The Ultimate Mind-Body Magic VIP (1:1)

with Abigail


• • •

The 6-week Ultimate Mind-Body Magic VIP is a 1-1 program for heart-centered coaches, therapists, creatives, healers, and practitioners who want to restore their own mind, body, and spirit through mind-body work for their own personal healing so they can support their bodies in showing up on a bigger level in their business. 

We'll work together for six weeks on the following:

1. Discovering what your mind-body system needs to function optimally and what needs to change in order to make this possible. I'll hand-pick specific mind-body tools from my Mind-Body Magic Method and Slacker Magic System to support you in an individualized, personalized way to help you release chronic pain or stress-induced pain and illness (sometimes called TMS/MBS), anxiety, fear, and mindset blocks that are making running your own business feel stressful. 

2. Using my Celtic Seer intuitive gift to see the path forward on your healing journey and help you align with your inner wisdom, finally trust it, and truly shift out of old patterns of working that fill you with dread and lead to burnout. If you want, we can also bring in helpers and guides from your team. 

3. Supporting the scaling of your business with mind-body work that allows you to feel inspired, not tired, and makes the CEO role of your business feel exciting, fun, and delightful again. You'll learn how to regulate your nervous system and work with your brain to create optimal creativity states and daily balance, calm, and incredibly efficient task accomplishment. 

4. Clarifying your core message (if you want to do tangible business work during the VIP) to attract clients with more ease and making sure your signature program is designed to allow you true time freedom and well-being. We'll use simple steps to shift your work and messaging without having to radically change all the hard work you've already done. 

If you'd rather focus only on personal healing, we can absolutely do that throughout the VIP. 

This program is designed for the busy human and you won't have to study a big program curriculum or watch numerous videos. I'll pick out only the most important tools that apply directly to you right now and we'll focus on those throughout the VIP. 

We'll kick off with a 90-minute mind-body retreat together via Zoom, where I'll intuitively read your body and use energy work, the Celtic Seer, and my expertise to design a mind-body plan for you. 

Via Voxer, I'll give you a weekly mind-body attunement process throughout the VIP and guide you through each week with messages in the Voxer app. 

You'll also get two more 60-minute Zoom sessions for mind-body work, energy work, and Celtic Seer support. 

You'll get PDF's for each mind-body tool we use together and access to me in Voxer to answer any and all questions, coach you throughout each week, and support you 1-1.

This VIP experience is $10K, and will set you up for a lifetime of working and living without burnout, a toolbox of practices that will heal you and maintain your well-being, and a deep sense of trust in your inner wisdom's guidance. 

If you're interested, send me a DM and let me know what you're hoping to get out of the experience so that we can see if it's a fit.