Mind-Body Healing for Stress-Induced Illnesses including Pelvic Pain, TMS, and Chronic Syndromes

with Abigail Morgan

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Learn four simple healing techniques that relieve pain, help you access your inner wisdom, and reconnect you to your spirit so you can decode the spiritual growth messages your body is trying to tell you.

Do you suffer from chronic pelvic pain syndromes like vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, or other (even non-pelvic) pain syndromes and want to heal them using a mind-body-spirit approach?

Do you hate the thought of dealing with ongoing medical treatments that aren’t working and feel ready to explore holistic, alternative ways to help your own body heal and access the spiritual, empowering metaphysical side of this health crisis?

Have you explored TMS or Mind-Body Syndrome techniques but feel overwhelmed, confused, or unclear how to make it work for you and want an easy, doable, and spiritual approach to using mind-body healing techniques?

Would you love to be able to hop on a bike or get back to yoga without worrying that you’re going to have pain or feel worse?

Are you sick of pain getting in the way of going out with friends, playing with your kids, or making it hard to plan activities without worrying whether or not you can do them?

Yes, let's do this!

Mind-body healing needs to feel doable!

You’re already exhausted and overwhelmed from living with chronic pain as it is! Let’s cut to the chase and get you feeling better with four simple techniques that you can learn and implement quickly. Keep them in your life even long after the pain is resolved so that you stay healthy and continue to be deeply connected to your inner wisdom. 

I’m healed! Four years of unexplained, debilitating, life-altering pelvic pain ended when I learned Abigail’s mind-body healing techniques. I was a perfectionist. The feeling of anger was not an emotion familiar to me. I repressed it all my life. Disappointment was acceptable but not anger. Finally, with Abigail, I was in a safe place to notice and feel all my emotions and release perfectionism. Shortly after I learned to do this, I noticed the pain was 100% gone. I am now so grateful for these techniques!

Debby Werthmann, Master Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, Mentor & Life Strategist

There are four main ingredients for mind-body healing that help you relieve pain, tension, and chronic stress-induced illnesses that are often overlooked, even in the mind-body healing world. 

I figured these out through experimentation with my own healing process, creating my own healing techniques, and then successfully coaching hundreds of women out of pain and into health.

1. Releasing the inadvertent pressure we put on ourselves when we’re constantly judging ourselves, being hard on ourselves, and trying to do better and be better in every aspect of our lives. (This sounds obvious, but it’s FAR sneakier than we realize and can be keeping you in pain even when you think you’re onto yourself!)

2. Knowing how to feel emotions instead of automatically and unconsciously suppressing them; but knowing how to feel emotions in a way that doesn’t cause overwhelm, resistance, or even retraumatization. (Don’t strong-arm yourself into feeling emotions that feel scary or hard - there’s a kinder way that gets you out of pain faster.)

3. Consistently connecting to our inner wisdom so that we can follow its guidance instead of dropping into people pleasing patterns that cause tons of internal stress. (This spiritual aspect of mind-body-spirit healing will not only guide you out of pain, it will bring you back into alignment with your spirit.)

4. Staying aware of our mind-body healing practice throughout the day, but doing so in a way that is light and easy, with specific rest and enjoyment scheduled into the mind-body healing “work” so that it stops feeling like work. (This one step has helped numerous clients go from frustrated and in pain to energized and healthy again.)

In 2015 my body said STOP very loudly. I ended up debilitated, unable to work, suffering from deep fatigue and exhaustion. This led to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and more! I would have kept searching for medical answers if it wasn't for meeting Abigail. Through her training, I recognized my symptoms were just messengers. I stopped trying to fix my body and instead focused on the relationship I had with myself and my body. I now work full-time and I'm able to care for my children and family in the ways I want to. I haven't missed work in YEARS due to fatigue and I'm so proud of that. I even took up mountain biking! I realize now that my body is my guide. I can observe it, listen to it and honor it by using the toolbox I received from Abigail. 

Jenny Shufelt

Mind-body healing is a process through which we use techniques for mindset shifts that decrease stress, nervous system regulation, healthy emotional processing, releasing self-pressure, and connecting to inner wisdom that allow the mind and body release chronic tension and pain patterns and heal illnesses.


