Signature Programs for $5K Months

Creating your Spiritually-Aligned Program to Scale your Business the Slacker Magic Way

Oh, yep, I need that ASAP!

Do you sometimes want to hide under a blanket (with chocolate, of course) and avoid the 24/7 pressure to work on your coaching business?


Having a coaching practice was supposed to be profitable, energizing, and so much more fun than a 9-5. The problem? Somehow you've fallen into old, pressure-filled working habits that don't feel good for your mind, body, or spirit. 

Things like:

  • Comparing yourself to other coaches and deciding you come up short based on the things you see them saying or promoting in their business - then worrying that you can’t have a business unless you do it like that
  • Creating a big income goal you see others in the online space bragging about, but no matter what you do, you miss it every month and now a made-up number is starting to make you feel so much anxiety
  • Worrying you should be on social media several times a day and trying to make yourself do it, but that doesn’t feel right and now you’re afraid your business won’t work
  • Pushing through to get a task done, then paying for it later with extra fatigue, a nasty headache, or just plain feeling awful

Pressure, much?! Now you find yourself consumed with chronic self-doubt & self-judgment about why you haven’t made it yet, and worry that you might really HAVE to do this hustle-style to make the income you want (even though it makes your soul cringe). 

It doesn't have to be that way!

>> Myth: You have to work 9-5, evenings, and weekends to be successful.

>> Fact: Spiritual inner-wisdom downloads give you your ideas, material, outlines, and strategies and take away extraneous and useless work so you can cut your work hours in half and focus on the fun stuff - creating your signature program!


>> Myth: Creating a Signature Program is a hassle, and only makes money if it is perfect.

>> Fact: Creating a program that you LOVE, can talk about all day long, and NEVER get bored of scales your business so much faster than jumping from strategy to strategy, program offer to program offer, or questioning how you’ll make the money you desire this month. 


>> Myth: I have to do what all those hustle-style, fear-based courses say to market myself successfully even though it is out of alignment with who I am and makes me freak out and shut down.

>> Fact: You get to use a divine feminine, in-the-flow work style that is spiritually aligned with who you are, meaning you create more success with your specific ideal clients that are magnetized to your energy.

We’ve been able to create a 6-figure business that feels like a delightful oasis - while working only 4 hours a day, ease-and-flow-style. We have time to journal, connect to our guides, take nature walks, play with our kids and dogs, visit fun crystal shops, get bodywork, read books (yes, for fun!), and have date nights with our partners… rather than spending all our time mired in the business doing useless tasks that make us feel like failures. 

We know that’s probably annoying to hear right now after you’ve been working crazy hard or stressing about your business dreams and goals. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a path to a better way! 

Introducing the Slacker Magic Method -  the revolutionary way of working that we’ve created for ourselves and our clients.

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Cutting yourself some slack is the new black. 


We are reclaiming the power of the word slacker; goodbye negative, lazy, not-doing-enough, lay-about slacker, and hello strategic slacking for supercharged results.

You are going to start slacking strategically - knowing what you can skip when you write a sales page, skipping steps that are “essential” but actually unnecessary for social media, taking out steps you don’t need when you build your program, and more - and using the guidance of your inner wisdom to get your important tasks done in half the time while making $5k months that actually feel FUN - and that make you feel like you’re working with Universal magic - instead of all this hustle mentality effort (that honestly, isn’t moving the needle).

Busy is a societal badge of honor. For us women, it is a death sentence and a sure way to fail at our mission in life to help more people. But we have a true superpower - we have access to all the information and love in the universe in our connection to source through our inner wisdom. Learn how to use this innate system inside us to quantum leap your results and give you back your time and life.

I'm ready to slack!

"I used to fill my calendar with lots of tasks and to-dos. I was a busy bee - always with something to do - which made me feel depleted and exhausted. After taking Abigail's programs, I now measure my days with whether I feel rested, joyful, and calm. If I've laid on my couch and stared out the window at least once - it's been an awesome day!"

- Jennifer Kennedy          

Scientists are on our side!


