$12,000.00 USD

All course participants will be required to sign an agreement. The agreement will be emailed to you upon completion of this purchase. Below is the wording included in the agreement, including the refund policy:



Whereas the Consultant will teach the Client the Mind-Body Magic Method techniques to help the client learn how to coach using mind-body tools and techniques.

Whereas the Client will compensate the Consultants for the services as advertised.

Whereas this agreement is binding.

Whereas the Client has the option to upgrade to further services for additional compensation.

Terms and Services:

  1. The Consultant will deliver the Mind-Body Magic Method tools to the Client and create a space to help the Client learn to coach. It is the Client's responsibility to create their own coaching practice. The Consultant will consult with the Client via virtual question and answer group calls for the duration of the 12-month program and give supportive feedback.
  2. Compensation for the course is paid in full before program content is available.
  3. Celebrations may be shared outside the group as marketing testimonials without the Client's name or personal information included. The consultant will include the Client's name and personal information only after asking permission.
  4. The Consultant will deliver video modules through the membership website in which the Client can learn the Mind-Body Magic Method, both the basic and master levels.
  5. The Consultant will deliver three coaching feedback sessions, a 1-1 support coaching call, and bonus support calls with the program manager and other trained coaches.
  6. The Consultant will lead two group question and answer calls each month during the course with the exception of the months of August/June and December.
  7. The Consultant will lead two group coaching calls per month during the course via the Mind-Body Magic Community, with the exception of the months of June/August and December, which will have a lighter schedule due to school holidays.
  8. Posts for sharing, inspiration, and questions are allowed in the Facebook Group. No meltdown posts or extreme negativity is allowed. Failure to follow the Facebook Group guidelines of the course will result in immediate removal from the course with no refund.
  9. Refunds (minus a $500 admin fee) are available for the first two weeks of the program as long as the Client completed modules Welcome, One, and Two. The Consultant will request a specific assignment to be submitted via email as proof. This way the Client will have a chance to see the program and make sure it isn't a fit.
  10. The Client will have access to the live course calls and the Facebook Group for 12 months starting on the date of purchase or agreed upon start date. (An extra month will be added if the Client joins during a time frame that includes the month of August/June or December and no classes are held in one of those months.) 
  11. The Consultant has the right to remove the Client from the program at any time based on the Consultant's discretion due to the Client's failure to comply with the terms of this contract. The Client will lose access to all content, modules, and calls with no refunds if Removed.
  12. The Consultant reserves the right to change, alter, or update the program to create the most valuable experience possible at any time while the program is running.
  13. The Consultant reserves the right to remove the Client from the course if the Client chooses to attack, criticize, threaten, or negatively contact another participant in the Course.
  14. The Client agrees to abide by the ethical practices taught in the program and ethical code for mind-body life coaches as presented in the certification documents in order to become or remain certified.
  15. The Client understands that the life coaching industry is unregulated and that certification is not regulated by a governing body. Certification is meant to provide clients with the understanding that their coach has learned these materials thoroughly and completely, and that is the extent of the power of the certification process.

Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Non-Disclosure

  1. The written and recorded materials and methods in this course are the property of Abigail Morgan and may not be used in any form outside of the course other than for the Client's personal use in their business. The Client may share the materials and techniques with their clients and teach them how to use the tools in their own lives. The Client may use the techniques in live workshops or programs as long as credit is given. The Client may create their own coaching tools, however, if they include aspects of the techniques learned in this training, credit must be given. (Written if on paper, aural if in a presentation.) The Client may not present, share, or teach the materials as if they are their own at any time in any situation, including in social media posts for their business. If any of the techniques or concepts are shared in marketing materials for their business, the Client will credit Abigail Morgan in writing. 
  2. The Client will not share any call recordings outside of the course, nor will they share any coaching details from any participant outside of the course with any other party.
  3. The Consultant will not share call recordings outside of the course, nor will she share any coaching details, other than anonymous summaries of Client experiences, from any participant outside of the course with any other party.
  4. Should any of these terms around copyright, intellectual property, and non-disclosure be violated, the Consultant retains the right to use the legal process to address this contract violation and will require compensation for legal services.