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I struggled with chronic pain syndromes

such as vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, joint pain, and even autoimmune illness for several years. I was so freaking terrified that my life was over at age twenty-two, and I sank into despair. 

It seemed like no matter what I tried, whether it was traditional or alternative medicine, I couldn’t get my life back and be pain-free again. I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t wear jeans, go on walks, or even think about getting near a bike. 

Until I discovered the world of mind-body healing. 

I was so excited about the possibility of becoming pain free, but no one was saying that mind-body healing could work for pelvic pain. I didn’t know if it would work. Also, I struggled with understanding how to apply the brilliant work of mind-body doctors like Dr. John Sarno and nervous system experts like Peter Levine to my own healing situation without feeling massively overwhelmed and confused. 

I decided to do a deep-dive into mind-body healing and figure it out.

I explored:

  • Books about mind-body healing
  • Every TMS program available at the time
  • Experimentation with my own healing process
  • Working one-on-one with high-level somatic practitioners, energy healers, and mind-body doctors 

Finally, I decided to create my own set of practical, doable healing techniques synthesized from those untold hours of research. They worked!

After all this research, I realized that there were important pieces of the healing process that were missing due to our cultural bias to work hard and then harder to achieve a goal. 

In my mind-body healing techniques, I added those missing pieces:

  • Making my daily healing practice light and easy
  • Making emotional processing safe and doable
  • Processes to get out of hidden layers of self-pressure
  • Connection to the spiritual aspect of my physical breakdown - aka, embracing the call from my spirit to learn how to hear and trust my inner wisdom

When I applied these missing pieces to my daily mind-body healing practice and shifted from a pressure-filled, goal-oriented approach to a gentle, loving, kind, and more nurturing and spiritual approach, magic happened. 

This divine-feminine-inspired way of healing and exploring the metaphysical aspects of pelvic pain brought me more than just health.

I also got to experience flow, joy, and guidance from my spirit. I got my creative muse back. I got newfound confidence and self-compassion. (And I got to trust my inner wisdom so I didn’t take on any shaming or blaming messages about “creating my own pain,” either!)

After six months of struggling to be pain-free using mind-body healing (on top of the previous five years of trying to heal through traditional and alternative medical approaches), now I was able to release pain and return to health within a month - without working hard on my healing process. 

I could finally enjoy riding my bike and running again, return to teaching music, and feel NORMAL. It was bliss! I could connect to my inner wisdom to feel magical and clear around my decisions and my path forward in all areas of my life. 

I fell in love with mind-body healing and created a coaching practice to help others heal, too. Now I help women dealing with pelvic pain who want to use mind-body healing to transform their health and get out of pain with an effective set of mind-body techniques that help them start feeling better as quickly and easily as possible. (And yes, you can apply this to other stress-induced pain and illness, too.)

I need this!

I found Abigail's website when I was looking to heal from years-long problems and issues with my pelvis. Her tools provided me with ways to better connect with my body so that it could relax and invite healing. I also suffered from abdominal pain for almost 2 years. I went through a number of treatments, tests, and medications that did not alleviate the pain. It wasn't until I used Abigail's mind-body tools to feel my emotions that I began to heal from this issue. 

Jennifer Kennedy, Certified Mind-Body Life Coach

Mind-body healing should feel like relief, not effort.

The last thing you need when you’re in pain is something that’s hard to learn and apply to your daily life or takes too much time and effort. I’ll show you all the shortcuts you can take to make your mind-body healing practice feel relaxing, enjoyable, and light so you can get on the path to feeling great as quickly as possible. (HINT: No, you don’t have to dig through every past trauma in order to feel better! In fact, that’s going to make you feel worse.)

Plus, when you add in the spiritual aspect of mind-body healing, it actually becomes fun and rewarding all on its own. The pain relief becomes just a happy side-effect of the delightful connection to your inner wisdom.