Psychologist K. Anders Ericsson has spent over thirty years studying people who are top performers in their field. He found that pushing yourself beyond your limits is really only possible for one hour; after that, the brain needs rest. He says that without restricting their intense work/practice hours, people end up with “incapacitating burnout.” 

A 2006 study by Ap Dijksterhuis, Maarten W. Bos, Loran F. Nordgren and Rick B. van Baaren showed the positive effects of what they call the deliberation-without-attention effect. They proved that shifting gears away from a creative project and allowing the brain to rest and do other things it enjoys creates positive results for problem-solving and creating - because the brain was still working on the issue behind the scenes.

Imagine if your business could run (and thrive!) with magic and play instead of pressure and stress…

What if you could create (or reimagine) a signature program that kicks your business up to $5k months... in a way that feels spiritually aligned, leaves space for you to play with your kids again (or heck, get a massage), and is energetically designed for financial success?

What if you had a specific system that allows you to get spiritual downloads for your sales pages, program module outlines, marketing emails, and more...instead of working harder or fighting “writer’s block” at your blank computer screen? 

What if your business could help you feel even more connected to your spirit by learning how to run your coaching business from your soul and be in full alignment with the strategies, mindset, and actions you take?

You could have a business that's a pleasurable oasis you get to visit when your personal life gets stressful, rather than being the cause of your stress.

You could trust yourself to access your inner wisdom to handle any setback; like lower sales months; a lower launch result; or removing a difficult client, and easily learn how to recalibrate and get on the path forward without it completely destroying your confidence. You could have the freedom to take care of your body before it MAKES you take care of it by getting sick, exhausted, or run-down.

Let's do this!

Let’s be honest. Where does all this pressure and hustle come from?

White supremacy, patriarchy, and toxic masculinity. You guessed it - we’re going to smash the patriarchy ideals together in the way your business is run, how you market, and most your mindset. Those toxic, pressure-filled thoughts are the patriarchy that’s been embedded in you!

All this pressure to work beyond our limits and push ourselves actually makes us LESS effective and LESS impactful. Just what the patriarchy wants - women failing.

Let’s use our submerged, ignored, discounted, and mocked superpowers of inner wisdom, connection to source, and divine guided action steps, to overturn the status quo and be successful while living fully in our balanced divine feminine/divine masculine selves. 

You can absolutely create a thriving, feminine, pleasurable, pressure-free business built in a magic-filled and spirit-aligned way.

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I started out as a mind-body coach helping women heal pelvic pain. What was the first thing I did? Worked so hard I re-created my own pelvic pain that I’d worked so hard to heal.

Since that sucked, I realized I had to create a way to run my coaching business that would allow me to be healthy, alive, and joyful instead of nearly dead. Plus, I really freaking wanted to make six figures as a coach without killing myself in the process.

I knew it had to be possible, so I started applying mind-body healing, energy healing, & alignment techniques to my actual business strategies. I named this method “Slacker Magic.”

I got my first spiritual download for my business, which turned out to be my first signature program. That program has now been running for 12 years and single-handedly brought me to six figures.

Now I make $15-20k months with my Slacker Magic signature program ecosystem.   

 Cult survivor, abusive narcissistic marriage survivor, engineering school graduate. All pieces that created a very unhappy and sick person - me.

At the bottom of my life in my mid 40’s I chucked all my notions of what was “right” and “wrong” and went to northern California to see my first redwood tree. Hopeless, alone (and married), achingly sad, I walked up to this tree, whose trunk was the size of my living room, and put my hands on this amazing beautiful creature...and what happened was unbelievable! I felt a cool stream of crystal clear and nourishing feeling of water enter my chest that cleaned out my soul and filled me up in a way I never felt (especially after overcoming a traumatic neglectful and abusive childhood and marriage). I felt whole for the first time in my life.

