A Common Issue that Blocks Client Attraction and Income

The number one issue that blocks client attraction and therefore income is that nasty little voice in your head telling you scary, pressure-filled things like how much you should be working, why you aren’t good enough, what you should be doing instead of what you are doing, and a myriad of other creatively rude things.

The key to shifting into a client-attraction vibration is to stop trusting that voice and start accessing the guidance of your inner wisdom instead.

In order to do that, you’ll need to release fear so that it doesn’t overtake you and turn into constant financial anxiety, which is what drives that self-pressure voice to run the show. When we’re scared, we believe that self-pressure voice and we can’t hear our inner wisdom, which makes running a business feel exhausting, stressful, and hard. We lose inspiration and excitement. Now our client-attracting energy isn’t working, because we’re broadcasting a stressed-out vibration.

To shift this, you’ll need a mind-body process that prevents you from getting stuck in fear and broadcasting an energy that pushes clients away. You know what it feels like when someone approaches you with a strong, graspy energy - it actually repels you! We don’t want to do that with our clients. When you’re feeling a constant fear energy, everything you write, say, or create will have that energy behind it. Our potential clients can feel it!

When you work with fear to release it in a mind-body fashion, you actually connect with it instead of trying to push it down or ignore it. Instead, you work with fear as an emotional energy that’s just here to advise you, not to stress you out. This means you won’t stay stuck in it.

You’ll move through it, gain the wisdom it’s trying to share with you (which, by the way, isn’t ever what we think it is when we believe our inner critic!), and release it so that you can go back to feeling excited about what you do as a coach.

The antidote to fear is the love, joy, and fun we have as coaches. As soon as you can move through the fear (not suppress it or ignore it) and regain that feeling of purpose, you are back on the road to making confident, inspired decisions in your business. These are the decisions that lead to income flowing in the door.

For example, when I forget to use my own process and get stuck in fear for a few days, I often do silly things like buy programs to learn how to do Instagram reels. These fear-based purchases come from the self-pressure voice in my head that’s taken over and convinced me that I should be doing reels RIGHT NOW.

I can guarantee you this purchase is completely unnecessary right now and I won’t be getting to reels until inner wisdom guides me there. So, I’ve wasted money, I’ve spent time doing something that I’m not going to actually implement yet, and I’ve stressed myself out MORE by pressuring myself to do reels.

On the other hand, when I return to my senses, use my own processes, and work with the fear, I can access whatever true message it’s trying to share with me. Then I don’t fall for the self-pressure voice that’s telling me to learn reels right now.

Instead, I tune into inner wisdom and find out that the real guidance it’s giving me is not about reels at all. It’s telling me to write a couple of different posts for my Facebook Group.

I’ve shifted my vibration from stressed, tense, and afraid to excited, inspired, and love-filled.

When I write the posts for my group from this inspired place, someone reaches out and wants to join my program. Voila!

Now I’m no longer wasting time, wasting money, or stressing myself out. Instead, I’m feeling inspired and excited, and I’m making income.

There are certainly times when I’ve gotten stuck in fear energy and written posts for social media from that vibrational energy, and of course, those posts never draw in clients. The key is to take action from inner wisdom, not self-pressure. Then they are automatically lined up to manifest clients.

Helping you shift the fear energy, catch the self-pressure before it’s too late, and access your inner wisdom is a huge part of what we do in the Heart Centered Coach Accelerator program. This will help you implement the practical strategies in the program with more ease and flow instead of stress and pressure. And, it will set your manifesting vibe on high so you can attract the right clients and not feel that constant financial anxiety.

What do you want to manifest in 2023? Here are all the ways you can work with me to manifest an abundance of clients and money for your business or mind-body healing for yourself & clients. Send me a DM to discuss which might be the right fit for you!


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