Inner wisdom is the most incredible guide.

It’s always trying to lead us to what we want to create. However, there is one big problem. Culture teaches us to ignore it. As kids, we are often taught to stop listening to our body’s messages, and that sets us up to struggle. We’re cut off from our connection to inner wisdom, which flows most easily through sensation and clues from the body. (You know! Gut feelings, listen to your heart…it’s in our language everywhere!)

I believe that accessing inner wisdom should be simple and natural.

I believe it’s a life skill you had as a kid, and if it feels a little harder now, it’s just a matter of re-discovering your body, understanding the wisdom in your emotions, and (here’s the biggest part!) learning to trust your wisdom again above other voices. You should get to be the intuitive, sensitive, creative soul that you are and know that following your intuitive inner wisdom is not silly or impractical. Instead, it’s THE way to create efficiently and effectively.

Every time I don’t listen to my inner wisdom, my body rebels. In my younger years, I had trouble accessing and trusting it, because I had disconnected from my body’s signals. I overrode them and ignored them, often putting myself under immense pressure and stress. It took several years of health struggles to help me realize there was a different way.


I was able to regain health and well-being when I studied the mind-body connection and created my Anamsong Method ™. This method is a complete set of mind-body-spirit tools that help release stress, rediscover body sensations, decode body messages, understand emotions, make inner wisdom easy to hear, and improve energy and well-being. I teach mind-body-spirit tools to people because those tools brought me back to my body and spirit.

Mind-body science is magical.

I have studied with many mind-body experts and have studied the science of the mind-body connection for the past twenty years. I love how the practical understanding science brings to something as ethereal as inner wisdom can help the mind accept and trust that intuition is valid. Some of my favorite resources in the mind-body field come from the work of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Dr. John Sarno, Robert Scaer, Gavin DeBecker, and Thomas Hanna.

I have two powerful mind-body mentors: Ana DoValle and Martha Peterson. I’m always nerding out on the latest science and research around the mind-body connection. There are always new ways to understand this connection, and new, groundbreaking ideas are so exciting! (For example, take my Mind-Body Magic Coach Training and you’ll learn all about polyvagal theory and why the model of the nervous system we’ve had for years needs updating!)

I’m fascinated with all of this mind-body magic because it gave me my life back.

Then, I used the same mind-body tools that helped me heal to go forward and make my dreams a reality. I had no idea, when I was suffering and struggling, that my path to wellness would change how I live and bring me freedom.

I love training mind-body coaches and coaching people because I get to see the magic they create in their lives. I’ve trained coaches from Mexico, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Australia and all over the United States. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. I have had the privilege of watching these coaches and clients ease off of self-pressure, tune into their bodies, and listen to their inner wisdom.

Often, my coaches-in-training will say, “It doesn’t feel like I’m working when I’m coaching. Am I doing it right?” That’s the moment I celebrate because it means the tools are doing their job and their inner wisdom is leading the way. That is why it feels so magical when inner wisdom guides us. Pieces fall into place. Things the mind simply couldn’t conceive happen effortlessly. How much fun is that?!

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