I spent the next 10 months asking everyone I knew what the fuck just happened! I eventually found Quantum Touch (an energy healing modality) where I learned that I was “kinesthetic” by my mentor – I had the ability to feel energy in my body. That realization and mentorship changed the course of my life. I knew I was going to do whatever this energy thing was for the rest of my life so others could feel like I had with that tree. I had discovered a connection to energy that was so alive and present, it altered the rest of my life.

I use this profound understanding and influence with energy to help other coaches create energetic and spiritual alignment in their business, creating clarity in their dreams, goals, and business desires, and helping women who have a drive to change the world for the better make lots and lots of money to ensure that happens easier and faster. 

What past participants are saying...

This course is for...


Spiritual, soul-guided, heart-centered coaches who want to learn how to design a unique, spiritually-aligned signature course, cut their work time in half, and learn a system to work with spiritual downloads instead of endless useless tasks so they don’t have to succumb to the external pressure of hustle culture, work out of alignment with their spiritual nature, or waste time on tasks that don’t align with their unique business so that they can run a business with joy instead of hustle, make the money they need to trust in their business as a sole source of income, and attract clients they love.

Learning how to use the Slacker Magic Method will help you run your business in a way that allows for plenty of breaks, chilling on your couch (while actually creating your money-making program in the background - seriously!), popping out for a hike and connecting with nature, taking a stroll with your pooch, snuggling in with your journal, or asking your guides and angel cards for advice. 

I'm so ready!

What’s a spiritually-aligned signature program? 


Your unique program that you create, Slacker Magic Style, that allows you to work with your favorite clients in the perfect way (whatever that is for you) that still leaves space and time for your personal life. There are no rules. You’ll get to make this program work exactly as you need it to for you and your business - AND it gets to be something you cannot wait to show up for and deliver that also helps make you the $5k months you’d love to have in your business.

What’s Inside the 12-Week Course:

Signature Programs for $5K Months: Creating your Spiritually Aligned Program to Scale your Business the Slacker Magic Way

14 Slacker Magic Method Training Modules
  • Learn the Slacker Magic Method through video training
  • Convert spiritual downloads into writing, outlining, and creating your signature program
  • Access the important and helpful messages your fear is giving you
  • Get clarity and guidance by talking with the spiritual heart of your business about how to build your business
  • Work with ease and flow and ditch the pressure
  • Build the practical elements you need for your program to flourish without extra, useless work
  • Ditch perfectionism
  • Shift into the ultimate manifesting mindset so you can get moving toward those relaxed, fun, $5k months. 
Slacker Magic Tools
  • Learn practices you can do before getting started with your workday, in the middle of your day, and whenever you are working on your program to cut out extra work, get you in flow, amp up your manifesting magic, and get clients in the door - and that actually help you implement what you’re learning in the modules, vs becoming just another course that sits in your computer gathering metaphorical dust, so you can actually manifest your signature program into reality. 
Slacker Magic Map
  • Get a daily map to follow that lists every concept in the course that will keep you in ease and flow while you’re accomplishing your important tasks to create your signature program.
Slacker Magic Meditations
  • Get meditations and mind-body healing practices that support you and your business by creating space for healing, handling stress-based chronic illnesses, centering you back to yourself, grounding you, and helping you remember why you love your work and what an incredibly creative and caring lightworker you are.
Twice-Monthly Group Business Q&A Sessions 
  • Bring your Q’s and ask for what you need! 
  • Request 1-1 time slots during the Q&A with us for your individual questions about your program and business 
  • Use this space to flesh out the ideas for your program
  • Get feedback on your program design
  • Get coaching to access your inner wisdom and spiritual downloads
  • Get energy healing techniques (like Reiki) to align your business and elevate your vibration so that you can create the content, strategies, and shifts your program needs for $5k+ months in a higher frequency vibe.
Twice-Monthly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Shift mindset blocks & fears
  • Address personal life concerns
  • Experience energy healing
  • Get out of self-pressure
  • Help your physical well-being with mind-body coaching
  • Clear out the hidden glitches that are keeping you from making money
Signature Programs Facebook Group
  • Connect between live group calls to share your ideas, get feedback from us on program design, ask for help if you’re feeling stuck, share successes, and post your questions for the masterclasses. 
Behind-the-Scenes Videos in the Facebook Group
  • I take you right into my office, live, to see how I am creating my current programs using the techniques I’m teaching you. You’ll see how I structure my day with ease and flow, what I do during a setback in my business, how I create the practical workflows that make the magic happen without pressure, my exact systems for strategic slacking when it comes to task-lists for program creation, and how I set up my workday to keep it short and spacious...oh, and anything else you’d like to see in action from what you’re learning in the course.
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Throughout the course, you are taken through a process to create your personalized, spiritually aligned signature course, and you also get the system to create it entirely in flow so that it’s not hustle-y or exhausting.

