The Embarrassing Doctor Visit that Led me to Mind-Body Healing

I once had to see a urologist for a pelvic issue, and when the nurse left me in the exam room, she handed me a little napkin-type cover-up.

I’m used to those from the gynecologist’s office, so I promptly undressed and got on the table. Then I spread the napkin out to cover up my lower half.


There was a hole in the napkin.

Also, the napkin was TINY.

If I pulled the hole to the side where it only showed my hip, I was half naked. The only real way to have any modesty was to place the hole where it appeared to go - right on the target - and then hunch over a lot.

This was how the doctor found me when he walked into the room.

I can only assume that napkin thingy was made for examining men, because it served no purpose for me whatsoever other than enormous embarrassment. (This feels like an opportunity for many an off-colored joke, but I refrain.)

It was shortly after this experience that I was inspired to journey down the path of mind-body healing.

Oh, sweet relief.

Now, I’m not against doctors or the medical system. I’ve just had numerous unpleasant encounters.

The delirious heaven of doing somatic practices in my own home that reduced and even eliminated symptoms was the best feeling I’d ever had in my life.

I felt empowered.

I felt strong.

I felt completely clothed.

I can’t wait to share these practices with you in my group coaching program!

Imagine the joy you could bring to your clients (not to mention yourself, if you’re here for you!) if they could skip the cold exam room with the tiny napkin and still feel better.

This is why I do the work I do; I am so inspired to help women feel better in their bodies, no embarrassing experiences required.

You can learn more about this program and others here.


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