is, how do we create this kind of easy manifesting when we DO have an emotional response that makes it hard to let go of the outcome? It’s easy when you aren’t attached to owning a cabin in the woods or finding a new life partner, but what if you can’t let go of the longing for something?

Our bodies hold the emotional attachment to the outcome, so this is where mind-body practices shine. They help you access the core emotional response in the body and then shift it so that you can feel lighter and easier around that desired outcome.

Whenever I coach clients with my manifesting techniques and they end up manifesting all the things… fast… then we have to coach around how to handle all the things showing up so fast! It cracks me up! But, I get it, because I really was panicked about that cabin.

These techniques are just one of the things covered in my Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training program. You can learn more about this program and others here.


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