$10,000.00 USD

There are NO REFUNDS for this course.

By registering for this course, you hereby agree to pay the entire cost of the training. Any premature termination of payment is grounds for legal collection.

All course members must sign a contract before starting the course. The contract will be emailed to you after purchase. See below for the terms of the contract.


Whereas the Consultants will teach the Client Slacker Magic Method practices to work towards creating a signature program and beta-tested launch to move the Client toward their income goals in the Client’s business. 

Whereas the Client will compensate the Consultants for the services at the price shown here.

Whereas this agreement is binding.

Whereas the Client has the option to upgrade to further services for additional compensation. 

Terms and Services:

  1. The Consultants will deliver the Slacker Magic Method tools to the Client and create a space to help the Client clarify their niche, outline and create their signature program, and beta launch their program. It is the Client’s responsibility to create, write, edit and market their Signature Program. The Consultants will consult with the Client via virtual question and answer group calls for the duration of the program and give supportive feedback.
  2. Compensation for the course is paid in full before program content is available.
  3. Celebrations may be shared outside the group as marketing testimonials without the Client’s name or personal information included. Consultants will include the Client’s name and personal information only after asking permission.
  4. The Consultants will deliver video modules through the membership website in which the Client can learn the Slacker Magic Method.
  5. The Consultants will deliver Slacker Magic tools and feedback on content. 
    1. The Client will submit one version of each piece of content for feedback.  
  6. The Consultants will lead two-six group question and answer calls each month during the course with the exception of the months of June and December, which will have a lighter schedule due to school holidays. 
    1. These will cover feedback on program ideas, individual questions, mindset, and energetics for business. 
  7. Posts into the course Facebook Group will be required to be approved first. No meltdown posts or extreme negativity is allowed. Failure to follow the Facebook Group guidelines of the course will result in immediate removal from the course with no refund.
  8. There are no refunds for this program. 
  9. The Client will have access to the live course calls and the Facebook Group for the duration of the program.
  10. The Consultants have the right to remove the Client from the program at any time based on the Consultants’ discretion due to the Client’s failure to comply with the terms of this contract. The Client will lose access to all content, modules, and calls with no refunds if removed.
  11. The Consultants reserve the right to change, alter, or update the program to create the most valuable experience possible at any time while the program is running.
  12. The Consultants reserve the right to remove the Client from the course if the Client chooses to attack, criticize, threaten, or negatively contact another participant in the course. 

Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Non-Disclosure

  1. The written and recorded materials and methods in this course are the property of Abigail Morgan and Ellie Peake and may not be used in any form outside of the course other than for the Client’s personal use in their business. The Client may not take and share or teach this content to any party.
  2. The Client will not share any call recordings outside of the course, nor will they share any coaching details from any participant outside of the course with any other party. 
  3. The Consultants will not share call recordings outside of the course, nor will they share any coaching details, other than anonymous summaries of Client experiences, from any participant outside of the course with any other party. 
  4. Should any of these terms around copyright, intellectual property, and non-disclosure be violated, the Consultants retain the right to use the legal process to address this contract violation and will require compensation for legal services. 

Liability Waiver

  1. This course is not a replacement for medical, therapy, or legal advice. Abigail Morgan and Ellie Peake are not medical professionals or therapists and will not be giving medical advice outside the scope of mind-body practices for improving natural wellness. This is not a replacement for any medical services, prescriptions, therapies, or other support. 
  2. The Consultants are not liable for advice given, money invested, content created, or any lack of results implementing Slacker Magic Method strategies. Clients are advised to use their best judgement. The Consultants are not liable for lack of results in poor implementation of these strategies.
  3. There are no guarantees of results in this course. The course can only teach principles and give feedback. It is up to the Client to create their own business success. Failure to follow through on the content of the program is the responsibility of the Client.
  4. With mindset, business strategy and consultation, and manifestation work, it is the clients responsibility to seek professional support, trauma support, or mental health care should they become triggered or unstable while working through this course. The Consultants are not medical professionals, doctors, lawyers, or therapists nor can they give medical or mental health advice outside of general mind-body wellness practices. The Client agrees to seek these services outside of this program to support themselves. In addition, meltdowns and freakouts are not allowed in the group calls, facebook group, or any group environment. A 60 second summary may be sent to Abigail Morgan via email or Facebook Messenger if there is a question that the Client isn’t sure about to see if the situation can be coached through on a live call or needs to be referred outside of the program for professional help. Only if Abigail Morgan agrees to coaching will this topic be allowed to be discussed in a group setting and only as long as it is coachable. At any time she may stop the coaching and refer you to seek outside professional help. The course does not have the capacity to address mental health concerns, meltdowns, or big triggers safely as it is a group setting. Feeling emotions briefly on the calls is appropriate, but long meltdowns or extreme negativity are not. 
  5. Client agrees to not attack or criticize Abigail Morgan, Ellie Peake, The Healthy Life, LLC (DBA Anamsong), or any employee/contractor publicly (social networks, groups, blogs, private groups) currently or in the future at any time during or subsequent to the contract period. If this happens, legal action will be taken and the Client will be responsible for the legal fees of the Consultants. The Consultants are always willing to receive feedback and expect the Client to bring any concerns directly to the Consultant. Discussing grievances with other participants is not permitted in order to maintain a safe learning environment. 



Due to the rapidly changing coaching industry, the Consultants reserve the right to update this agreement and both parties will sign the new contract.

Should either party violate the terms of or fail to meet the obligations set forth in this contract, such action will render the opposing party free from any further contractual obligation. 

Legal issues that arise will be dealt with according to Colorado law and will be mediated, arbitrated, or brought to action in Colorado. 

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