So you can really live the Slacker Magic business lifestyle, you’ll have access to multiple forms of support, regular reminders to keep you from slipping back into self-pressure, and a group setting where we encourage each other NOT to pressure ourselves and normalizes this new way of being. You’ve been trained to pressure yourself and push yourself to succeed, as that’s a cultural norm we all face. That’s why I’ve created a 3-month cocoon in which you can re-align with your spirit, and create a signature program that feels super fun to run, makes you those $5k months and doesn’t kill your energy levels, motivation, and joy. 

"Having been born and raised with a "run yourself to the brink of exhaustion"  work ethic and "lead with anxiety" mindset , it took time, practice and encouragement for my slacker magic skills to take root. But then at some point I noticed that they started to. I began to see evidence that I was actually accomplishing some long standing wishes without my usual self-pressure and work-hard mentality. In terms of my coaching business, I found fun and invigorating ways to integrate coaching into my full time work while also continuing to slowly build a personal side practice in a way that felt just-right, easy and organic. And, I have been able to savor the goodness of just-right coaching clients and collaborative relationships that continue to arise in just-right timing. Abigail's Slacker Magic approach has really worked for me in all ways!"

- Mara Wai, Certified Master Mind-Body Magic Coach

Take a Sneak Peek at the 14 Core Modules that Make Up the Slacker Magic for Business Method

Magic before Logic

Immediately shift out of the pressure mindset and start learning the spiritual mindset tools that line up the energetics within you & your business to make magic happen - aka manifest the $5k months through ease and flow and NOT hard work - through significant vibe shifts in your mindset, your energy, and the way you approach your business tasks. Before you create your signature program, you need to be lined up to knock the ball out of the park. 


Love Your Biz

Forget hustle and fear; this module will shift you into a “love vibe,” which is the single most important shift you need to make for money to flow into your bank account. You’ll learn my exact process for dropping into the vibrational space that makes you love your coaching business before you sit down to work every day - that makes you accomplish tasks in half the time with no effort - and instead creates the alignment for spiritual downloads that solve every business problem and bring you signature program ideas, content, and writing. This is when your signature program ideas will start manifesting so that we can work on them throughout the program.

Your Magical Body

You can’t push your body and expect to consistently manifest $5k plus months. Your body will literally stop you from living this way with fatigue, tension, and even pain. So, we have to befriend your magical body and learn to work with it instead of overriding it. (Goodbye, hustle culture.) As soon as you learn my techniques for accessing the wisdom your body is trying to share with you, you’ll be able to feel better physically and access your spiritual creativity to feel delight and joy; the essential components for creating a signature program from the right energetic space (one that makes it successful, effective, and $5k-ready). 

Solving Scary Setbacks

Fear is the biggest creativity killer, and it stops us from creating our signature programs before we’ve even begun! In this module, you’ll learn how to lean into fear and actually discover the hidden, powerful, helpful messages it’s trying to give you that are essential to shaping your program in ways that make it effective, a financial success, and fun for you and your clients to experience. Fear will prevent you from making mistakes that can cripple your income and energy flow, so learning how to access its wisdom is essential so that you can realign and adjust for more income in your business. 

