How to Choose a Niche When You Have a Lot of Interests

choosing a niche Feb 27, 2023

Even if you have a lot of interests and want to help clients with a lot of different issues, you can still have a clear coaching niche. Even if you’ve been trying to figure out your niche to no avail, it can be quickly sorted out because you don’t have to leave behind the topics you love just to narrow down your niche.

I worked recently with someone who had a list of things she wanted to do with clients, so she had been bouncing around a bit and couldn’t land on where to focus her business. This is totally normal for those of us with many passions!

When she wrote a list for me of all her ideas, I could skim through it and quickly see common threads among the different ideas. With a short conversation, we were able to see which idea was the “lead” idea that could lead the charge in her business.

This lead idea would serve as the money-making doorway into her business so that clients could quickly get a feel for whether or not she was the coach for them and therefore hire her quickly too. Clients get excited to pay us money when they can see right away how we can help them.

With that kind of clarity in place, we were able to then take her other ideas and fold them in behind the lead idea, kind of like an accordion. She didn’t have to eliminate those dreams; she just needed to organize them into a flow within her business.

This got rid of her biggest fear, which was that she’d have to ignore most of what she loves to do in order to make money as a coach. Thankfully, that’s not the case at all!

What often seems like a bunch of different ideas that are unrelated is often actually a calling with several clear branches within it. Looking for this calling within the ideas is how we can quickly settle into a focus that will make a coaching business financially viable without losing the joy of multiple ideas.

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