Liability Waiver

  1. This course is not a replacement for medical, therapy, or legal advice. Abigail Morgan is not a medical professional or therapist and will not be giving medical advice outside the scope of mind-body practices for improving natural wellness. This is not a replacement for any medical services, prescriptions, therapies, or other support.
  2. The Consultant is not liable for advice given, money invested, content created, or any lack of results implementing the Mind-Body Magic Method strategies. Clients are advised to use their best judgment. The Consultant is not liable for lack of results in poor implementation of these strategies.
  3. There are no guarantees of results in this course. The course can only teach principles and give feedback. It is up to the Client to create their own business success. Failure to follow through on the content of the program is the responsibility of the Client.
  4. With healing, mindset, business strategy and consultation, and manifestation work, it is the clients responsibility to seek professional support, trauma support, or mental health care should they become triggered or unstable while working through this course. The Consultant is not a medical professional, doctor, lawyer, or therapist nor can she give medical or mental health advice outside of general mind-body wellness practices. The Client agrees to seek these services outside of this program to support themselves. In addition, meltdowns and freakouts are not allowed in the group calls, facebook group, or any group environment. A 60-second summary may be sent to Abigail Morgan via email or Facebook Messenger to see if the situation can be coached through on a live call or needs to be referred outside of the program for professional help. Only if Abigail Morgan agrees to coaching will this topic be allowed to be discussed in a group setting and only as long as it is coachable. At any time she may stop the coaching and refer you to seek outside professional help. The course does not have the capacity to address mental health concerns, meltdowns, or big triggers safely as it is a group setting. Feeling emotions briefly on the calls is appropriate, but meltdowns or extreme negativity are not.
  5. Client agrees to not attack or criticize Abigail Morgan, The Healthy Life, LLC (DBA Anamsong), or any employee/contractor publicly (social networks, groups, blogs, private groups) or with other participants current or future in the course at any time during or subsequent to the contract period. If this happens, the Consultant will take legal action. The Consultant agrees to receive feedback and discuss any issues with the Client directly and will make every effort to resolve them with kindness, respect, and openness. All concerns should be brought directly to the Consultant.


Due to the rapidly changing coaching industry, the Consultant reserves the right to update this agreement and both parties will sign the new contract.

Should either party violate the terms of or fail to meet the obligations set forth in this contract, such action will render the opposing party free from any further contractual obligation. 

Legal issues that arise will be dealt with according to Colorado law and will be mediated, arbitrated, or brought to action in Colorado. 

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Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training

In this program, you’ll learn my Mind-Body Magic Method™ and my hacks, strategies and tools for your own business so that you get to work in your calling, doing what you love, and make good money all while taking great care of you. You get to heal and nurture your own mind-body-spirit connection.


  • How to coach your clients using my Mind-Body Magic Method and teach them the techniques so that they can experience them in live coaching sessions with you and have instant shifts, fall in love with coaching with you, and sign up for more coaching.  
  • How to use my Mind-Body Magic Method in your own life to thrive as a coach, continue your own healing process, restore your health, and access your inner wisdom so that your coaching feels aligned and from your spirit, you can work without stressing your body and make a great income, and feel more energetic so you can take on the clients you want to serve.  
  • Why TMS, Mind-Body Syndrome, and stress-induced illness, and Shaman Sickness are all similar names for the struggles our bodies face from living in our toxic, high-pressure, success-driven, hustle culture and how to support yourself and your clients in a totally different way of working with the connection between the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to release pain syndromes and other symptoms that prevent you and your clients from feeling good.
  • The negative health effects of our cultural training to be hard on ourselves at all costs, people-please, and push ourselves to achieve goals while ignoring signals from the body and inner wisdom, overriding our own needs, and experiencing extreme stress and how to escape this toxic paradigm to regain control over your pain, your business, and your health and help YOUR clients do the same for THEIR health, spiritual connection, and joy in life. 
  • Exactly how to run a coaching session with a client using my Mind-Body Magic Method so you can be clear on how to help your clients with their physical and emotional struggles in a trauma-sensitive way that makes them feel safe, heard, and supported (without becoming energetically drained after each session yourself). 
  • How to support your clients’ nervous systems to help them release the fight, flight, freeze, or fawning response and create nervous system regulation so their bodies can naturally heal inflammation, balance hormonal processes again, and start to release chronic tension and pain. 
  • How to help your clients create energetic shifts in their energy systems to return to balance and heal physical and emotional issues.
  • How to help clients stop the habit of emotional suppression that may be inadvertently adding or creating additional chronic stress, tension, and pain in the body as a result. You’ll learn how to help them feel their emotions safely without being overwhelmed, “flooding,” or retraumatizing themselves accidentally as they work through past and current stressful experiences that are held in the body.  
  • How to combine your experiences with mind-body healing or TMS work, your own practices you’ve developed in your work, other resources from mind-body healing experts in the TMS or mind-body field, other life coaching tools, and my Mind-Body Magic Method to make your coaching practice unique and perfect for serving your specific clients so that you stand out in the industry and attract clients who resonate with your work (and are ready to pay you to help them!).  
  • How to use the Mind-Body Magic Method in a way that trickles into results in other areas of your life beyond pain relief, such as better access to inner wisdom for personal life struggles, building your business, improving relationships, handling parenting issues, improving body image, increasing creative flow, and more.

Past members are raving...

Mind-Body Magic Life Coach Training propelled me into a business that I love! Abigail helped me narrow down a niche based on my unique healing journey. Even when I had doubts, her insight bolstered my own inner wisdom. I felt like she really saw me. I'm now coaching and teaching full-time in a vocation that feels like it was waiting for me all along. I love helping people with chronic pain and fatigue recover their wellbeing and spirit!

Rebecca Tolin

The training helped boost the quality of my personal mind-body connection, and strengthened my confidence and skill level in my professional role as a life coach specializing in mind and body issues. The tools and framework I learned from the training have been a backbone to my practice.

Marixi Salud