Sensitively Successful

How do you build a signature program that’s spiritually aligned when you feel like throwing up anytime you read traditional business and marketing advice? You won’t be yucked out anymore when you learn the practical program-building steps in this module that actually work for spiritual, heart-centered coaches who want to serve others. This module will keep you from feeling social media and marketing overwhelm so that you can actually step into being the face of your business without feeling like you have to run screaming into a forest to disappear for the rest of your life.

Your Way or the Highway

Your signature program and your business have to be a perfect fit for who you are. There’s no right formula, no one way, no exact 3-step process you can follow; instead, you need spiritual downloads that are made for you and your work. Your unique work is the genius that your clients need; now, let’s also make it so that how you work in your day-to-day creation of this program fits who you are. Maybe you need to plant flowers while you write outlines in your head. Maybe you need walks with tree-filled mountains to hear the module topics you want to teach. Whatever it is, we’re going to make your heart sing with joy when you get to create the way you’re meant to work.

No More 9-5

One of the biggest problems with the coaching life is our culture is set up to create machine-like beings who are producing 9-5. Forget that! Your body and your spirit hate this. To make $5k months, you need to learn tools that allow you to work in creative flow and rest when flow isn’t present. GASP! I know. This is where you actually slack. And yet, you get all sorts of work done in the background, when you’re not even working. (I really did write this entire course while resting on my couch, watching Netflix.) Learn how to create a “slack schedule” that makes you super-efficient so you cut your work time in half while generating ideas that lead to income, and how to manage the flow of creative ideas so that you don’t get overwhelmed or feel like you have to work on your program all the time.

Time Travel Tricks

Are we time traveling to the ancient past? No! We’re shrinking the amount of time you spend on tasks and skipping unnecessary work because you’ve been trained to achieve and accomplish 24/7. Dropping this one ineffective mindset will cut your workday in half, and maybe even more! Learn how to achieve when flow is guiding you to work and rest when it’s not. Your signature program is being born as you work through these modules, and you will learn how to work with the natural idea birthing process that is NOT a linear, productivity-based experience. (This can feel a bit unnerving, so these tools make it easy to allow the spiritual downloads to guide you through the birth of your program.)

Get Off Your Butt (or Lie Down Now)

Ok, we all procrastinate sometimes. But, do you know why you do it? Whatever is holding you back from getting your signature program into form will no longer exist after this module. You’ll learn how to cut through the noise of fear, perfectionism, exhaustion, and other confusing mindsets and emotions that convince you not to do your thang. (If, however, you really do need rest, we’ll be able to make sure you get it so that your energy remains high-vibe for creating this magical program you were meant to make!)

Spiritual Success Secrets

If you are basing your success mindset on what you see in the online coaching space, you’ll need an extra bucket of chocolate, STAT. To create YOUR success with your signature program and really hit those $5k months, you’ll need to have a super clear vision of what success really is for you. We are going to wipe out compare and despair here and shift your mindset into a manifestation magic zone where you gain the confidence you need in your work, your program, and your unique message to really own your success.

Niches and Quiches

Niches are like quiches - some people love them and some people don’t. Lucky for you, one of our main talents is helping coaches dial in their niche to a specific focus that sets them apart from the crowd and therefore makes you the big $5k+ months. Why are we doing this so late in the game, you ask? Because niches need all the other modules before this one to reveal themselves (you’ll have had lots of opportunities for the spiritual downloads by now that help guide your divine path!), and this is where you will dial in your final signature program details that make it super specific, super standout, and very effective for your clientele. Even if you hate the word niche (I mean, who loves it, really?) you’re going to have a new affection for those awesome peeps you work with once we’re done.

Programs and Pricing

And now we’re dialing it in! We’re getting close! You are about to launch your new signature program that feels aligned, spiritually connected to your heart, fun, delightful, and magical. You’re ready to price it, package it, and gently send it out into the world - but you’ll feel confident doing so because you’ve already done all the leg work and experimentation to know that it’s going to put you directly on the $5k/month path. And, better yet, if you need more time, it’s ok. There’s no pressure, no rush, and no wrong way to go about this for your unique business.