To trust that mind-body healing works, we can look to pioneers like Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Howard Schubiner, who have both done ground-breaking research to show that how we process (or don’t) our emotions and how we handle stress makes a huge impact on our health. Sarno is most famous for discovering that many patients he worked with had MRI results showing lower back issues that should be the cause of pain, but they were not in pain! Whereas, other patients were indeed suffering from lower back pain but not seeing relief from traditional treatments. The emotional healing processes he took them through cured the pain. 

Mind-body healing empowers you to take charge of your internal connections between your mind, your body’s reactions to stress, and your spiritual guidance, which allow your body to find its own balance for health again so you can go back to living your life, parenting your kids, and working in your career with confidence and freedom and less pain. 

That’s why I created Mind-Body Healing for Stress-Induced Illnesses including Pelvic Pain, TMS, and Chronic Syndromes.

I want you to have my powerful blend of mind-body techniques that help you shift into healing and out of pain as quickly as possible. While we can’t always make healing happen as fast as we want to, we can certainly help it move along!

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In the program, you’ll learn:

Why even people who are experienced with mind-body healing and techniques from the TMS and MBS world sometimes get stuck pressuring themselves to do their healing practice perfectly and how to get out of or prevent that pattern so you don’t slow down your progress.

What to do if feeling emotions overwhelm you and scares you, so you tend to forget to do that practice as regularly as you need to in order to heal - or you get stuck in analysis around all the negative feelings and unnecessarily tank your emotional vibe. (No one wants to trade constant physical pain for emotional pain - and you don’t have to! 

Why you end up trying to be overly responsible, take care of others at great cost to yourself, and please those around you (the root cause of a mind-body pain syndrome)  instead of really trusting your own guidance and owning clear, healthy boundaries that allow you to release stress and find a healing balance for your body - and how to do just that.  

How to use my four simple healing techniques in a gentle, flexible, easy daily practice that shifts how your mind, body, and spirit work together and helps you restore the natural balance your mind and body need in order to release pain. 

Abigail’s mind-body healing techniques ended my chronic, life-long issues with IBS. They healed my Hashimoto’s. They helped me be so much more loving and compassionate – less violent towards myself.

Becky Meinshein, Certified Master Mind-Body Coach

Learn everything you need to know to get unstuck and on the path to pain relief in five short, easy modules.

These modules will show you how to use my four healing techniques that will get you moving on your healing path and prevent you from stepping into accidental traps that keep you stuck.  We’ll start with Module 0: Welcome and Setting You up for Healing Success.

Module 1

Jump-Start Your Emotional Awareness to Quickly Access Suppressed Emotions so Your Body Can Release Pain without Digging into Past Events

Module 2

How to Tap into Emotions (Without Re-Traumatization) for Safe Release of Pain in Just Minutes Per Day


Module 3

Stay Tuned-In to Your Body, Emotions, and Needs so you Don’t Fall into Pressure, People-Pleasing, and Ignoring your Emotions instead of Trusting your Inner Wisdom

Module 4

Learn How to Access Your Inner Wisdom in a Quick 5-Minute Process that also Synthesizes every Mind-Body Healing Technique into One Easy Daily Practice

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You’ll have a written PDF guide for each of the four mind-body techniques that you can download and keep forever. 

You’ll get a simple, one-page template in PDF format to show you how to put the healing techniques to work in your daily life with ease and simplicity so you can avoid overwhelm and know exactly what to do every day to create pain relief. (Let’s cut out any extra effort, time, or confusion that could slow down your healing process!) You can download this template and keep it forever!

You’ll have access to the modules for a full year so that you can take your time to explore the program over and over again (which is one of the key factors in healing a mind-body, stress-induced pain syndrome).

2-pay option is available.

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Over the last twelve years as a mind-body life coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women follow their intuitive wisdom, rediscover their creative magic, release pain and restore their energy and health, and even create entrepreneurial success using my mind-body healing techniques.

In 2010 I created the Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training and Certification Program and have since trained over 200 mind-body coaches in my techniques. They are thriving and coaching all over the world, helping others find energy, health, and connection to their inner wisdom again. I also spent six years as the Director of Wayfinder Life Coach Training for Martha Beck, Inc., and I’ve carried my expertise around creating an inspiring learning environment for adults into my own programs.


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