Ditch anxiety and relieve stress in four weeks.



Let's be real here.

Lately, the chaos and stress has been extreme. There’s always a lot to do. Even self-care feels like a chore - or plain impossible. And productivity?

Forget it. 

Plus, culture has trained us to be hard on ourselves. (WHY?! This is NOT helping.) Suddenly we’re losing it with the kids, snapping at spouses, and feeling like a failure while noshing chocolate.

Ditch the self-pressure mindset we’ve all been taught.

Escape anxiety and find calm, peace, flow, and magic.

Connect to your spirit and enjoy well-being in your body.


It’s time for more magic and less yuck. 

Work through anxiety quickly to arrive at peace of mind. 

Maybe you:

  • Run your own business as a coach or entrepreneur

  • Are a mom and working/running a biz 

  • Are dealing with a chronic illness or a mind-body syndrome

  • Are sensitive by nature 

With mind-body magic tools in your hand, you can feel like you're in the flow while you run your biz, parent your kids, handle work... with ease.


Here’s a truth-bomb: 

It’s really
freaking hard to get out of the pushing and pressuring mindset by yourself.

Well-meaning friends and family are always talking about doing more...making the school Valentines (why, Universe?), joining in for the PTO meetings, getting more clients, making sure the laundry is done (impossible).

You need a new community of like-minded souls.


That's why I’m also giving you access to my Mind-Body Magic Community.  

  • Spend time with my advanced mind-body magicians.

  • Take the community for a spin throughout April.

  • Get a deep-dive into mind-body tools and magic.

Forget the cultural “no pain, no gain” mentality and actually get time for YOU. (Even if you’re a mom.) 

Have the freedom to play and rest more, because you’re getting the important stuff done ----- without being hard on yourself.

Get the SLACK Process, my magical mind-body framework for handling life’s never-ending to-do list...

...in a way that brings you peace of mind.

✔️ Get sh*t done without all the crappy side-effects that come from pushing and pressuring yourself. 

✔️ Drop your anxiety levels, amp up your peace of mind, and improve your well-being.

✔️ Turbo-boost your mind-body healing process and feel confidence in your mind-body skills.

✔️ Handle stress-induced syndromes like TMS, MBS, pelvic issues, pain/illness, and more.

The SLACK process has taught me how to relax self-pressure, focus on what is most important, and actually take time to have fun and take care of myself too. It may seem counterintuitive, but slacking really is magical!

- Mara

In the course, you’ll:

  • Apply the SLACK Process to your daily life, work, parenting, and self-care — get more done with less effort

  • Hear and believe your inner wisdom — it’s going to make you more efficient

  • Feel better physically — and emotionally; good-bye constant stress and anxiety

  • Get in the flow — feel magical and manifest more!

  • Love the group support around dropping self-pressure so you can actually do it without guilt!

Meet your host, Abigail Morgan

After years of pressuring myself into exhaustion and illness (including pelvic TMS or MBS) I finally realized it wasn't working. I developed a series of mind-body tools - aka Slacker Magic - that brought me back to well-being. 

These became the tools I have used to help hundreds of clients find well-being again, too. 

Let's explore a new way of being that allows you to trust your inner wisdom and natural rhythms, create from flow, and take delight in your feminine power and magic.

I use Slacker Magic to run my successful mind-body coaching business, maintain well-being, parent my 8-year-old, manage my household, and more. 

How it works:

  • As soon as you register, check out the Welcome Module.

  • Learn the SLACK Process and other mind-body tools through weekly training videos.

  • Join the live classes so you can get coached and ask questions.

  • Throughout the month, you can also hang out in the Mind-Body Magic Community. 

Check out the membership site (there are mind-body tools and videos there) and the Facebook Group (where we’ll chat together).

The members will have your back (along with me) anytime you get stuck in guilt, self-pressure, procrastination, anxiety, or general yuck. (Can’t make a live class? No worries; they’re recorded.)

One-Time Payment of $57


Who is Slacker Magic 101 for?

Want to release anxiety and feel calm, joy, and delight?
This course is for you.

Are you ready to get things done without stress?
This course is for you. 

If you want to improve your well-being,
this course is for you.

Ready to stop being hard on yourself?
This course is for you.

If you are ready to hear and trust your inner wisdom?
This course is for you.

Have a question? Get it answered here! 

I'm ready!