Marketing with Magic

Marketing is not a dirty word! Neither is money. Marketing and making money are both spiritual and energetic practices that help you learn about yourself, bring your services to those who need them, and give you tons of connection with clients you adore. If you love coaching, you can love marketing, because they are not at all different. In this module, you’ll learn how to befriend money so that it works with you and pull your coaching genius into your marketing so that your marketing is a service to the world as much as your program is. You not only feel great, instead of like the used-car salesman stereotype, you also actually create marketing strategies for your business that bring in money. 

Magnetizingly Magical Manifesting

Learn manifesting techniques that no one is teaching in the law of attraction space. Get out of the “never-feel-negative-emotions” trap that makes you judge yourself for feeling or thinking anything that might vibe in the wrong thing and get the exact empowered system we’ve created to manifest everything from $15-20k months, a mountain cabin, the perfect new home, a loving and beautiful romantic relationship, perfect health practitioners for our well-being, our own supportive VA team, and so, so, much more. 

As soon as you register, you’ll get access to the Welcome Module and core modules. You’ll have lifetime access to the modules, so you can take your time digesting the details. You can take advantage of the 3-month call schedule and Facebook Group access to get your questions answered and feedback & coaching around your program and mindset blocks. 

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This course is perfect for you if…

You’ve taken business courses and felt queasy and afraid with the marketing strategies that they taught you  - maybe it felt spammy, salesy, or out of alignment, causing you to lose your marketing momentum in your business. 

You are not a fan of the patriarchal, industrial-age, be-a-machine, hustle culture. 

You really freaking hope that there’s a different way to do business, and the very idea that it could be possible brings tears of relief to your eyes.

Your body and spirit need the freedom to rest and play - you want a spirit-aligned business that feels like a pleasure to run - short workdays, easier marketing strategies, more fun, better clients, and of course, more money!

You need a business that allows you to work gently and take time for you. You’re starting a coaching business or already have one and want to uplevel it, and you want to be sure you can do this in a way that doesn’t kill you. 

You want to make income as a coach - and you don’t want to sacrifice your well-being or sanity to do so. You’d like to create a signature program that feels like YOU. (It’s ok if you don’t have an idea yet! We’ll do that in the course.)

You want practical clarity in what you need to do to make money with your signature program - and you also want to use energy, flow, and magic to bring in clients.

This is perfect for me!

This course may not be for you if…

You do not have a coaching business, aren’t building a coaching business, or don’t want one.

You don’t want to address spirituality or energy work in combination with tactics for growing your business (this program covers both!)

You have no desire to take a look at your mindset, fear, self-sabotage, and self-inflicted pressure that needs to shift in order to grow your business. 

Action steps feel overwhelming and you don’t want to have to take too much action to build a business. 

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Black Friday Bonus:

FREE Niche, Strategy, and Energy 4-DAY VIP Week with Abigail

Message via Voxer with me Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9-3 pm to ask me any questions to help you jumpstart your time in the program so that you can start making money faster. Use this FREE BONUS time to start dialing in your niche (without pressuring or pushing yourself) and find out why your niche hasn’t worked the way you want it to (or to build it from scratch).

We’ll use energy healing techniques for your body and your business, and strategize your optimal Slacker Magic business steps to get you on the $5K/month (or more!) path. There’s no pressure to be fully present every single day of this bonus week, as it’s designed to organically flow in a relaxed, in-the-flow conversation over the week in a way that allows us to let your inner wisdom and mine bring in the ideas... instead of a typical hustle style 1:1 that leaves you feeling overloaded and overwhelmed.

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Your Slacker Magic Success Story Starts Today!

Signature Programs for $5K Months




  • 12 Week Course
  • Lifetime Video Access
  • 14 Training Modules
  • Twice Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls

"As a coach and writer, self-pressure, perfectionism and pushing used to be my faithful co-workers. Slacker Magic has helped me to quiet those voices, increase my intuition and discover the fun."

- Laura Reeves, Certified Master Mind-Body Magic Coach

If you have questions about payment plan options, email [email protected]